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Open Thread to discuss Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

icon_340The long-awaited Family Guy game, “The Quest for Stuff” is now live on the app store. Whether you’re on iOS or Android you can download and play the game for free now.

Even though there will be more information popping up over the next few days on Family Guy Addicts, I just wanted to get some initial impressions on the game from our readers here. Will you try the game? Have you tried it? What are you thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

Since I’ll be involved in some capacity on the new blog, I don’t want to delve too deeply into my opinions and thoughts on the game. More than likely I’ll give a more in-depth analysis once I get a better feel for the game.

Outside of this thread, let’s try and keep all future topics focused solely on Tapped Out. I know that may seem hypocritical seeing as how I’ve hijacking my own blog to get users thoughts on another game, but people have been drawing comparisons to these two games for months. Now that the game is out, how do they stack up against each other side-by-side, in your opinion?

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Admin’s Corner

Zero4While I haven’t had much time to post lately, I’d thought I’d provide an update on some of the happenings with the site, and what Tapped Out related things I’ve been working on. Mostly I’ve been working on making improvement and additions to TSTO Tricks, though you wouldn’t know by the looks of it since most of the content exists as pages, not posts.

There is still more I’d like to add, for instance adding walkthroughs for out-dated content such as past holidays events. In addition I’d also like to add pages that summarize the additions that occurred with every update in the game. Its a growing database that I hope more players will find a use for as it develops.

If you read PlatypusGuitar’s post yesterday, you already know that both of us have been “tapped” as writers for Family Guy Addicts. While I haven’t played the game yet, all I know is that it is does not play the same way as Tapped Out even though at first glance it may appear to be very similar based on the handful of screenshots circulating the net. We’ll gauge readers interest in the game when it launches on Thursday.

Finally, we still have some more opening for writers if anyone is interested. There are no minimum requirements for how often you’d be expected to post, though the more you could contribute the better. It’s a fun way to connect with the game audience, and share your love of the game with others. If you’re interested, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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What’s New?

secret-facts-about-family-guy-694830558-dec-3-2013-1-600x400DIDDLY! DIDDLY! DIDDLY! How are my favorite tappers doing today? I am super excited because I have big news for you. TSTOgame is growing again! Recently, the founder of this blog, feelingblind, launched a sister site called TSTOtricks.com that is an extensive database of everything you need to know about The Simpsons Tapped Out. While we will continue to keep you entertained over here with a wide variety of posts regarding events, updates, social and content from the TV show, we are proud to bring you a whole other source of fun and gaming.

A little while ago I made a post regarding the upcoming Family Guy game. The goal was to find out what our readers thought about it, if they were fans of the show and if there was enough interest over it to start covering gameplay once it officially launches.


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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

The Family Guy game that many of us have been talking about finally has a name and a release date. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff will be released on both iOS and Android in just a few days on April 10th.

Our affiliate has setup a blog called Family Guy Addicts, a site which will become much more relevant in a few days. We’ll be able to see how good the game is for ourselves very soon.

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Family Guy Tapped Out???

fgtoSome of you tapperinos may have heard that a new mobile game featuring Family Guy is coming soon. The release date is for April 30th to be exact. Some images from the games have already been leaked onto the interwebs. I even have a twitter friend who’s account is totally dedicated to Simpsons tapped out who was able to get his hands on a beta version and started posting screenshots from the game. He won’t tell me how he acquired it. My guess is it’s probably a hack. Since we at tstogame.com do not encourage you to hack anything, I won’t share those images with you but rather some material from our friend spAnser at tstonews.com


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