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All Rise for the Honorable, Judge Snyder

Sometime later today, the Court House should complete its construction if you’ve been playing without speeding up any tasks. Once it is built Judge Snyder will unlock and jump right into the swing of things as he is set to decide Comic Book Guy’s fate.

Once a ruling is made, the first chapter of the Level 38 update will close. The second chapter, titled “Two Extra Eyes On Springfield” follows as a continuation of this story, with Kent Brockman at the center of it.

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Complete Walkthroughs for Level 38

Even though we’re going to be trying something different by posting snippets of the walkthroughs over the course of next few days to better align our posts with our readers, that doesn’t mean you have to wait if you’re proceeding ahead of the curve.

My morning was spent typing up the rest of the Judge Snyder walkthrough, and completing the Blue Haired Lawyer for your view pleasure. So rest assured, if you skip some of the dialogue you can always come back here to read it.

As a bonus, try tapping on the Lady Justice Statue in the game for a humorous animation.

The Path to Unlocking Judge Snyder

In an effort to stay better connected with our readers, we’re going to make a few daily posts to cover the Level 38 update. We’ll try to time things so we’re all more-or-less playing in sync with each other. The first day covers the first five parts of the quest line, which ends with being prompted to build the Court House. The second day and a half will be spent waiting for this new building to be constructed.

Hopefully you’ll be able to make some room in your town to accommodate these new buildings. If the comments are anything to go by, many of you are running out of space and were kind of hoping for a land expansion today too. For now it looks like you’ll just have to move things around if you want to progress further into the game.

If you just want quick information without dialogue, check out our abridged walkthrough.

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Level 38 is out now!

After your game downloads an update, restart your device to trigger it if it’s not showing up for you.

As predicted, this update brings some swift justice to Springfield. Stayed tuned for more updates as they are available. Stay tuned for all of the latest information. As an aside, while a full walkthrough will be available later today, in an effort to connect better with the community snippets of the walkthrough will be posted to coincide with players who are playing at a regular pace.

You’ll need to keep Homer and Wiggum free to kick things off.

Wiggum is the only character you’ll need to kick off the main quest. Homer gets one free quest in the secondary story line, to complete it you’ll have to purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer. The road to unlocking Judge Snyder and building the Court House starts with Wiggum.

New Buildings
- Court House ($319500)
- Springfield Grocery Store ($261000)

New Decorations
- Lady Justice Statue
- Khlav Kalash Stand
- Greenpeace Boat

New Premium Stuff
- Knightboat (40 donuts)
- Blue-Haired Lawyer (90 donuts)

Update: The abridged walkthrough for Level 38 is now online. The dialogue will be filled in later. This should be enough to get you going in the meantime.


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