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Homer Must Suffer from Thaasophobia

Thaasophobia is described as the fear of being idle. Homer may suffer from this, as there are very few times in this Treehouse of Horror update where he is left idling.

Homer may be the main character of the show, but with so many supporting characters, does so much of the content really need to focus on him? Many users cite this as the biggest problem with this update. It was even joked about on Reddit how many twenty-four tasks Homer has. He only has five, but it feels like there are a lot more.

So how exactly how busy is Homer? Let’s take a look. Keep in mind this doesn’t even include the Strongman Homer tasks, which would add an additional 2d 60m to the total. If you add up everything else though you get 7d 20h 30m of time that Homer is required to be on task.
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The Mayan, the Witch and the Wardrobe

In the master bedroom of the Simpson household, Homer and Marge share a closet. In the context of the game, the only other outfit Marge has is a witch costume. Meanwhile, Homer has five different outfits to wear. In fact the few characters who are lucky enough to even have a costume only have one. Does that seem right to you?

Two of his costumes could have been obtained for free, if you were fortunate enough to participate in previous promotional events. The other three required the purchase of limited-time premium content.

Maybe the Homer in your Springfield only has one outfit, but for most players this central character always has some wardrobe options available. So which of Homer’s many costumes is your favorite? Did you miss out on a costume that you really wish you had? If you’d like to see all of his costumes, check the gallery posted below the break.
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