Dear Mr. Flanders, you still owe me $550 for babysitting your boys

Hey all Lyokan508 here,

While those of us who didn’t speed up the first task are waiting for the 24 hours to expire, I thought I would touch on one of the OTHER updates to the game as we got it. And, it is a change on a topic that I have long rooted to be changed since I saw it implemented.  The concept of equal pay for equal work, (in the game).

Now before I begin, I initially found out about this little event via TSTOTopix. They have a full list of the updates to the game in this new event… but I will just stick to talking about this one issue.

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The 24h Freeze Out

The event starts with a quest that requires Homer, Apu, and Willie.

This task takes 24 hours. The near-month long event won’t kick off properly until this task has completed.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, it happens with almost every big social event. Everyone gets all excited for the update to hit, and none of the new content even shows itself until a lengthy 24h task has been completed.

Wait a minute, what’s all this talk of Whacking Day? I thought this was all about Easter! Are we being trolled by EA, or is there something to all of this. It looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

In the spirit of not spoiling things for those who aren’t rushing things with donuts, most of the information about this update will be posted tomorrow.

If you really want to know what’s coming, check out our spoilers post from earlier today.

Easter Has Arrived In Springfield!

Yes tappers, you are NOT dreaming! The Easter update has just dropped. You can go to the App store or the Google Play store to download the update. If it is not yet available to you, it will be very soon. You can try to turn your device off and on to trigger the update.


As always, you can count on our team to give you all the details about this special event. There will be posts about the new content, walkthroughs and premium purchase guides to help you along the way. So strech your index finger and start hopping your way to the good stuff, neighbor-eenos!

Town Clean Up: Starting Off

Hi tappers! Long time, no see. Sorry for the delay in posting this, but with the awaiting arrival of Easter in our Springfields and the introductions of our new writers, (who, by the way, are doing a fabulous job) there has been a lot going on in the world of TSTOgame. Anyway, I’m excited to continue this series.

As you well know, I am starting to redesign my town from scratch and sharing the process with all of you. Now today’s post won’t be focusing on a certain building or area of my town, but rather the starting steps of a successful redesign. Here we go!

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Event preparation 10 things you need to do!

The Easter event is probably just around the corner, so I am going to share a little advice with you regarding playing during an event. If you’ve never played an event before then heed my advice. So in no particular order here’s my top ten things to do before an event.

land-expansion-icon1. Make sure you have enough spare land to place new buildings and decorations, there’s nothing worse than not been able to place new buildings, so buy some more land if you can. If you’re maxed out like myself then you’ll have to do some rearranging to make space.

money-bag2. Money makes the world go around, especially in Tapped Out, you don’t want to enter an event with moths in your wallet, so hold off spending your dollars on regular buildings or decorations as you just might need a large wedge to buy a limited time building. This is more important for new players as it could take you a week just to save up just a few grand. I know of players who missed out on limited content just because they were skint.
If your like me though with more fake money in the bank then the Sultan of Bruni then just ignore this one.

donuts3. Now this goes out to my Premium friends, make sure you’ve got your iTunes account in good order, ready to buy those donuts we desperately need for the overly priced limited time premium content. I always wait for an event to start to buy donuts rather than before in the hopes that EA do a Gill donut deal. Make sure you have enough real money in your bank to buy the donuts. For those that don’t buy premium you can check out the goodies in my town once I’ve bought them.

4. Friends; you can’t live without them, especially true in Tapped Out during an event, they are essential for generating special event currency, if you don’t have enough friends it’s unlikely you will make enough special currency to be able to buy all the limited time event content. So go through your friend list and cull the chaff, then get to our add friends page and add new friends. Do this now.

Whacking Day Home Screen5. Events can be very time-consuming so make sure you have enough food and drinks in your house so you don’t have to waste time by having to go shopping. If you have a live in partner then this isn’t much of a problem just write them a list.

Phone in pool6. As I said earlier events can take up a lot of your time so just tell all your real friends you’re off on a holiday for a month. You don’t need real friends to interact with they just get in the way of your tapping.



7. Possibly phone in sick for a week as well, all the extra time off can be used to get some extra tapping in. Most employers expect a few absences around this time of the year, let’s make it an annual thing.


8. Get a new job which allows you to work from home, this is what I try to do, that way I can tap myself stupid everyday and still get paid for it. Just don’t tell the wife I am not really working.

Fat Homer Finger9. Stretches are important, especially during an event make sure your fingers are nice and limber, you don’t want to do yourself an injury do you. You’re looking at over 300 taps a day during an event, make sure your fingers are ready for the extra workload.

10. Don’t get sent to jail, there’s no tapping in jail, no wi-fi no devices no tapped out. So if it’s looking like your going to be sent down soon I would go on the lam for a month so you don’t miss the event, most cheap hotels, B&Bs have wi-fi so just pack your device and off you go. Don’t forget your charger. Bare in mind though that if it’s a 3G device they can track you down.

So there you go my top ten things to do before an event. I hope this helps you out.

Ps. If you ruin your life or get sacked or divorced or sent to jail, just blame Tapped Out and not me.

PPs. No10 was just for fun, I in no way support criminals on the run, honest. The real No10 would be to keep Homer and Lisa as free as possible over the next few days as they generally kick off the events.

PPPs. If you have any of your own top tips for an event I might have missed please leave them in the comments section. Thanks for reading and hope I’ve helped you out.

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