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Cool Lisa walkthrough, ready for viewing

unlock_lisa_coollisaDid I finish typing up the Cool Lisa walkthrough, “Cool Intentions“? Yeah… whatever. I guess it’s kind of cool if you’re into that sort-of thing.

You might need 5,000 FP to unlock this costume, which could keep you busy visiting some of your lame neighbors. *yawn* Who has the time to do that? Maybe you should just crash instead, and if you think you’re too cool for that, maybe your device will just go ahead and crash without you. Oh, technology burn!

If you missed it, the “Milhouse FTW!” is also online. Though who wants to read about the lame-o Milhouse? Maybe some other time I’ll add in the exclusive Lugash parts to the walkthrough too. Just don’t say I never did anything for you.

PS: The persnickety attitude makes more sense if you read the story line.

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