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Level 41 has arrived! Teased character costs 150 donuts.

! Dr. Hibbert kicks off the initial dialogue, but Moe triggers the first quest.

The new character’s name is Chester Dupree, who can only be unlocked if you’re willing to spend 150 donuts. He comes with a building though, the Unfinished Shed.

The focus of the update is Mrs. Hibbert. She comes with the Vulgari Jewelry Store, which costs $800,000 to build. So hopefully you have a nice stockpile of cash so you can get started with this latest content update.

Additionally we get a new decoration, the Bloodmobile for $132,000. Sadly everything else costs donuts, like the Duff Party Liner (100) which is one more boat for the Squidport area.

Sadly the animation/lag glitch still seems to be a persistent problem. For those who have been locked out of their games, has this update helped any?






Contest Announcement!

ico_mhud_fpprizesTo celebrate twenty-five seasons of The Simpsons, we are holding our very first contest. All of our readers are free to participate, even if you are currently unable to log-in to the game.

So what kind of contest is it? Read below to find out!

Scavenger Hunt + Puzzle = Scuzzle

Never heard of a scuzzle? It’s a game that’s part scavenger hunt, part puzzle, and totally fun! It involves both searching for puzzle pieces and putting them together.

How to Play

An image has been cut into 16 pieces, each 50 × 50 pixels. As the pieces are found, they can be arranged just like a puzzle.

A majority of the pieces are hidden on TSTO Tricks and TSTO game, but some pieces may be found elsewhere. To find all of the pieces, keep an eye out for clues on our Twitter feed.


  1. Search the blogs for all 16 scuzzle pieces
  2. ‘Right-click’ and save the scuzzle pieces to your computer (all are in PNG format)
  3. Download the Scuzzle Grid and open it in any image editing software (Photoshop, Paint, etc.)
  4. Arrange the scuzzle pieces just as you would a puzzle, by placing them onto the grid
  5. When the pieces have been correctly aligned and positioned, the complete image will be revealed
Getting Started

To give you an idea of what you’re looking for, here is a piece to get you started. Look at that, only 15 more pieces left to find!

How to Enter
  1. Once your scuzzle is completed and all of the pieces are correctly aligned and positioned, save the scuzzle on your computer as an image (200 × 200 pixels)
  2. E-mail the completed scuzzle to [email protected]
  3. The first person to e-mail the completed the scuzzle wins the prize.
  1. Contest is void where prohibited by law.
  2. Posting links or telling other users where to find pieces is strictly prohibited and is grounds for disqualification.
  3. Seriously, keep the pieces you find (and their locations) to yourself. That’s the only way to keep things both fair and fun.
Inspired by the Gold Easter Boxes, which everyone seemed to love immensely, this contest will follow a similar structure. One of the following prizes will be awarded at random.*
  • An 5-day, all expenses paid vacation to the Maldives
  • A trip to Space Camp
  • A pair of pastel picket fences
  • A $10 gift card
  • A brand-new car
*Prize not random, all you can win is a gift card.

The gift card is only for residents of the United States. If you live outside of the United States, you will win the value of the gift card sent to you via PayPal.

If you don’t have PayPal, I will attempt to make an alternative arrangement.If you live in the United States and you’d rather have your prize sent to you via PayPal, that can be arranged too.

Bonus Twist

None of the other writers here are privy to this contest, or the location of any of the pieces. Therefore they can participate in this contest as well!

However to keep things interesting for everyone, should one of our writers solve the scuzzle first, the contest will not end until one of our readers submits a correctly completed entry.

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