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Need More Land?

One of the most common request for veteran players is that more purchasable plots of land be added to the game. Who better to introduce those additions into the game than a real-estate agent like Cookie Kwan?

She was last seen in the game on the Level 34 splash screen, but has yet to be added to the game properly. If EA is going to add more land, they may as well incorporate it into the story line of the game.

There have been rumors circulating of additional land being hidden in the files, so I dug a little bit deeper to see if their was any truth to that, and the results are promising, but there may also be some potentially discouraging news.

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Land Expansions, the new necessity

Can you believe that at one time Springfield was only four small plots of land, comprised of nothing more than a few residential buildings and a Kwik-E-Mart?

Well, over time Springfield has nearly doubled in size, but the available land hasn’t quite expanded enough to accommodate veteran players. Think about it, when the game was first released Level 20 was the cap. Now, we’re only a few months away from a possible Level 40 and it is becoming quite a challenge to cram all of these new buildings and decorations into a 14 × 14 grid, and that doesn’t even including the waterfront property.

If EA wants people to continue to play their game, they need to offer more land expansions in the next update. Maybe this is just a problem for players who purchase premium content, but those are the players you need to keep happy. When there isn’t any more available room for new buildings, there really isn’t much of a reason to buy them unless you want your town to become exceedingly cramped.

How do you feel about things? Are you in dire need of more land, do you have more free space then you know what to do with, or are you somewhere in-between? Let us know in the comments, as we’re always interested to hear your feedback.

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Redesigning Your Town

When you start the game you are only given a few plots of land, which is fine because as you’re starting out there aren’t many building to occupy that space. Even as you progress into the early stages of the game, land expansions are cheap enough that you can build a great town with a limited amount of space. Once the land expansions get too pricy though, you’ll probably start conserving your money for new buildings that unlock as you level up. By the time that you finally do have enough money saved up to start investing in more land, do you still need it?

If you like the way you’ve designed your town, is it worth moving things around to accommodate more land? Completely redesigning your town can take several hours, and that’s just the time it takes to put items into your inventory to get a fresh start. Have you ever redesigned your town from scratch? How long did it take you, and are there any tips you would give to someone considering overhauling their whole town?
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