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Should I Buy The Ultrahouse 2?

Hello big sky fingers! From the Treehouse Of Horror episode XII, the Ultrahouse 3000 is a fully automated house produced by the “Ultrahouse” company, which is a division of “Mega House.” It first made its way to TSTO during last year’s Halloween event as personal prize earned after gathering 4000 goo. It came back last […]

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4 New Limited Time Premium Items

There are four new premium items available in the shop. These are all things that have been available in the past, though the Super Collider + Black Hole is the oldest piece of content from this set. In fact I don’t believe Android players even had the chance to experience this the first time it […]

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burns monster unlock

Should I Buy the Burns Monster?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Phase 3 started today and we got new-old items in the build menu! EA just loves offering us a whole bunch of premium comeback items and so today, I’m gonna talk about the Burns Monster. From what episode is this monster from? I have no idea. I couldn’t find anything in my internets. […]

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Everything you need to know about phase three

The final phase of the Halloween event has begun. Squashing aliens no longer rewards you with ray guns, now we get long protein strands. On the bright side each squashed alien drops +5 long protein strands, as opposed to the +2 ray guns drops from phase two. You’ll still need to be very diligent if […]

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couch group

New Episode This Sunday!

Hello readerinos! Just a quick post to remind you that a new episode of The Simpsons will air this Sunday November 2nd on FOX at 8pm. The Treehouse Of Horror Halloween special episode aired on October 19th. This week the episode is called “Opposites A-Frack” in which Mr. Burns starts a fracking operation, which Lisa […]

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Today is the final day of phase two, last chance to earn the Hover-Copter.

There are now less than twenty-four hours to squish aliens to collect ray guns. If you’re close to your goal, squish away, otherwise you may just want to avoid squishing aliens today so when the currency switches over from ray guns to protein strands you’ll have a nice supply of aliens to squish to work […]

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ghost pirate airship town

Should I Buy the Ghost Pirate Airship?

Howdy-ho neighboreenos! Today’s in-game update brought us a whole new piece of premium content: The Ghost Pirate Airship. The what? Well, I looked around my internets and couldn’t find where it’s from. In fact, I’m not even sure this things was in the show at some point. Looks like EA just made up something for […]

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Surprise Update – Treehouse of Horror Event

Hello tapperinos! I’m giving you a heads up to check your devices because we just received an in-game update! So far, I know it’s available on Android and Apple, kindle may take longer to push, as usual. When I entered my town, I received a level up bonus for donuts, even though there’s no level […]

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Fences may just ruin this event too

Today I finally earned enough broken fences to craft a Spooky House, which drained my supply of broken fences back to zero. Oh well, I thought, I still have plenty of other types of candy in supply to help me craft the remaining prizes. So long as I don’t need a huge supply of broken […]

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Should I Buy The Bad Dream House?

Hello there zombie lovin’, alien squishin’ big ol’ sky fingers! Did you know that this item is from the very first Treehouse of Horror episode? Pretty awesome old school stuff! If you didn’t get the Bad Dream House from previous THOH events, now is your chance!  The Bad Dream House is considered to be both […]

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Spoiler: One Piece of Unused Content

This is just something I happened across in the files, and noticed that it hadn’t been released or mentioned on any other sites. It’s called the “Heimlich Machine”, and while I’m unsure of the episode it is referencing, it’s likely just a decoration. At best it will be an interactive decoration, similar to the Donut […]

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Should I Buy The House of Evil with the Talking Krusty Doll?

Hello there tapperinos! If you wanted me to talk about more comeback items this Halloween, you got it! EA bundled together a building and a NPC for those who missed out on these in previous THOH events. Today we are taking a look at the House Of Evil (not to be confused with the Evil […]

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TSTO game’s Premium Item Gallery

This page is currently under-development, but anytime I make a new template for data that just needs to be filled in I feel a sense of accomplishment. So check out our new premium item gallery! Soon it will display all of the premium content you can currently purchase. Then later there will likely be a […]

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Are you on track to earn the Hover-Copter?

If you want to earn the Hover-Copter, before the third phase of the event beings you should collect 5,168 ray guns by the end of the day . This means that today you should also unlock all of the silver and gold treat bag prizes as well. Unfortunately this final prize of phase two is […]

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Should I Buy The Frog Prince?

Remember this?   Well that’s where the Frog Prince comes from! What a clever parody of Harry Potter this segment was! The frog Prince was first offered in TSTO during the THOH event 2013 as a community prize after we collectively reached 20 million goo. This item is not a character and it’s not a […]

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Should I Buy the Freakmobile?

It feels like most of this event is filled with returning content. This post is about another comeback: the Freakmobile. It comes from the same segment of THOH as the Heck House where everyone dies or becomes a zombie, except for our favorite yellow family of course! This premium decoration will only be available for […]

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Should I Buy Devil Flanders and the Heck House?

Hello diddly-ho neighboreenos! Another comeback item from previous Halloweens is the Devil Flanders costume for Ned. The Heck House sign is a skin for the Springfield church that is also a comeback. This year, EA decided to give them together as a combo. But is worth spending donuts on? Let’s take a look at some […]

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marge witch and kids

Should I Buy Witch Marge and the Cauldron?

Hello my dear readerinos! Today I’m talking about another comeback item bundle: Witch Marge and the Cauldron. This awesome decoration and costume for Marge combo was first introduced in 2012 during the first Halloween event in TSTO. We also had a chance to get her last year and she is making another comeback. It’s becoming […]

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Should I Buy King Homer’s Skyscraper?

TGIF in TSTO! We have an offer valid only through this weekend so pay attention if you’re interested in King Homer’s Skyscraper! This decoration was first offered during last year’s Halloween event as a community prize after we had collectively collected 30 billion goo. You may remember this black and white skyscraper from Treehouse Of […]

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Are you on track to earn the Bulldozer-saurus?

If you want to earn both prizes of the new prizes, by the end of today you should have collected in the neighborhood of 3,230 ray guns. This means that you would also unlock the first prize, the Bulldozer-saurus sometime today as well. It’s just an NPC with a short “tap on the Bulldozer-saurus” quest […]

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Should I Buy The Clamphitheater?

How are you doing, big sky fingers? With level 46 came this awesome building: the Clamphitheater! You may remember this unique building from episode 16 of season 22 called “A midsummer’s Nice Dreams”. In this episode, guest stars Cheech and Chong play themselves and they are meant to perform at the Clamphitheater. But they get […]

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Hugo and the Spooky House

The first substantial prize you can craft is Hugo, a new character for your town. He comes with his own quest line, “The Good Son”, which you’ll need to start before you can unlock the Spooky House from the Make-a-Thing Workshop. Two of the three resources you need to craft a Spooky House (the gummy […]

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Should I Buy King Snorky?

Hello diddly-ho neighboreenos! The Treehouse of Horror event 2014 brought back items from previous Halloweens in TSTO. One of them is King Snorky! You may remember him from the Treehouse of Horror XI episode, in a segment called: “Night of the Dolphin” That is also the episode where Suzanne the witch is from by the […]

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Should I Buy Greta Wolfcastle with the Preparatory School?

A new level has unexpectedly appeared in our games today and it’s level 46! I personally did not expect a new level until the THOH event is done with so this a pleasant surprise. We are getting 2 new female characters with this level, one freemium, one premium. Greta is Rainier Wolfcastle’s (A.K.A. McBain) daughter. […]

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Surprise! Level 46 arrives with Mrs. Muntz

Nelson starts this quest chain off, so if he’s trick-or-treating you’ll have to wait until he’s finished before you can trigger some of this new content. The main character of this update is Nelson’s mom, Mrs. Muntz. The premium character for this update is Wolfcastle’s daughter, Greta Wolfcastle. Greta can also collect treat backs, a […]

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