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Should I purchase the Community Center?

The Community Center is one of the most expensive items in the game, with a 150 donuts price tag. Purchasing this building also unlocks Jasper “That’s a paddling” Beardly.

No characters have tasks at the Community Center, and Jasper hasn’t been involved in any other story line so far. It is hard to justify this purchase from a practical standpoint. However, if you just want a unique building with a great character, it may just be worth the asking price.


  • It also unlocks Jasper, who is voiced
  • Three out of his five jobs are outdoors, each with great animations
  • The Community Center is an atheistically pleasing building with a unique design


  • Jasper only has five different job options
  • The asking price of 150 donuts is quite high
  • No one can visit the Community Center, not even Jasper
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