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A Guide to Christmas Questing

The abridged version of the Christmas 2013 guide has been posted. This should help you figure out which characters you’ll need to keep free and what types of jobs you’ll be asked to perform as part of the main storyline.

Right now I’m currently working on the unabridged version of the guide. I will be updating this over the next couple of hours, so if you want to follow along with me as I type out all of this information, get your F5 key ready.

This is just the main storyline, I’ll be working on all of the ancillary quests too. In the mean time, to keep things social, use this post to gush about all of the new content and additions to game. Christmas is here!

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Should I purchase the Elf Home?

This Christmas special event is packed with items in the spirit of the holiday. More posts about ”Should I purchase…” will be coming but first, let’s take a look at the Elf Home and what you should know if you consider buying it. You can also always visit our ”Purchasing Decisions”  section of the blog located on the right side of the posts for information on items released in the past.


Elf Home logoThe Elf Home has a price tag of 60 donuts. It’s a limited item for the Christmas event. Every 24 hours, you will be able to tap the Elf logo over the house to release elves to collect presents and gift cards across your town. You can build more than one, actually you could have as many of them as you like because it’s not unique. More Elf Houses means more presents and gift cards. Looking at the personal prizes, it looks like the 4th one is an Elf House. Therefore, if you’re holding on to a few precious donuts my best advice would be to wait it out. It’s an Indian burial ground on Halloween type thing from what I understand.

The Christmas update is here!

the_simpsonsWOOHOO! The Christmas update is finally here and I’m sure everyone is thrilled about this special event. You will need to go into the store to update your app. Several people around the world have stated that it’s available on ios and Android will follow shortly! When you arrive to Springfield, you will be delighted to see snow covering the landscapes.

There are a lot of new items; buildings, decorations, characters… so much stuff to keep us busy!  I will fill you in with all the details for the event while raventhief will cover the premium walkthroughs. Micah will focus more on community stuff and tv episodes. As usual, there will be plenty of entertaining and relevant daily content posted for your enjoyment of everything Tapped Out! There will be a first spoiler free walkthrough posted very soon by feelingblind so make sure to follow our blog or add this page to your favorites for future reference. Happy diddly tapping!

Christmas 2013 Gallery

If you want to be spoiled, just check after a break for an whole slew of images from the upcoming holiday update. There are images for just about piece of new content you’ll see when the update is pushed to our devices. We’ve got new characters, new buildings, new decorations, new building façades, new costumes, and a social event to keep us tapping through the winter. It’s going to be a massive update, so keep an eye-out for an app update sometime later today.

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A Minor Christmas Spoiler

It is better to give than to receive, and it looks as though that message will be incorporated into the upcoming Christmas update, as will the community prize system. This information comes courtesy of spAnser, and while this isn’t a huge spoiler it does at least let us know we’ll be working towards unlocking five prizes.

This time we know our target goals ahead of time, or at least we do now thanks to this minor spoiler. How easy will they be to attain? We won’t know for sure until the event starts, which judging by all accounts should be sometime tomorrow.

Update: Some images of the new content have leaked. It includes buildings and characters.

Snow, it looks like this

snow-os8Soon the grassy green landscape of Springfield will be replaced by power-blue hues and a blanket of snow. If you missed out on the event last year, you’re in for a treat. Actually you’re just in for a visual modifier that will be a refreshing change of pace for the first two weeks, after that you’ll wish for Spring… kind of like actual snow.

Hopefully the façades from last year will be free, or at least easily obtainable through some quests. Actually, I just hope there are more of them. It’s nice to have them for the houses you can always build, but it would be nice to see some other buildings get a bit of the holiday treatment too.

The snowman decorations will probably un-melt too, because science!

At least the Simpsons’ don’t have to shovel their driveway, because there are never any cars on the road. In fact, it’s pretty convenient how all the roads stay plowed. Mr. Plow isn’t even really needed is he?

The reindeer should return as well. Springfield is turning into a real zoo isn’t it? Turkeys, frogs, dolphins, dogs, cats, and snakes. Maybe it is time to introduce some form of animal control into the game. You know… come to think of it, the animals in the town may actually outnumber the women. That’s really sad!


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