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As Seen on TV, the Community Prizes

Now that all of the community prizes have been unlocked, now seems like the perfect time to take a look back and see just where the inspiration for all of these items came from.

First Church of Lard Lad

In the season 23 episode “Holidays of Future Passed”, we take a look into the future for the fourth time in the history of the series. The First Church of Lard Lad is just one of the many buildings showcased in this episode, but it is the only to be introduced into the game. In the episode itself, the building serves no other purpose than to establish the fact that the future is different, and that this once humble donut shop has now become something of a cult.

Howard’s Flowers was one of the buildings introduced during the Valentine’s Day update, but it wasn’t a skyscraper. I guess in the future the horticulture business is very profitable. Given the dystopian atmosphere of the city, I can see why. Don’t you think the future could use a bit more greenery?
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Should I purchase the Wailing Wall?

The Wailing Wall is one of the few pieces of content that you can buy to generate ghosts. These will only be available for a limited-time, so you only have a week left to decide if you want to add this decoration to your town. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want the Wailing Wall, take a day to think it over. You’ll be glad you did, trust me.


  • It’s always animated
  • Every 12h the Wailing Wall generates 6 ghosts
  • It looks better when decorated with Spooky Walls
  • Having this item increases your Vanity by 500 points


  • For 50 donuts, this may not be the best long-term value
  • It may not fit in with your decor so well once the fog has lifted
  • To decorate with Spooky Walls, you’ll have to spend even more donuts
  • Everyone is getting this as a free gift when they log-in tomorrow, so save your donuts

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Should I purchase the Talking Krusty Doll?

Many of the items that were available for free during last year’s Halloween event have been added to the shop this year, only now they cost donuts. The Talking Krusty Doll is one of those items. Unlike most NPCs, this one has a voice

The doll alternates between two phrases: “I’m Krusty the Clown, and I love you very much.” and “Krusty say die!“. In one animation, you see a bunch of hearts appear. In the other, the doll pulls out a butcher knife. I’ll leave it to you figure out which phrase matches with each animation.


  • It has a voice
  • It has two phrases, each with distinct a animation to match those phrases
  • You’ll need this to complete the “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” section in the character list


  • For an NPC, 60 donuts is a bit pricey
  • You won’t receive any quests after buying this NPC
  • After Halloween, you may just end up putting this in storage anyway

Should I purchase Devil Flanders?

Last year, players received Devil Flanders for free, as his inclusion was important to the overall story of the Halloween event. This year he makes a return, but this time the costume will set you back 75 donuts. So is it worth the purchase price?

It is Ned’s only costume to date, so if you like having a little more variety for your characters, you might consider picking this up while you can.


  • The “Show His Wrath” outdoor task is quite unique
  • It is amusing to have the antithesis of Ned as an alternate costume


  • None of his tasks will help you earn any GOO
  • You won’t receive any quests with this costume
  • Most costumes that cost donuts pay at the premium rate, this one does not
  • His 24h task remains locked unless you also buy the Hell House façade, which cost 40 donuts

Should I purchase Zombies?

There are a pair of zombies in the shop, each priced at 12 donuts. It may be tempting to add the Crazy Zombie and Senile Zombie to your town, especially with the spooky atmosphere, but will they still be as aesthetically pleasing once the dark fog clears? It is something to consider before making your decision.


  • They won’t eat your eyes
  • Reasonably priced at 12 donuts each
  • They aren’t voiced, but they do have sound effects
  • You’ll need them if you want to collect all five zombies
  • The animations are fun, and reminiscent of last year’s Halloween event


  • They will eat your brains
  • They do not add anything beneficial to the game
  • Their animations are identical to the other zombies
  • The remaining three zombies don’t require a donut purchase
  • They could be a waste of donuts, making it harder to acquire higher priced items

Homer Must Suffer from Thaasophobia

Thaasophobia is described as the fear of being idle. Homer may suffer from this, as there are very few times in this Treehouse of Horror update where he is left idling.

Homer may be the main character of the show, but with so many supporting characters, does so much of the content really need to focus on him? Many users cite this as the biggest problem with this update. It was even joked about on Reddit how many twenty-four tasks Homer has. He only has five, but it feels like there are a lot more.

So how exactly how busy is Homer? Let’s take a look. Keep in mind this doesn’t even include the Strongman Homer tasks, which would add an additional 2d 60m to the total. If you add up everything else though you get 7d 20h 30m of time that Homer is required to be on task.
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What were the spirits trying to say?

Towards the end of the The Ghost in the Machine-based App, the gypsy fortune teller will present you with a clue. It appears to be gibberish, but it’s actually just written in the ROT13 cypher.

ROT13 is a letter-substitution cypher. When you decode the message “CEBCREGL BS OHEAFHZ” it becomes “PROPERTY OF BURNSUM”. Maybe if Lisa had been familiar with this cypher, she wouldn’t have had to have spent twenty-four hours in the library figuring out this mystery.

How does Marge the Witch speed up a crop?

marge-cropIf you decided to purchase the Cauldron, you’ll also get the Marge the Witch costume. One of her jobs, specifically her 4h job, allows her to “Speed up a crop” on Cletus’s Farm. So how does this work?

If you choose to speed up a crop, you will shave four hours off of the harvest time. This is only recommended to be used on crops that take longer than four hours to complete, so the first crop that could really benefit from the magic of Marge the Witch is Silvertongue, which normally takes eight hours to grow before being ready to harvest.

In the instances of Moonshine, which normally takes twenty-four hours to harvest, you could have it ready in half the time. The catch is that you would have to send use her “Speed up a crop” job three time in a row.

4 × 3 = 12
24 – 12 = 12

It might seem a bit complicated, but when used properly it can prove to be incredibly useful.

More Examples

If you use on it a crop like Tomacco, which normally takes sixty minutes to complete, Marge The Witch will reduce the time to just thirty minutes. So while you’ll have your Tomacco crop that much sooner, you’ll still have her on task for another three and a half hours. Any new crops planted while she is still on task will have their time reduced by four hours. The only exception is Tomacco as the harvest time is reduced by 50% instead of by four hours.

This works with all crops, even Corn. Actual Corn. The difference however is negligible, because shaving four hours off a task that takes ninety days isn’t that beneficial. Theoretically you could just keep sending Marge The Witch on this task, and reduce the time to just forty-five days.

Some users have reported this doesn’t work, but in my testing the timer never jumped backed up after Marge The Witch completed her task. The harvest time always decreased.
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Treehouse of Horror XXIV Episode Discussion

Now that the Treehouse of Horror XXIV has aired, what did you think of it? The story that had the most impact on the game was the final story, “Freaks no Geeks”, as this is the story where the Strongman Homer costume originated. There were a surprising amount of references to the in-game content, even some direct quotes. As a whole it was one of the weaker Halloween specials, but at least we got a lot of great content added to the game because of it.

Since this is a discussion post, I’ll leave more of my thoughts on the episode in the comments. If you’ve seen the episode, I encourage you to share your thoughts as well.

What have you done with the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop?

Last year the Halloween event focused on zombies, but this year we have ghosts. Who better to communicate with the spirits from the great beyond then a gypsy fortune teller? It is only after you finish the construction on her shop that you notice all of the ghosts that are haunting your town.

It’s been a few days, so let’s see a few examples of this building incorporated into Springfield.

Instead of just posting a bunch screenshots, I’m going to add a little commentary as well. Many of these design layouts are particularly interesting, and make it a treat to see the creativity of other players while you’re popping ghosts and haunting buildings in their town.
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