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What have you done with your St-Patrick’s Day items?

Oflanagan pubHow are you doing tappers? I hope you’re all enjoying this mini event. Some of you may have bought a premium item. If you’re still wondering if the Sham Rock Café or the Wishing Well are worth your money we got you covered. Most certainly everyone has O’Flanagans Pub and a few decorations up by now. I admit that there isn’t much stuff compared to other Holiday related events but we can still lay out an interesting design around it. Here are some Irish flavored screen caps from my neighbors’ towns. I invite you to share images from your Springfield in our Flickr pool. If the images appear too small for you, just click them to enlarge. Enjoy!

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Should I purchase the Sham Rock Café?

shamrockcafe_menuyupprechaun_menuAnother year passes another St Patrick’s Day arrives. This year EA has added another building to the premium section, the Sham Rock Café, probably to please the premium people who played last year, but more likely just another excuse to pick your pocket.

This building was first seen when Homer visits the town Dunkilderry in Ireland during the episode “In the Name of the Grandfather” from season 20. The café comes with its own Irish character similar to the Wishing Well, a Yupprechaun! What the hell is a Yupprechaun? I am assuming he’s a Leprechaun with a power job of some kind and spends his income hanging out in cool cafés. So should you buy the new café with its strange new fanciful character? If you’re interested you can compare the café against the Wishing Well here.


  • Limited time building that won’t be back for a year.
  • Best option for getting a “Yupprechaun” as it’s cheaper than the Wishing well.
  • Sham Rock Café boosts your gluttony rating by 10.
  • Unlike the Wishing Well it earns at a premium rate of $300 & XP30 every 12 hours.
  • Helps to complete Irish characters collection
  • Voiced character, random Irish mutterings.
  • Yupprechaun gives out either money or XP when tapped.


  • 120 donuts.
  • Another NPC, can’t send character on tasks.
  • If you have already bought a Leprechaun do you really need another?
  • Very small and very fast character to locate.
  • No quest line.
  • For the same amount of donuts you could buy the school bus.

If you only have enough dough to purchase one leprechaun then I would buy the Sham Rock Café over the Wishing Well as it’s just a better deal; it’s cheaper to purchase, earns more money, more XP, boosts gluttony and adds another building to your town. Of course if you can afford both and want both then don’t listen to me, just buy them. If, however, you’re strapped for donuts I would buy the school bus instead as you get a proper character. Here’s what I have done with mine.


Should I Buy the Wishing Well?

wishing well menu 2River greens ‘a flowin’ tappers! I hope you read that in an Irish accent! When it comes to premium items, you may ask yourself if the thing you covet is worth spending hard earned money for donuts in a virtual world. Today we are taking a look at a premium item for the St-Patrick’s Day event: the wishing well. As we have seen with previous holiday related events, EA likes to give us what we missed last year. This item was available last year under the same circumstances as this year.

WARNING: There are SPOILERS regarding the quest dialogue at the bottom of this post. Be careful if you don’t want to see it just yet! Now, let’s weigh in the pros and cons of purchasing this decoration.

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St. Patrick’s Day Recap and a Little Speculation

With St Patrick’s Day bearing down on us on the 17th of March, from the green misty land they like to call Éire, let’s recap what happened during last years mini event/seasonal update when the rivers of Springfield turned green (I am not joking, the rivers were actually turned green for the promotion – check out the pic). Fact of the day: the Chicago river in Chicago has been turned green during St Patrick’s Day for the past 40+ years.

20140228-155158.jpgLast year’s event kicked off on the 7th of March and brought about the Leprechaun and his wishing well, he maybe small but the 150 donuts needed to purchase him packed a punch to the wallet.

Also available for the limited period was Tom O’Flanagan and his Irish pub which thankfully was free.Shamrock Topiary

There was a short but memorable quest line involving the drunken goings on of Homer and some other binge drinking characWishingwell_transimageters. At the end of the quest line we were awarded a nice shamrock topiary decoration.

And that my friends is that, a very short but enjoyable event which left us with a little taste of Éire, the Emerald Isle or Ireland in our towns.

So that was then but what could we expect this year?

Well firstly I guarantee the Wishing well with our little Irish frieO'Flanagan's Pubnd will be back and probably still 150 donuts. I also expect Tom O’Flanagan and his pub to make a return, but sadly I bet he will cost donuts. I am on the fence with the shamrock decoration as it was a prize last year, so it may or may not make a return, if it does I expect it to be donuts again.

I’ve trawled through the Simpsons archives to find some Irish related content, however, there’s not much out there. What I did find are the following five Irish characters which could be added to make up the numbers in the Irishmen character collection. I hope at least one of my predictions comes true this time after my failed Presidents’ Day prediction.

Have a look at them and tell me if you can name each of the characters.
If you’re stuck look below for the answers.

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