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9 Simpsons Facts

While we are waiting for the Valentine event to end and for level 39 to hit, I thought I’d bring you a video I came across on youtube to keep you entertained. CineFix posted today this compilation of 9 amazing Simpsons facts, some of which explain the changes made from the early days to today. Even the most hardcore fans out there will most likely learn something new about our favorite yellow family TV show. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below and subscribe to CineFix on youtube if you find their content interesting.

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Gil Deal – Krustylu Studios and more!

krustyluStarting today, you can buy Krustylu studios with Sideshow Mel, a cannon premium decoration and Dr. Nick Riviera for 200 donuts. That’s a 250 donut value for 200. Not bad! You can buy a truckload of 300 donuts at $19.99 and have some leftovers for another premium item that you covet or save it for new content to be released in a future update. But you have to make a decision quick if you want this because this deal will end with the Vday event in about 4 days. So hurry up and read this to find out if this deal is for you!

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Music From The Simpsons – The Simpsons Sing The Blues

The_Simpsons_Sing_the_BluesHow-diddly-ho neighbor-eenos! Today I bring a new post in the series Music From The Simpsons to keep you entertained in between game updates. The Simpsons Sing The Blues came out on December 4th 1990 with 10 original tracks and one that was featured in the show on February 11th 1990 titled ”Moaning Lisa” which peaked at #3 on the billboard 200. The first track on the album and to be released as a single is ”Do The Bartman” a rap song by Bart. The idea for this album came from David Geffen of Geffen records to write amusing lyrics for the main actors to sing over some blues and rap tracks. For that, they had the participation of B.B. King and DJ jazzy Jeff.  You can clearly hear that typical 90s rap sound that reminds you of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, especially in ”Deep, Deep Trouble!” The album was publicised through episodes for each single release which ended up going platinum, with over 1 million copies sold, only one week after it came out. It went on to be triple platinum by February 91. Here are the 3 hit singles from the album. If you have never heard the full album before, I highly suggest listening to it on youtube!

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New Crops At Cletus Farm

CletusFarmHow are my neighbor-eenos doing? Today is THE day… Valentine’s day! If you don’t have a relationship, know that here at tstogame we love everyone of you. Even those who don’t comment. Yes, we know you exist. Here’s a rose for you –,–’–,@

But Im not writing this post JUST to tell you how much I love my tappers. There’s more! I have seen spAnser reporting on TSTOnews that the files show pictures of new crops for Cletus Farm. I personnaly thought it was a brilliant idea to grow rose bushes during this event. I like that EA took advantage of something already existing in the game, that players get at an early level, to produce limited time decorations. For now, we still don’t know when, how and for how long this will happen. Maybe a future update? Soon-ish I hope! There’s a part of me that fears this will never happen, like when we saw Tennis Marge in the files a while back. Marge still doesn’t have a tennis outfit in tapped out. Or maybe tennis was code for something else. Oh, EA, you tease you!

Anyway, here is what the crops look like. If you don’t wanna see the spoiler, avoid reading after this break!

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Should I purchase Phineas Q. Butterfat’s?

icecreamparlor_menuHow are my favorite neighbor-eenos doing? I hope you’re collecting plenty of hearts and that the wheel is being kind to you. Today I bring you another post to help you decide if you should purchase a premium item. When it comes to spending donuts, the big finger in the sky has to make wise choices. Phineas Q. Butterfat’s was featured in 10 episodes of The Simpsons the first occurence being in “Lisa’s Pony“. The building made its first introduction to Tapped Out during the 2013 Valentine event and was available for 10 hearts. This year it costs 80 donuts. This is a limited time offer so you must make a decision before February 25th when the event ends. Here is a list of pros and cons.

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Should I purchase Up, Up and Buffet!?

With the Valentine update came this new premium restaurant called Up, Up and Buffet! You may remeUp, Up and_Buffetmber
a post by raventhief about restaurants that could be added to the game
and this one had made the list! It’s a restaurant shaped like an airplane that can be seen near the Gilded Truffle. The idea is to provide customers with an experience that is close to what eating in an actual airplane is supposed to be like. For example, the ”captain” will announce that the flight is under turbulence and employees outside will make the plane move. Homer and Marge even went there for their anniversary one time. Now here is a list of pros and cons to help you decide if you should buy donuts to get this building.

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Should I purchase Brandine Spuckler?

Brandine and Cletus

Cletus, Brandine and Spiderpig

When it comes to spending real life money on donuts to get an item or character in a free game, one has a right to ponder if it’s a good idea or not. If you’re looking to spend some of your disposable income on Brandine but you’re not sure if it’s a good deal or not, you’re in the right place. Here is a list of pros and cons to adding her to your Springfield.

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Should I purchase a Whale?

Ok, I have now come to the conclusion that anything seen during a Simpsons episode can make its way into Tapped Out. With the release of the Green Peace boat a few weeks ago, I am not totally surprised that they’ve added a whale into the game.
I am a little surprised about the cost though, 300 donuts is expensive, so here’s a few pros and cons to help you decide if its worth parting with so many donuts for one decoration.


  • It’s another decoration for the sea/Squidport area
  • The Whale is animated when Tapped.
  • Adds 7% bonus money and XP to all jobs
  • You can buy multiple whales so you could have a Pod of them!
  • Looks awesome next to the Green Peace boat.


  • Costs 300 donuts! Yes that’s right 300 donuts!
  • Although it’s animated; for 300 donuts it should swim around the sea.
  • Not limited time so no rush in buying.
  • You could buy instead, any other piece of premium content and still have change!
  • It’s 300 donuts, I know I said it already but it’s such a large con, I thought I would say it again!


It’s 300 donuts, now that may seem a lot and that’s because it is a lot. In real money that’s £14, $23, €17 which is a Truckload.
So why would you buy it, other than the fact you must have more money then sense, even those completionists out there must be thinking do I really need it that badly. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice looking decoration, probably my favourite by far, but it’s 300 donuts. If it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted to review the ridiculously over priced sea mammal I probably wouldn’t have bought it.

Let me know if your thinking of purchasing it then I can give you the number for Calmwood hospital, if you’ve already bought it then I suggest you ask them for ten rolls of rubber wallpaper and a straight jacket ASAP.
Here’s what I did with mine.


The most ridiculously unbalanced part of Tapped Out

If you don’t already have the Duff Racer in your town, for $250,000 you can add this limited-time decoration to your town. Granted, it will only be available in the shop for the next few days. So what can you do to earn cash quickly?

In a pinch, you should be able to use some of the donuts you saved up to get a huge chunk of change. Donuts are pretty rare to come across, and there are so many different ways to earn cash, so you’d think the exchange rate would be pretty decent.

Nope! This is the worst deal in the entire game! Players almost never consider this option, because it is so ridiculously unbalanced. If I want to buy the Duff Racer using this option, I would need 1200 donuts, that’s half a boatload, $50.00 USD for one decorative item. Are you freaking kidding me?

These rates seriously need to be adjusted for players to even consider this foolhardy option. For example, the first option should give 100× the amount of cash it actually does. Exchanging 5 donuts for $50,000 wouldn’t be a great deal, but at least it would be in line with the price of items and buildings set in the game.


Level 38 items – where are they from?

simpsons-conveyorHello there neighbor-eenos! A new level came out a few days ago and by now, you may be wondering about some of the new items for purchase. Here is a list of those buildings and decorations, their origins and everything you want to know about them. In each description, there is a link to a simpsons wiki page for the episode where that item came from, if you ever need you memory refreshed or if you want to look for it in case you haven’t seen it before.

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