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Free Donuts

donutsFree donuts are hard to come across in the game, but there are some ways to earn them. If you save up all of the free donuts you’ve earned, you might even be able to buy yourself something nice down the road. So how many ways are there to earn free donuts? More than you might think, but most of them require long-term play and the patience to actually save them. If you only have a couple of donuts, you might be inclined to buy something cheap or rush a task, but if you hold-off on small purchases, you could eventually get something worth your while.
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Decorating with Debris

It wasn’t until a very late stage in the game that I realized you could actually pick-up and move debris around. You can’t store it or sell it, but you can move it around as you see fit. While you do get a small reward for cleaning-up the debris, once it’s gone, it’s gone. In an odd sense these are almost like exclusive decorations that you only get a set number of. The only catch is that you can’t remove them from the map, so if you’re not decorating with them, you’ll have to keep them off to the side somewhere.

Picture courtesy of Maegnificent

Picture courtesy of Maegnificent

Above is a great example of how using debris can actually accentuate certain buildings, like the Haunted Condo for instance. In my opinion the debris in Krustyland has more potential for decorating than the debris in Springfield, unless you want to create a nuclear waste dump. If you have any creative examples of using debris to decorate, feel free to them on our Flickr page.


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