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Should I purchase the Aztec Theatre?

The Aztec Theatre is featured on the default title screen, but is it worth adding this cinema to your town? Whether or not you value what this building has to offer could influence your decision.


  • Earns $200 and 20 XP every right hours
  • Unlocks a four-hour task for Squeaky Voice Teen
  • Gives tasks that earn at the premium rate to both Bart and Comic Book Guy


  • It doesn’t come with a character
  • Has an asking price of 80 donuts
  • Can be accidentally sold for just $2000
  • None of the characters have visible tasks at this location


If you already have the Squeaky Voice Teen in your town and you have a proclivity to send your characters on four-hour tasks, you may want to consider purchasing this building.

For anyone on a donut budget however this is definitely something you can skip. In my experience, even though I really like four-hour tasks, I don’t mind sending theSqueaky Voice Teen on an eight-hour task instead if it means keeping my donuts.

You could add more value to this building by implementing one of my suggestions, adding more cut-scenes to the game. Wouldn’t it be interesting if some exclusive in-game cut-scenes were only available to watch if you had the Aztec Theatre?It is a movie theatre after all.

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