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The monorail, a likely addition

Iconic pieces of Simpsons history are often added to Tapped Out. We’ve already had several of the aspirational buildings taken from the episode “Marge vs. the Monorail”, and it should only a matter of time before Lyle Lanley and the monorail make an appearance in the game. Phil Hartman voiced Lyle Lanley, so if there […]

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Improvements and a Potential Site Feature

Now that I’ve sorted out the plan for walkthroughs, I want to revamp a few other pages on the site as well. The first thing I want to start with is the characters page, as organization by character collection isn’t really ideal. Once I figure out a good design, I’ll focus my attention on improving […]

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Most Requested Additions: Troy McClure

Troy McClure is one of the most requested additions to the game, as this guest character is perhaps one of the most memorable. This is largely due to the actor who voiced this iconic animated role, the late Phil Hartman. After Phil Hartman passed away in 1998, his character was retired from the show. The […]

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Celebrate our one-year anniversary!

On August 7, 2013 this web-site was created, in response to the closure of the now defunct blog TSTO Tips. Several other, now more notable blogs followed suit, but we were the first to throw our hats into the ring in attempts to form a new blogging community centered around the game. In this time […]

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Free Donuts

Free donuts are hard to come by, but there are actually several ways to earn them. If you save up all of the free donuts that you’ve earned, you might even be able to purchase an expensive piece of premium content down the road. So how many ways are there to earn free donuts? More […]

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A Guide to the New Color-Coded Walkthoughs

The new walkthough design incorporates color-coding to make it easier to identify the types of jobs you’re asked to complete when questing. The goal of this is to so that at a glance you’ll be able to identify these patterns without even having to read a single line of text. The Level 43 walkthrough incorporates […]

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Design Club Challenge: Week 5

A few weeks ago we introduced Design Club, a collaborative effort by the community to feature designs for various buildings in the game. It’s a reinventing of the “What have you done with…” posts. This gives players who created great designs to share them with the community, as well as giving players who are having […]

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Community Designs: Sanjay’s House

It’s week four of Design Club and we received 14 entries from our readers, showing off their various designs which focused on Sanjay’s House. This is a rather recent addition to the game, so perhaps not everyone has figured out a good placement for this building. Hopefully the entries shown below will inspire you. The […]

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Is there a Twitter contest hidden in Level 43?

The following is an excerpt from the Level 43 walkthrough, and it seems to hint that there is a Twitter contest underway. If you look near the end of this excerpt, you’ll see that the key line of dialogue has been highlighted for emphasis. So maybe there is a prize for responding to the query […]

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Should the Premium Mystery Box stick around?

The Premium Mystery Box is only available as a part of Gil’s latest deal, but would you gamble with this option if it were made available separately? So far the way it is setup is that you have a random of chance of winning 1 of 13 pre-selected pieces of premium content. Players are allowed […]

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New Style for Walkthroughs, Give Us Your Feedback

In an effort to improve the site, I want to tweak the way walkthroughs are laid out. So for testing purposes I took the Level 43 walkthrough and redesigned the way information is presented. Basically the whole idea was to make the most important information “pop” more. There’s also a bit of color coding to […]

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Tea for Two, visual jobs that require a partner – Pt. 1

There aren’t a lot of jobs in the game that require another character, but occasionally you’ll come across one. Some are boring indoor jobs that don’t come with their own animation, like Manjula’s “Get Away from it All” job that requires Apu. All it does is hide these two away in the Kwik-E-Mart for 24h; […]

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Gil has a new offer for you, but is it worth it?

So in a surprise Monday update, Gil has returned to Springfield with a new offer. The question is, should you bother with it? We’re going to do some financial analysis on this offer so you don’t have to! There are actually two offers on the table in this update, but let’s start off with the […]

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Mischievous Bart at the Title Screen

For several weeks now, every time I try to log-in to the game I am greeted with this message. It’s not that the game can’t actually connect to the server, it’s just trying to connect to soon. Every time I hit retry it connects and I can log-in to the game as usual. This is […]

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More Costumes for Homer

As previously promised here’s another selection of 18 costumes for Homer, this is pretty much all of the good ones I can find which makes a total of at least 36 possible outfits for Homer, only time will tell if EA decided to actually implement any of these costumes. If you think I’ve missed off […]

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How to get the most out of the Channel 6 building

Channel 6 is one of the few buildings that allow you to choose which task to run. In a sense, this building works more like most of the characters in the game. There are seven programming options available at the station, though four of them require the purchase of premium content. Do not feel obligated […]

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TSTO game is evolving

It’s August, and that means that our web-site launched one year ago. Can you believe it’s already be a year? To commemorate that launch we are introducing a brand-new site design. We’re upping the ante with a (soon-to-be) fully functioning premium theme! A few other changes are in the works besides a fresh coat of […]

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Costumes for Homer

Over the years Homer Simpson the worlds most work-shy man has had over 188 different jobs; honestly it’s hard to believe that someone so lazy could have so many unique roles to play in Springfield. That been said he never manages to keep the job for more than one episode and usually ends up back […]

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Design Club Challenge: Week 4

A few weeks ago we introduced Design Club, a collaborative effort by the community to feature designs for various buildings in the game. It’s a reinventing of the “What have you done with…” posts. This gives players who created great designs to share them with the community, as well as giving players who are having […]

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Community Designs: Cool Brown House

It’s week three of Design Club and we received 21 entries from our readers, showing off their various designs which focused on Cool Brown House. The challenge for next will be posted shortly. For now, enjoy these great designs. Maybe you’ll see something below to inspire remodeling in your own town. A huge thank you […]

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Speculations For Future Levels

Hello there tappers! I am going to talk to you today about some big speculation that I have been doing. Why don’t you read more to find out all the details? So a while back, I started a thread on the EA forums that explored future levels in a basic way. It showed which characters […]

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Should I Buy the Duff Beer Fountain?

How are my big sky fingers doing? The last update brought us brand new items for Krustyland, including the Duff Beer Fountain. This premium decoration is one of the few items we can use to make our Krustyland look good. For 10 donuts you may be tempted to go ahead and buy multiples of this […]

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Summer Holidays – Spain

Hey Guys! I’m going to start a new series called “Summer Holidays”. The reason I am doing this, is because some of us die-hard Simpsons fans try to find a connection to the Simpsons with the country we may be visiting some time this summer. And because speculation is my area, I may even do […]

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Waiting for Gil, and some sweet deals

Every now and then Gil will appear in the game offering some deal on premium content. Sometimes you’ll save money on donuts. Other times you won’t save money on donuts, but you’ll get more donuts for the same price. These deals are popular, but pretty boring in the grand scheme of things. Savings is always […]

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Design Club Reminder, Cool Brown House

This is just a reminder for those who wish to participate. If you have the Cool Brown House in your town and would like to share you design with the community, please submit your screenshots to tsto.tricks@gmail.com using the subject line, Design Club. For a complete list of rules and helpful tips, please check out […]

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