What Happens in the Brown House, Stays in the Brown House

It seems as though the Springfield Police are finally aware of some of the shady dealings going on in the Brown House. What they don’t know is just how much activity that house has seen. Sure, Homer might occasionally break into watch television and Bart and Milhouse like to play paintball there, but that’s just a small sample of what goes on in this little slice of suburbia.

All of these activities may seem innocent enough, until you throw Shauna into the mix. In case you don’t know, Shauna is a premium character that was only made available for purchase during the Valentine’s Day update. She has two tasks in this house, one of which is to “Seek Inappropriate Love”. Considering all of the characters who frequent this house, she certainly has a lot of “inappropriate” options. Of course, before she has a chance to act on her desires you could send her into the house with Mayan Homer who uses the house to perform a human sacrifice. Wow, just like that the Brown House has become The Cabin in the Woods.

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