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EA = Easter Appreciation!

Electronic Arts (EA) is the video game company behind TSTO. While Matt Groening is the “creator” of The Simpsons, EA is the right-hand which delivers that creation to the mobile devices of the world.

EA is a pioneer in the video game industry. It’s one of the biggest game companies around and it has some passionate critics—you may be one of them! (At times, I certainly am, but not right now!) With the update of Easter for TSTO, I thought it might be appropriate to give some praise to EA. I know, I know, it may seem amazing to praise EA, especially when it’s too early to tell if the roll-out of the update will be smooth, but take the poll and then click the “read more” button to hear me out.

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Easter Has Arrived In Springfield!

Yes tappers, you are NOT dreaming! The Easter update has just dropped. You can go to the App store or the Google Play store to download the update. If it is not yet available to you, it will be very soon. You can try to turn your device off and on to trigger the update.

As always, you can count on our team to give you all the details about this special event. There will be posts about the new content, walkthroughs and premium purchase guides to help you along the way. So strech your index finger and start hopping your way to the good stuff, neighbor-eenos!

Easter in Springfield?!

Hello Tapperinos! A lot of you have been asking if there is going to be a Whacking Day event this year. Others wanted to know if we will have an Easter event instead. A lot of rumors have  been circulating around the internet regarding this matter lately. We can always speculate but we were all waiting for proof before announcing anything. As you know, EA never releases any press regarding upcoming TSTO content. Today, our friend Bunny (Most. Relevant. Username. Ever) from TSTOaddicts.com got a screenshot of the Easter splash screen from a fan, confirming the upcoming event. When will this special event kick off? There isn’t a way to know for sure but we can make an educated guess that it will be next week. The episode tie-in will end on Monday, leading me to believe the Easter update will occur on Tuesday or Wednesday. I believe this event could last for a few weeks, until early in May. The season finale, Brick Like Me, will air on May 4th and given all the hype surrounding it, we can almost be assured that EA will bring us an episode tie-in update along with it.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you looking forward to an Easter event? Are you disapointed or relieved that there will not be a Whacking Day event? Or Maybe there will be one, later on this year? Leave a comment down below!

A Couch Gag Goodbye to Letterman!

The Simpsons recently released a couch gag tribute to David Letterman who is retiring from late night TV. Check out the video. It has been said that The Simpsons have the power to create relevance, such that, if it’s on The Simpsons, then it must mean something important! The executive producer, James L. Brooks, has said that The Simpsons is continually lost in its search for the center of the people when it comes to the jokes. If all this is true, then that means a lot of people are going to miss David Letterman! Is that true? Do you care? Would you like to see Letterman in TSTO? He and Homer did team up to do a top-10 list before…it could happen! Take the poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Update: Hank Azaria tweeted April 7, 2014: “Letterman had a lot to do with so many of our comic sensibilities.” He added #TheSimpsons. I guess we can put Mr. Azaria down as voting for putting “Retired Letterman” as a character in TSTO!

Simpsons LEGO minifigs revealed!

How are my favorite neighboreenos doing today? I am back after a short break to tell you about the Simpsons LEGO set… again! A while ago I wrote a post about it when it was released. It came with 6 minifigures – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Flanders – and it was announced back then that there would be more of them coming soon. Well, I’m glad to show all 10 of them to you today. They will be available in May, probably around the same date as the LEGO episode airs, on May 4th, which also happens to be the season finale. Like most regular LEGO minifigure sets, their packaging will not let you see through, preventing you from effectively buying one of each character in one sitting. However, I’m sure most of us will be able to feel through the bag and recognize some details on the minifigs, mainly the accessories they come with, to help and chose the ones you need to complete your set. The suggested retail price is set at $3.99 for each minifigure.


Level 39 where are you?

Hello tappers! Is it just me or does it seem like forever since the last time we had a level update? In fact, level 38 arrived on January 16th, a little over 2 months ago. Since then, we’ve had 2 episode tie-in updates, the Valentine’s Day event, the Superbowl event and the ongoing St. Patrick’s Day event. While some could argue that EA has blessed us with a plethora of new content since the beginning of 2014, others will convey that they are very eager to see a new level update hit their Springfield. Especially those who need over 600,000 XP to reach a virtual level that gives donuts!

Last year, EA dropped new levels on us every 2 weeks for quite some time, but it seems that since the Halloween event, new levels occur less and less frequently. Fortunately, we do get to have special events related to real world holidays, and we are even offered items from those themes. Most of us missed out on these during the first year of Tapped Out due to the fact that the game was not yet available on Android at the time. This game gained even more popularity than ever before when that happened. It has me wondering if the game declined in popularity in the last few months? It can’t be a financial issue since we know that Tapped Out is one of the best grossing revenue game apps for 2013!

The bright side of this is that if you wanted to redesign your town, you’ve had plenty of time to do it. Even better if you were behind on a few levels. It gives you a chance to fill up your TSTO bank account, too. It’s always nice to have some cash in advance when a new level hits so you can afford to buy the new buildings right away instead of grinding desperately for the amount you need. It also gives us time to talk about a wider variety of Simpsons related things like my series on the actors behind the voices, the music from the TV show, the LEGO set and much more. The down time is also always a good time to speculate about what could be added next. Fans just LOVE talking about what item, building or character from the show could be added next. Sometimes, it feels like someone working at EA reads these blogs at night and pulls out our ideas in meetings. Are they doing it to be nice to the hardcore fans, or do they take the credit for the ideas? As long as we get Crazy Cat Lady next update – I guess it’s all good!

So, are you guys ready for a new level? What do you think awaits us next? Give us you hopes and dreams in the comments section.

The Faces behind the Voices

How are my dear Yellow Sky Fingers doing this Wednesday? Today I bring you a post about the fine people behind the voices of the Simpsons characters. This is mostly for fans of the TV show but it also relates to Tapped Out in the sense that it will explain why some of our characters are voiced in the game and others aren’t. If you are curious to know more about these voice actors, you’re in for a treat! There are 6 main actors on The Simpsons, 6 people doing recurring roles and several other guest voices that come back every so often. This installment will be posted in 3 parts, otherwise it would be too lengthy for one sitting. Today, we are going to talk about the main cast.

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Gil Deal – Krustylu Studios and more!

Starting today, you can buy Krustylu studios with Sideshow Mel, a cannon premium decoration and Dr. Nick Riviera for 200 donuts. That’s a 250 donut value for 200. Not bad! You can buy a truckload of 300 donuts at $19.99 and have some leftovers for another premium item that you covet or save it for new content to be released in a future update. But you have to make a decision quick if you want this because this deal will end with the Vday event in about 4 days. So hurry up and read this to find out if this deal is for you!

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Should I purchase Up, Up and Buffet!?

With the Valentine update came this new premium restaurant called Up, Up and Buffet! You may remember
a post by raventhief about restaurants that could be added to the game
and this one had made the list! It’s a restaurant shaped like an airplane that can be seen near the Gilded Truffle. The idea is to provide customers with an experience that is close to what eating in an actual airplane is supposed to be like. For example, the ”captain” will announce that the flight is under turbulence and employees outside will make the plane move. Homer and Marge even went there for their anniversary one time. Now here is a list of pros and cons to help you decide if you should buy donuts to get this building.

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Should I purchase Brandine Spuckler?

Cletus, Brandine and Spiderpig

When it comes to spending real life money on donuts to get an item or character in a free game, one has a right to ponder if it’s a good idea or not. If you’re looking to spend some of your disposable income on Brandine but you’re not sure if it’s a good deal or not, you’re in the right place. Here is a list of pros and cons to adding her to your Springfield.

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