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Should I buy The Duff Party Liner?


Hello there Big Sky Fingers! Are you enjoying the new level so far? I am and I hope you are too. With level 41 came 2 premium items: Chester Dupree and the Unfinished Shed and the Duff Party Liner.  As everyone knows, you just can’t get enough of that Duff! Since The Simpsons Tapped Out started, EA has blessed us with several Duff related items: Duffman and the Duff Brewery, the Duff racerthe Duff Stadium, the Duff Party Bus, the Duff Blimp and the Barney-Duff Blimp, the Duff Pavilion in Krustyland, the Duff mascots topiarys  and now, this! Like most Duff items in TSTO, this last addition to the Duff collection is premium. When a Big Sky Finger is about to spend hard-earned cash on sidebar_donutdonutssidebar_donut for a virtual item, this Big Sky Finger has a right to wonder if it’s a good purchase. That’s why you come here and read my posts, isn’t it? Now Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to adding the Duff Party Liner to your Springfield.

Duff Beer T-Shirt

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Should I purchase the Duff Party Bus? Oh Yeah!

20140131-122355.jpg The Duff Party Bus, Oh Yeah! it’s available again for a limited time. It was last seen during the Season 24 Yard sale for the same price of 50 donuts.

With the initial Superbowl update it was made into a unique build so you could only buy and display one in your town, but with a minor tweak through a small update EA have changed it back to a normal build, so you can have as many as your wallet will allow.

It’s a fine-looking decoration but is it worth 50 donuts?


•2.25% bonus money and XP to all jobs.
•It’s the Duff Party bus, Oh Yeah!
•It looks awesome everywhere, very easy to place, especially near factory or stadium.
•It’s one of the best looking decorations available.
•It’s a limited time decoration.
•Its Duff merchandise, You can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff!


•It’s 50 donuts!
•40 donuts buys a more recognizable decoration, (tire fire, burns limo, channel 6 van, police car)
•Duff man does not interact with it. Nor does any other character.
•It’s not animated and makes no sound when tapped!

The Duff Party Bus is one of my favourite decorations, it looks awesome and it promotes my favourite fake beverage Duff Beer. (Just found out there actually is a real duff beer, http://www.duffbeer.co.uk/ )
If you have a spare 50 donuts lying around I would definitely buy one, if you’ve got a spare 100 donuts I would by two, I think three would be a little greedy though. Apart from been a non premium player I can’t really see why you wouldn’t want it. Oh Yeah!
I bought two last year during the yard sale so I don’t need anymore, here’s what I did with mine…