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Why Can’t I leave Valentines for Some of My Neighbors?

Today is I was skipping between my neighbors towns delivering heart-felt Valentine’s Day greetings (why skipping? because how else would one deliver such odes of love and joy?) and I was confronted by no less than 10 neighborHomer with Valentines who evidently did not care for my sweet notes of hand- made affection.

Could it be that I was being given the cold shoulder? Maybe these neighbors are in a committed relationship and shun all interlopers? Or maybe they just don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day for cultural or digestive reasons?

After quickly dismissing these sorry excuses, I gave it some actual thought and detective work. There are actually two reasons for your neighbors not to be receptive to your advances (friendship or otherwise). And neither of them, apparently, have any thing to do with your halitosis, belly tattoos or your drooling cross-eyed stare.

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