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Let’s Get to Know Mindy Simmons – the Tempting Temptress

As we enter the midway point of the latest TSTO Valentine’s event, most of you have
at least started – if not finished, the elegantlyMindy Simmons rhymed ‘Cards are Red, Marge’s Hair is Blue’ 10 part quest. And while you’re undoubtedly pleased that Homer and Marge’s love remains true, perhaps you’re wondering who Mindy is and why is she so smitten with our dear Homer?

If you could hold up a full-length mirror to Homer, you’d first you’d have to find one that’s wide enough. But then, when looking into the reflection you might not see our big familiar yellow marshmallow – you just might see Mindy. Why? Because if you take away all of Homer’s raw masculinity and beer gut, you’d have Smithers – D’oh! – I mean you’d have Mindy, as she is Homer’s actual female self.

But how could such a lovely rendered character be so drawn to Mr. Yellow Jello?

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Let’s Get to Know Brandine Spuckler – Our Local–Yokel, Baby–Making Ginger

Our second most favorite Red Neck, White-Trash, Hillbilly has come to town with the low, low price of 100 Fried Sugar Circles. That’sBrandine right, none other than Brandine Spuckler, wife of the man of few teeth, Cletus.

Brandine Del Roy was first introduced to The Simpsons way way back in the day on October 1, 1995 in episode 131 “Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily”.  She married Cletus in what could only be called the “union of the slack jawed” in season 16 by none other the Revered Homer Simpson during the episode “There’s Something about Marrying”. They were wed despite the very strong suggestion that they were more than just baby making yokels. In fact, during one episode Bernadine told Cletus “You are the most wonderful husband, and son, I ever had,” And another time Cletus told Brandine that “They’s my parents, too” when she suggested she might be embarrassed to kiss in front of her parents.

Despite the incestuousness of their relationship (or perhaps because of it) Cletus and Brandine have a happy relationship most of the time. Cletus at one point did have a very large crush on a pig (not Spider Pig thank goodness) in which Brandine was not fond of, causing her to wield a shotgun at him for giving the pig “a day of beauty and make-up” instead of herself.

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Which Simpsons Character are you?

Today I have a little treat for you. No, it’s not a free glazed donut or even a tasty boogie from Ralphy’s over-flowing nostrils, but a little quiz that has just come to my attention called “Which Simpsons Character are you?”.
Simpsons Cast

If this sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve danced around this very same topic in three different posts over the past 2 months. In Playing Favorites I asked you who would you be if you could be any character in the The Simpsons and in TSTO? I chose Side Show Bob with all of his maniacal devilishness, and in TSTO I chose to be Hank Scorpio cuz he’s rich, ambitious and gets the looks from the ladies. In Ray Gun-omics I asked you which character are you most like in the Simpsons Universe? I came up with Side Show Bob once again. And, finally, in the Poll: Team Yellow I asked you which Simpson family member is your most favorite? I chose Lisa due her wit and compassion.

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