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Should I purchase Jimbo?

Did you get your favorite toughie for free, or would rather have had Jimbo Jones come with the Noiseland Arcade? If you really want to complete the gang of bullies, it’s going to cost you 120 donuts, provided you already have Kearney who costs 60 donuts. Shauna also fits into this category as well, but she’s not as integral to the core group.


  • He is one of two characters who interact with the Noiseland Arcade
  • His “Hackey Sack a Frog” task is well-animated, as well as his most interesting


  • Only two of his tasks are outdoors
  • He cannot go to Krustyland, but neither can Dolph
  • Once you finish with his quest line, there is little to do with him
  • He does not have any voice-clips, which diminishes his value even further
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