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Gluttony! One of my favourite sins…

20140114-153636.jpgI started writing a post regarding all of the possible fast-food joints, restaurants and eateries that could still be added to the game to improve your gluttony rating and then realized what a mammoth task this would be.

Surprisingly there are still over 100 buildings selling sustenance in Springfield which haven’t been added to Tapped Out yet!

So instead of me writing a large post about all of them at once, I am going to let you decide which category of foodie establishments you would most like to see adding to Tapped Out and I shall do my best to write about them.

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Should I purchase the Swanky Fish?

swankyfish_menuThe Swanky Fish restaurant was last available during the episode tie-in “What Animated Women Want” which aired on April 14th 2013.

Honestly I am as surprised as you guys probably are at seeing it available to purchase again, I wasn’t expecting this at all. So if you missed it last time here’s a second chance for you to buy it, or will you be saving those precious donuts for the level 38 update? Here’s some pros and cons to help you decide.


  • Another swanky restaurant which adds to your gluttony rating.
  • It’s a limited time building and may not back again to buy.
  • It earns you $200 and 22XP every 8 hours which is very nice.
  • Characters that use Swanky fish earn at premium rate.
  • It’s protected so it can’t be accidentally sold.
  • Almost instant build.


  • It’s 90 donuts which means it’s not free!
  • It doesn’t come with a character and only a few characters interact with it.
  • On the rare occasion when it does get used it has a weak animation!
  • No new quest line this time around involving the Swanky Fish.

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