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Is it worth 25 donuts to take a chance with a Laffy Meal?

The Laffy Meal is sort-of a cross between a Mystery Box and Homer Buddah. You have a chance of winning some premium items, but you have a higher chance of just winning tickets. It might not seem like a bad thing to win tickets, especially if you’re low on them, but they are easy enough without spending donuts.

If you’ve already bought or won some of the premium items listed below, depending on the prize, it will be replaced with a chance to win more tickets.

Honestly, you are better off just buying the item you want straight away.

PrizeReplacement PrizeChance of WinningCost to Purchase Prize
1000 tickets44%
1250 tickets34%
1500 tickets12%
Whack-A-Mole3%50 donuts
Itchy Mascot2000 tickets2%60 donuts
Scratchy Mascot2000 tickets2%60 donuts
Krusty Fountain1.75%100 donuts
Eyeballs of Death4000 tickets0.75%100 donuts
Mt. Krustmore7000 tickets0.5%150 donuts

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