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Kwik-E-Mart Shenanigance

If you haven’t already experienced this little deviant change that came along with the episode tie-in update, the Scratch-R game tickets have been re-arranged in the Kwik-E-Mart game.

So if you are a rapid tapper, you will most likely end up tapping the Golden Scratch-R Ticket instead of the regular Scratch-R ticket because they have been swapped. And, even though you may have the “Confirm Donut Spend” option checked in the “on” position in the Options menu, it may still ahead with the purchase, and not give you an option to cancel it! So, just for ease of mind, please make sure your confirm option is on and did not reset.

Scratch-R reversal

Because I operate 3 different Springfields at the moment, I have already fallen victim to this rather deceptive change on four occasions. Fortunately for me, I had previously removed my credit card information from iTunes so that random charges don’t occur. If I had not done that, I’d be $4 poorer with maybe only 24 donuts to show for it.

EA has done things in the past that have definitely raised my eyebrows, but this time I am definitely calling “shenanigance” on on them. I am sure EA will be hearing quite a lot about this dubious change in the coming days, if they haven’t already.

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