I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – New Episode Tonight!

Dear neighboreenos,

This is the last episode of 2014 and it is the Christmas special crossover episode. Don’t miss it! To put you in a yellow mood, here are a few promo videos from Animation Domination. We will be back with informative posts about the game very soon. Enjoy!

In case you missed it, here is the couch gag!

christmas 2014 splash screen clean

Should I buy Santa’s Village?

IMG_0353.PNGShould you buy Santa’s Village?
I bought my Santa’s Village during the first Christmas event mainly because I wanted the Santa costume for Homer, it cost me 200 donuts back then and it was available last Christmas for the same price. This year though it’s been reduced to a very low 80 donuts which is a bloody steal.
So let’s have a look at some pros and cons for buying or not!


  • It earns $300 a day and 30 XP.
  • Santa Homer earns money and XP at the premium rate.
  • It looks pretty nice surrounded by snow and reindeer.
  • It’s Christmas and Homer looks awesome walking around dressed as Santa.
  • Homers costume has many amusing outside tasks, he even gets to fly a sleigh!
  • It is a limited time building, after Christmas it could be gone for good! Or until next Christmas.


  • Santa’s Village has no animation.
  • Santa Homer won’t help you earn presents.
  • No character apart from Homer interacts with Santa’s village and he only has one task there.
  • Homers costume can only really be used for a month, after the snow has gone it looks out-of-place.
  • For around 80 donuts you could also get…
Aztec Theatre
80 sidebar_donut
Springfield Observatory
75 sidebar_donut
70 sidebar_donut
Hans Moleman
60 sidebar_donut
60 sidebar_donut
Bumblebee Man
60 sidebar_donut
Boardwalk Fountain
75 sidebar_donut
Springfield Squidport
Little Lady Justice
75 sidebar_donut


It is a nice addition at Christmas time and it’s very reasonably priced, 80 donuts for a building and a costume is an absolute bargain, perhaps EA have priced it wrong so if you’re thinking of buying do it quickly in case they change the price back to the original price of 200 donuts.


Should I Buy King Winter and his Cave?

unlock_kingwinterAre your big sky fingers cold suddenly? It’s winter In Springfield and the Christmas event has plenty of new content to offer. Of course, a good portion of it is premium and that’s why I’m here to take a look at one of the first limited time bundle in the event’s build menu; I’m talking about King Winter and his cave. Before you spend your precious pink sugar fried circles, let’s compare the pros and cons of having them in your game.

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Sorting through all the event data

Events can be pretty confusing, even if they are fairly straight forward. The trick is to sort through all of the data and present it in an easy to digest manner. Right now, I’m a bit too busy to really delve into the everything and make pretty charts with tables and nice formatting for a super awesome post. I will in a day or two though, so keep an eye for that towards the end of the weekend. Thankfully PlatypusGuitar put together a pretty good “how does the event work” post to ease people into things.

We still have to discuss cumulative prizes and daily prizes, as well as the benefits of visiting neighbors. These are posts that will be in the works, but we’ve got over two weeks left before the event transitions to phase two. Over the course of the event we will try to answer as many questions as possible to make this event as smooth and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

On that some token, we also want to have some fun too. Keep an eye out for more “Welcome to Springfield” posts from me, as feedback on that has been generally positive to far. It’s nice to break up the constant stream of information and data with something a little off-beat and fun.


Above is an image from this update, the Homer Fever Snowman. It’s added solely to make the post look nicer, and not just like a bunch of text. Also it’s one of the first prize you’ll earn from completing Santa’s Daily Tasks. As I’m typing this the game downloaded an update, from what I can tell probably just some bug fixes and the like. If it seems like a lot of data for an update, it’s probably just something that needed a good coating of snow that didn’t get it before.

simpsons christmas

I Won’t Be Home for Christmas – Episode Intro and Couch Gag

Ho-ho-diddly-ho! There will be a new episode of The Simpsons airing this Sunday! This is actually the Christmas episode and last we will see this year as the show will go on a short break during the Holidays and back in early January. The Animation Domination channel on YouTube just uploaded a promo video for the intro and the couch gag. Watch this while we prepare more informative posts about the Christmas event. Enjoy!

Some more Christmas 2014 information

Most of the information comes courtesy of tstohacker (Reddit). This is an abridged version of his post containing the most relevant information. Keep in mind this is all information lifted from the files, but how it will be integrated into the game can still change. Just think of these as general guidelines and approximations for when to see things appear in the game.

You won’t be able to get the Christmas content until you’ve updated to version 4.12.0, which is now available in the Apple and Android game stores!

Ok, first some dates:

  • Something called “NerdEnd” is dated Dec 8th
  • A crossover event, like the “Moog” one, starts Dec 23
  • “Part 1″ ends and “Part 2″ starts on Dec 24th
  • Christmas Day event starts Dec 25th, ends 24 hours later
  • Promo packages selling old items will launch on: Dec. 2, 12, 19, 24, 27 and Jan. 2, 8, 9

Part 1 will kick off with having you build a Toy Workshop. This becomes the landing point when your town opens, for both you and your friends who visit you. Only friends who have built the workshop will show their special event currency in the friend screen… speaking of which, for part 1 it looks like the currency is “Presents”, and in part 2 we have “Gunpowder” (used to fire an Elf Cannon) and “Elf Berries”. When the Toy Workshop is complete (12 hours) you’ll need to have Homer and Lisa free to start the next quest.

If you have any Elf Homes, Present Depot (the metal-looking tree) from Xmas 2013, or the Holiday Tree from 2012, these will now generate presents! But, hold off bringing them out of inventory until you get the update, as it will set their construction times to zero (instant). Elf Homes generate 5 every 10 hours, Present Depot generates 8 every 4 hours, and the tree generates 10 every 24 hours.


The key thing you’ll want to keep an eye on, if you spend donuts, are the dates older content will be re-released. Right now the only thing I see is Santa’s Workshop (with Santa Homer costume) for 80 donuts. Pretty much everything from the previous two Christmas event should be available again for a premium price. The only thing I don’t see returning is the Mapple Store, which was released two years ago and has not been seen since.

christmas 2014 splash screen clean

The Christmas Event – How Does It Work?

No more prize wheels! Yay!

HO! HO! HO! The Christmas event is here! So now, you downloaded the update and started to build the Toy Workshop; what’s next? If you don’t want to spend donuts on rushing the build, know that the fun part starts only after it is completed. So be patient! In the mean time, let’s find out how things work in this event. So far, I haven’t seen a wheel of despair so that’s a relief!

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Quick Facts about the Christmas 2014 Event

No more prize wheels! Yay!

No more prize wheels! Yay!

There’s a lot to cover, and throwing everything at you at once isn’t going to be helpful to anyone. So here’s a quick summation of the event from the twenty minutes or so I’ve spent tinkering with it.

  • First you just need $2,000 to build the “Toy Workshop”, this takes 12 hours. After that, things really get started.
  • It works similar to the Halloween event, in that it is broken up into two parts and prize progression looks very similar as well. The nice thing though is that there are no “filler” prizes like the treat boxes, every prize is something new and different.
  • Martin gets a costume, and it’s actually a (couch gag) episode tie-in for the Dec 7th episode.
  • Santa appears in your town, though initially he has no tasks.
  • There is an element where you have to complete daily tasks (riddles of a sort) to unlock an exclusive character. This is very similar to an element from the Stonecutters event.
  • No new plots of land. Sorry.

It’s a lot to digest, and things don’t kick off until the Toy Workshop finishes building. So relax and wait for your game to update and let’s enjoy the event together at a reasonable pace. That’s all from me for now. I’ll leave the floor open to PlatypusGuitar and Raventhief because I’m sure they’re excited about the event as well and would love to post about it too.


Christmas 2014 is here… on the server. SPOILERS

Enjoy some random images of things from the Christmas 2014 event. It’s on the severs, but being that it replaces all pretty much everything in the game with an alternate snow-covered version of the same thing, it’s going to require an App Store update too. So you’ll have to wait until whenever that hits before seeing all of this new content in your game. So keep an eye out for it.

Update: Now live on iOS, possibly Android too!

Some of the New Stuff

  • Sequel Stop
  • Tropical Island
  • Annual Gift Man
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders
  • Bonestorm Santa
  • Frosty the Hitman
  • King Winter
  • Ralph (Little Helper)
  • Zutroy

Welcome to Springfield #4 – Climate

“No two snowflakes are alike… except the thousands of snowflakes currently falling from that cloud outside your window. Those snowflakes are all identical. Strange.”

Welcome to Springfield

The city council would like to remind all residents that despite the lack of a sunrise or sunset, that the town of Springfield does in fact have a sun. After all, it’s always warm and bright, which is a beautiful thing. We don’t have to worry about things like darkness, rain, clouds, or snow. Oh, hold on readers. My editor has just handed me a notice. Apparently the sun is taking a vacation for approximately 35 days starting now. This will lead to the standard amount of decorative snow accumulation, frosted over grass, icy rivers, and a distinct lack of flora.

We sent one our interns to the sun, to ask it where it would be going for vacation. The sun refused to comment directly, but a spokesperson for the sun issued the following statement: “BRIGHTNESS”.

Scientists warn that the absence of a sun could have dire consequences. Don’t believe the hype though citizens, this winter promises to bring no change to the climate whatsoever. Resume wearing your regular clothing, whether it’s a three-piece suit, a sundress, or a costume that makes little to no sense to be wearing at this time of year. You are free to express yourself however you want. After all, does anyone know what “climate” is anyway? The only thing we can be sure of, is the weather…

So citizens, let us enjoy the greenery and sunlight while we can. Soon we will be cast into a five-week long ice age, while still maintaining comfortable temperatures. Gardeners and horticulturists should take the opportunity to decorate, as this will be the last chance to truly do so until the sun returns next year.

Until next time readers. Goodnight Springfield. Goodnight.

*   “Welcome to Springfield” is inspired by the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale.
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Add Friends for the Christmas Event 2014

christmas-raccoonWhy hello there big sky fingers! The TSTO Christmas event 2014 is on its way to our games and like most events, the social aspect will be very important. This means that it’s time to go through your list of neighboreenos and delete inactive players in order to make room for new ones. Go to the comment section below this post and give your username so others can add you. You may also state how often you play and what level you are in the game. For more advice on how to prepare for a major event, read this post by my friend Raventhief.

Whenever the update hits, we will give you more details about was is going to happen and which premium items are worth your donuts.


Event preparation 10 things you “still” need to do!

Now that Thanksgiving has ended various TSTO online blogs are going wild at the prospect of the Christmas/Holiday event just around the corner, their rumour mills are set on full spin even though there’s no solid proof that an event is coming this week, but just to be sure no one is caught out I am going to share a little advice with you “again” regarding playing during an event. If you’ve never played an event before then heed my advice. I personally believe in the hype and expect an in store app update today. So in no particular order here’s my top ten things to do before an event.

land-expansion-icon1. Make sure you have enough spare land to place new buildings and decorations, there’s nothing worse than not been able to place new buildings, so buy some more land if you can. If you’re maxed out like myself then you’ll have to do some rearranging to make space.

money-bag2. Money makes the world go around, especially in Tapped Out, you don’t want to enter an event with moths in your wallet, so hold off spending your dollars on regular buildings or decorations as you just might need a large wedge to buy a limited time building. This is more important for new players as it could take you a week just to save up just a few grand. I know of players who missed out on limited content just because they were skint.
If you have more fake money in the bank then Bill Gates then just ignore this one.

donuts3. Now this goes out to my Premium friends, make sure you’ve got your iTunes account in good order, ready to buy those donuts we desperately need for the overly priced limited time premium content. And be sure you have enough real money in your bank to buy more donuts. For those that don’t buy premium you can check out the goodies in my town or Aunt Platty’s once We’ve bought them. “Probably the last time I do”.

4. Friends; you can’t live without them, especially true in Tapped Out during an event, they are essential for generating special event currency, if you don’t have enough friends it’s unlikely you will make enough special currency to be able to buy all the limited time event content. So go through your friend list and cull the chaff, then get to our add friends page and add new friends. Do this now.

Whacking Day Home Screen5. Events can be very time-consuming so make sure you have enough food and drinks in your house so you don’t have to waste time by having to go shopping. If you have a live in partner or live with your parents then this isn’t much of a problem just write them a list.

beachtowelumbrella_menu6. As I said earlier events can take up a lot of your time so just tell all your real friends you’re off on a holiday for a month. You don’t need real friends to interact with they just get in the way of your tapping.


7. Possibly phone in sick for a week as well, all the extra time off can be used to get some extra tapping in. Most employers/schools expect a few absences around this time of the year, let’s make it an annual thing.


8. Get a new job which allows you to work from home, this is what I try to do, that way I can tap myself stupid everyday and still get paid for it. Just don’t tell the wife I am not really working.

9Willie_barechested_one_finger_push_ups_in9. Stretches are important, especially during an event make sure your fingers are nice and limber, you don’t want to do yourself an injury do you. You’re looking at over 300 taps a day during an event, make sure your fingers are ready for the extra workload.

10. Don’t get sent to jail, there’s no tapping in jail, no wi-fi no devices no tapped out. So if it’s looking like your going to be sent down soon I would go on the lam for a month so you don’t miss the event, most cheap hotels, B&Bs have wi-fi so just pack your device and off you go. Don’t forget your charger. Bare in mind though that if it’s a 4G/3G device they can track you down.

So there you go my top ten things to do before an event. I hope this helps you out.

Ps. If you ruin your life or get sacked or divorced or sent to jail, just blame Tapped Out and not me.

PPs. No10 was just for fun, I in no way support criminals on the run, honest. The real No10 would be to keep Homer and Lisa as free as possible over the next few days as they generally kick off the events.

PPPs. If you have any of your own top tips for an event I might have missed please leave them in the comments section. Thanks for reading and hope I’ve helped you out and on behalf of myself and the other staff here at TSTO Game we wish you a Merry Christmas.

Brrrrrr there’s a chill in the “build menu”.

IMG_0329.PNGMorning tappers just a quick teaser this morning; for the observant you may have noticed that the water placement tile in the build menu has frozen over! This is just a little taste of the winter wonderland I expect to come this week or early next week.
Personally I think we will get it either tomorrow or Thursday as the Christmas special episode airs this weekend.

tapped-out-xmas-2013-title-screenSo did out your big coats polish off your baubles and chop more wood for the fire cause winter is coming to Springfield.

Truckasaurus 2

Should I Buy Truckasaurus? TODAY ONLY!

TruckasaurusHappy Cyber Monday readerinos! Gil showed up this morning with a “deal” on a new item. Yes, a brand new decoration! You can buy the Truckasaurus for 225 donuts but this offer is for today only! At the moment of writing these lines, there is only about 17 hours left to this offer. If you want this monster truck in your Springfield, you have to make a decision, quick! So let’s not waste any more time and take a look at the pros and cons of having this mechanical T-Rex in your town.

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Gil offering Truckasaurus today for 225 donuts

It’s Cyber Monday and Gil is offering something new, Truckasaurus for 225 donuts.

Reddit user Dove_of_Doom would like to inform people that it takes up 6×12 squares and gives a 4.75% bonus to cash and XP. It can be placed on your Squidport. Additionally, the purchase requires you to place it in your town, so you can safely click on the offer and see how it looks without your donuts being automatically deducted. I would like to inform people that this purchase does not include any quests or interaction from other characters whatsoever.

Truckasaurus strengths include being able to attack players with weak impulse control and/or a ridiculous amount of hacked donuts. Truckasaurus is weak against players who don’t want to waste $20+ on donuts and have better purchases to make on Cyber Monday than what amounts to an in-game animated GIF.

Get the Stomach Staple Center for free today!

stomachstaplecenter_menuAfter you complete the two “Leftovers” quests with Sacagawea Lisa and Puritan Flanders, you’ll trigger a bunch of dialogue that will leads to this building being placed in your inventory. Krusty has a quest with it, and then it just remains in your town as this cool little free building. Free is free. So just keep questing along and you should be on your way to unlocking this Thanksgiving treat.

Glitch Report – RESOLVED!


UPDATE: I am getting reports of an in-game update that fixed the glitch. This seems to have gone through for both Apple and Android users. You can now carry on with the leftovers quest!


Several players are currently reporting a glitch. The quest for today seems to appear as most of us saw the dialogue but the task to send Sacagawea Lisa and Puritan Flanders to have a feast is just not there. You may also see in Puritan Flanders’ task list that Self Punish is not available and has the mention “required: *null.

You can send an email to EA but they are most likely aware of the issue and working on a patch to fix it as I’m writing these lines. Hopefully, later today, we will receive an in-game mini update that will resolve the whole situation. For the time being, just be patient. The usual troubleshooting won’t work on this one. When things get resolved, we will update this post accordingly.

black friday gil

Should I Buy Black Friday Gil Deals?

gil speach bubblecornucopia_menuHappy Thanksgiving! Black Friday means savings and Tapped Out is no exception. Gil will show up in your town and offer you to buy all sorts of premium items at a discount price, but at a precise moment. In fact, these deals with come by every hour and then it’s off and another item will come on sale. This means that if there is something you really want, you have to make sure to visit your Springfield during that small window to get it.

You will see a build menu with items listed. Each of them will show how many donuts you will get back after making the purchase. The discount is usually around 25% per item. Maybe you are still wondering if you really want something and the urgency factor may have you spend frivolously so here is a list of “Should I Buy” posts to help you with your decision-making process. If I ever miss anything, you can also look up the item using the search bar that is on every page.

There will probably be other items added over the weekend so we will try to keep an eye open for that. For better planning, EA was kind enough to put a timer under each item in the build menu so you know exactly when and what comes up on sale. That way, you can carry on with life without having to check in every hour. It’s gonna save us a lot of sleep and possible problems at work or school!

build menu black friday deals

Leave a comment down below and tell us if you’re going to take advantage of these deals. Which item do you covet the most? Some of these items don’t have a “Should I Buy” post so feel free to ask questions!

EDIT: Since I’m the “Should I Buy” girl, I already have everything premium and so, several unique items may show up on your build menu and I wouldn’t know it’s there. So if you’re looking for ANY “Should I Buy” post, go here.


Gil Returns for Black Friday!

It turns out that EA did advertise this in advance to those the Reddit community on r/tappedout. Cool!

So what do we have here? It’s a clever marketing scheme in the spirit of Black Friday that only benefits you if you already have the donuts on hand, which for most of you means whipping out your wallets and spending some dough. Unfortunately the discounts only apply if you can afford the regular price. So for instance, the Volcano Lair is 200 donuts, but if you buy it at the right time, you’ll get 50 donuts back.

All of the information can be found on r/tappedout, courtesy of tstohacker. Just as a heads up, the rebate column is not what you pay, but how many donuts you’ll get back. The first time through I read it wrong and thought I could get Frink’s Lab for 35 donuts, but alas… no, that’s just how much you’ll get back off the full 150 donut price.

Honestly everything should be much cheaper. Why not a building and a character for 35 donuts? It takes a while to earn that much in game, and it’s only something small for a mobile game? When the game first started I could see wanting to set a high bar, since there wasn’t a lot of premium content. Now there is so much of it that lower prices could still bring in profits, and probably get a lot more people to spend money on the game. Thousands of players just refuse to pay what amounts to $20 on one piece of content, and I don’t blame them. The ridiculously high prices are why so many people turn to hackers or less legitimate methods of getting content. *sigh*

Enjoy the hourly deals. It’s all older content, but one new thing was found in the files. More on that later.

Update: Are these deals worth it? Check out our “Should I Buy…” post.

spinal tap crowd

One Year of TSTO Blogging!

Hey diddly-ho my neighboreenos! My Tapperinos. My readerinos. My favorite big sky fingers! It’s not that Flanders is my favorite character but starting a post with a Ned flavored greeting just feels right. Today marks my first anniversary as a blogger on TSTOgame. It feels like such a long time ago and just yesterday at the same time. You see, when you have fun doing something, time goes by really fast. But at the same time, so much happened in the past 12 months, it feels like a lifetime!

homer lisa internet jpg

My friend feelingblind started this blog on his own in August 2013. All the players went to this one page where all hell broke loose and it died! After that, newer, better blogs about our favorite mobile games started to surface. One of the best TSTO blogs in my opinion is this one. Sure, the competition may get more page views but I found that the format of TSTOgame was best suited for my gaming needs.


I would come to this page daily, to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I also visited the “other 2″ but always found myself coming back here. It wasn’t long until I decided this was my favorite TSTO blog. So when feelingblind announced that he was looking for new writers, I jumped on the opportunity. Was I gonna make money? No. Would I have to spend hours and hours doing research? Yes. Do I regret anything? Absolutely not!

Featured Image -- 23363

Time has gone by and writers would come and go. We are a rather small team now but I think we have the best! We work well together and we have regular readers and commenters, which makes all this work worth the effort. I see it as another level in gaming. Not only am I a huge fan of The Simpsons but I’m also a gamer and I was always skilled at writing. What I get here is precious. It’s priceless. I hope we can keep doing this for a very long time. EA just needs to add MORE LAND so we can keep playing!

EA potentially planning Black Friday deals for Tapped Out

A sponsored ad on r/tappedout indicates that for Black Friday weekend there will be hourly deals on in-game content. The authenticity of this cannot be confirmed at this time, but it certainly seems as though it could be possible. So as a precaution, keep an eye on your game this weekend to see if there is any truth to this claim.

Hey Redditors! The true season of shopping- er, giving will start this weekend in The Simpsons: Tapped Out with our Black Friday Promotions, running every hour, all weekend long! All the fun of Black Friday without any of the being crushed to death!

When is it socially acceptable to put up Christmas decorations?

wiggum-house-christmasDuring the first Christmas Event way back in 2012 we were given the chance to buy Christmas decoration façades/skins for some of our properties using the Santa coin currency. This was great as it added a touch of Christmas magic to our Tapped Out towns.

Last years Christmas event saw a return of the Christmas façades for our property’s but they could only be won as prizes by spinning Krusty’s wheel of “dismay” and whilst a few more properties were added to the previous list of available façades there was a strange exception; the Wiggum house! For some reason only EA knows the Wiggum’s were excluded from the Christmas fun even though the façade was found in the “files”; maybe this year it will make an appearance.spin-the-wheel

I digress; so with the Christmas event just around the corner “hopefully” when do you think it is socially acceptable to put up your Christmas decorations on your properties?

I have one purple house which is decorated 365 days a year as this is my Christmas themed property, however there are many other properties in Tapped Out that could have lights and decorations on them.

Perhaps you’re one of those people “you kebenezer-burnsnow who you are” who leaves them up all year round just to let other players know that you have them and that you were playing last December. Or are you like me secretly hurrying November along so that you can turn your Springfield into a winter wonderland again on the first stroke of December.
Maybe you’re a Scrooge and never bought or acquired any lights from the previous years “bah humbug'”and don’t much care for Christmas.

Let me know what you’re planning to do for Christmas this year and which properties you’re hoping EA will release Christmas skins for?
I personally want a Christmas Burns mansion!


Get your Outdoor Feast Table today!

If you’ve been following along with the Thanksgiving quests, you should unlock the Outdoor Feast Table today. It’s actually smaller than the Stonecutters table, even though they look very similar. As a decoration, it’s pretty nice. You shouldn’t have a problem fitting this into your town. Plus, who doesn’t love items that give characters fun outdoor animations?

The Thanksgiving Meal Pt. 1

!  Puritan Flanders
Sacagawea Lisa
    with Puritan Flanders
Host a Peace Feast for Puritan Flanders
Time: 10h

Puritan Flanders: There’s nothing quite like authentic Puritan Thanksgiving cooking!
Puritan Flanders: Unfortunately that’s not what we’re getting this year.
Sacagawea Lisa: The authentic ship sailed a while ago when I became Sacagawea in Squanto times.
Puritan Flanders: I suppose we’ll get through this like Lewis and Clark got through their first winter in Plymouth.
Native American Spirit: As the ghost of Squanto, I want to say I’m very confused.
Sacagawea Lisa: Sorry. The holidays can be hectic. Take some veggie-turkey back to the spirit world with you?
Native American Spirit: Pass.

( after the task is complete )

Puritan Flanders: You know what Lisa! That healthy fake food isn’t half bad!
Puritan Flanders: Rod and Todd could use a heapin’ helpin’ themselves. Care to break vegan bread over at the Flanders’ spread?
Sacagawea Lisa: I’d love to!