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Life Ruiningly Fun

D’oh! We’re so used to hearing that exclamation every time something goes awry with our affable patriarch, Homer Simpson, that is has become seriously ubiquitous. Homer Doh

The problem is, I seem to be having more and more of these “Homer Moments since I started playing Tapped Out. And, with the looming Christmas event, I can only see my D’oh’s increasing.

Here’s a typical day in my head as my rational mind tries to interfere with either tapping, decorating, writing or thinking about doing any of these things:  … Hey lazy, you need to go for your morning run – D’oh!  You’re late for work (again!) – D’oh!  You forgot to eat breakfast – D’oh!  You missed your train stop – D’oh!  You know, you really should have called to wish your mother a happy birthday – D’oh!  Dude, lunch time was over 30 minutes ago – D’oh!  Go over your notes before the meeting – D’oh!  Jeeez, you just missed your train stop again – D’oh! What is it little kitty? I forgot to feed you? – D’oh!  If you hurry you can still make your spinning class – D’oh!  Your credit card bill says what? – D’oh!  You’ve got a big day tomorrow, better get some rest – D’oh!  For crying out loud, it 2:00 AM get some sleep! – D’oh!

If I didn’t have a little tapping device in my hand you would think I was getting senile – and you might just be right! But that’s the joy of the game and being hooked on it. It really is quite addictive and really quite fun!

So what about you fellow Tappers? How has TSTO affected you in a Life Ruiningly Fun way? I’ve heard horror stories of distracted drivers, divorces and lots and lots of yelling and crying. But I’ve also heard of marriage proposals, family time and lots and lots of giggles. So tell us, what’s your story?

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Having spent more than half my life in the US, I have always celebrated Thanksgiving no matter where in the world I’ve lived. And, what I’ve found is that like most holidays, it isn’t so much about the origins as it is about family and friends. So I just wanted to reach out with a special Thanksgiving post to all who celebrate. And what better way than by giving voice to two beloved characters – Lisa and Homer.

In Defense of a Kinder, More Gentle, Humanitarian, Thoughtful, Caring, Inclusive, Loving and Vegetarian Thanksgiving for All, a Poem, by Lisa Marie Simpson:lisa-sacagawea-petting-turkey2

God is good, God is great, He never meant for you to put a turkey on your plate.
Of Turkeys I am a great fan for they are thoughtful, gentle creatures whose only defense is tryptophan.
This Thanksgiving do all Turkeys one great favor, and eschew them for something with less flavor. It may not be tasty, but after eating Tofurky, you will leave the table satisfied and still quite perky.
In Defense of THome Turkey legurkey Day – Whooot! by Homer Jay Simpson:

If God wanted us to eat Tofurkey, then why did he make Turkeys taste so good? Mmmmmmm – Turrrrrrr-key…mmmmmm….Goooooooood.

As far as Tryp…Trypto ..Tryptofofolussmm goessss….Zzzzzzzzzzz….

Wha…What – I’m sleeping, leave me alone! Oh, how very thoughtful, EA has left me three free donuts to celebrate the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Turkey…the perfect dessert for my leftover turkey sandwich… Marge…I’m hungry again!

Happy Thanksgiving


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