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Should I purchase the Eyeballs of Death or Mt. Krustmore?

Mt. Krustmore is one of the few premium Krustyland attractions, the other being the Eyeballs of Death. While Mt. Krustymore costs 150 donuts, the Eyeballs of Death only cost 100 donuts. The question is, are either of these premium items worth the cost?

Mt. Krustmore
Every 24h Earns 120 tickets 40 XP

  • Homer
  • Kearney
  • Milhouse
  • Nelson

Eyeballs of Death
Every 12h Earns 90 tickets 30 XP

  • Bart
  • Lisa
  • Comic Book Guy

If you had to choose one of these attractions, the better deal would be the Eyeballs of Death. Not only is it 50 donuts cheaper than Mt. Krustmore, but you can collect on it twice a day. So in one twenty-four hour period (providing you log-in to the game and collect the reward twice in one day) you can earn 180 tickets and 60 XP.

Additionally, the Eyeballs of Death is an 8h character task, as oppose to Mt. Krustmore which is a 24h character task. This means you can send Bart, Lisa, and Comic Book Guy to this ride three times in one day. Basically if you manage your characters properly you can collect nine times in one day with the Eyeballs of Death, and with Mt. Krustmore you can only collect four times.

While Mt. Krustmore does look very nice, and is probably my personal favorite attraction from a visual standpoint, it just isn’t the best value. The other advantage the Eyeballs of Death have is the desire to have a matching set. If you’re going to eventually build a Scratchy themed ride as part of the normal quest line, wouldn’t it make sense to compliment your park with an Itchy themed ride?

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