Seasonal Springfield

Last December the weather changed in Springfield, painting the entire town with white snow. It complimented the holiday update, but it did make it a bit difficult to decorate. After all, who is going to plant flowers and trees in the dead of winter when you don’t know what things will look like once they bloom? Perhaps we will see snow return to Springfield this December with new quest options and a reason to make Homer dress-up as Santa once again.

Snow covered roofs, but no holiday lights…

Do you have Kang in your town?

One of the earliest holiday content updates came last Halloween with the Treehouse of Horror XXIII event. At this point of development only iOS users had access to the game, so this is just one of the many things Android users have missed out on.

To get Kang in your town you didn’t just outright purchase him the way you do with most premium characters, you had to buy the Ray Gun. The Ray Gun was a premium item that allowed you to shoot down Kang’s spaceship. After you successfully shot down his ship you would get the Wrecked Ship as a building of sorts, which also unlocked Kang as a character in your town.

Of all the towns I’ve visited, this is a character I tend to encounter the least. Did you manage to get this alien to take up residency in Springfield, or are your townsfolk unaware of life beyond the stars?