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A blog dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Watch the Treehouse of Horror XXIV tomorrow night

The annual Simpson’s Halloween Special, the Treehouse of Horror, airs tomorrow night at 8/7c on FOX. Fans of the game should certainly watch the show, especially if they want to earn a special prize.

In related news, yesterday it was officially confirmed that the The Simpsons has been been picked-up for their 26th season! This is great news for fans of the show, and for the fans of the game.

While we wait for the next all-new episode of the show, enjoy this video of the couch gag for tomorrow night’s episode, created by famed director Guillermo del Toro.

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A message from the author

When the original owner of TSTO Tips gave-up control of the site to the now defunct GameZino, I made a decision to start my own blog that focused on the The Simpsons: Tapped Out so that people wouldn’t have to lose, which was at the time, a great resource. It was not a decision I came to lightly, I knew that I only wanted to start this blog if I could fully commit to it. I didn’t just want to create a site as good as the old one, I wanted to make one that was even better.

So on August 7th, TSTOgame was created. To let people know about the site I made this post on Reddit… it wasn’t well received. On the following day, August 8th, some of the bloggers who were brought on as contributors to TSTO Tips when its original creator, Mr T, could no longer handle the duties of managing the site started their own blog TSTO TopiX. Their announcement on Reddit was met with a much better reception. Admittedly this group of people had already established their credibility to the community, whereas I was seen as a newcomer.

Now there was competition, so I had to work even harder to stand out amongst the many blogs that began appearing as a result of the TSTO Tips fallout, like TSTO Addicts who started blogging on August 14th. The market was beginning to get over-saturated and by mid-September the community was getting frustrated with everyone trying to start their Tapped Out blog.

From the creation of the site and through September, this blog was doing adequately well against the competition. Many of my readers have sent kind words of encouragement and gratitude for creating and maintaining this site. My work wasn’t going unnoticed, but the site hadn’t really taken off the way I hoped it would. This site was created shortly before TSTO TopiX and they have already received nearly one-million more views than this site. To me that’s not just statistics, that’s real people that my work just isn’t reaching, and not for lack of trying.

When the news that the Treehouse of Horror XXIV update would be released on October 1st, I knew that was my opportunity to shine was coming. There was no way I was going to let another blog get the jump on all of the news this update would be bringing. Within the first day of the update I had posted complete, unabridged walkthroughs for every new quest available. In the days that followed I created a post for nearly everything you could ever want to know about this event and more. For a few days my hard work paid off and traffic to this site spiked dramatically thanks to this compendium of information that I posted on Reddit, which is now featured on the sidebar of r/tappedout.

The dedication and hard word paid off for a few days, but even with all of my efforts TSTO TopiX still has a strong hold on the audience. What more can I do to prove that isn’t just another Tapped Out blog, but the Tapped Out blog to go to for all the information you’ll ever need on the game? It also doesn’t help that this site is left out when it comes to blogs cross-promoting each other. Honestly though, at this point many of the blogs are starting to feel redundant, posting information readily available on others.

With all of that said, I remaining completely committed to making this site the best Tapped Out blog on the web. I am not going anywhere. My resolve and dedication is unwavering, because I truly believe this is the best of all the Tapped Out blogs.

Haunt inactive buildings to view their animation

When you send a character on a task that involves a building, there will usually be an animation to make it easier to spot that the building is in use. An example of this would be El Chemistri, as when active the windows glow green and the door bursts open. Unfortunately you rarely see this because no character has a job that allows you to visit that restaurant.

Haunting these typically unused buildings is a great way to view their active animation. So try haunting some of to see what would happen if you could actually send characters on jobs to these places.

Collect the final “frightem” and get your prize on Sunday

Sign-in to your game today and pop a ghost to collect the final “frightem” and check your attic. You won’t get a prize today, but you’ll get a chance to collect your prize on Sunday after the premiere of the Treehouse of Horror XXIV at 8/7c on FOX.

It is likely there will be a trivia question about the special, hence the delay on rewarding the prize. From what I’ve gathered if you answer correctly you’ll get an additional 10 donuts, on top of the prize for collecting all the attic items. Once the episode airs I will reveal the answer for those who missed it.

Homer: A circus Ringmaster’s hat. This will be useful next time I need to boss around an acrobat.
Notice: You’ve collected all the special items! Return to the Simpson Home!

Phantastic! You found all frightems!

Make sure to watch every terrifying moment of Treehouse of Horror XXIV this Sunday 8/7 on FOX! Come back after the show has aired to claim your reward… if you dare!

How can I earn more GOO?

This event is all about GOO. There are lots of ways to collect it, but once you know a few tricks of the trade you’ll be able to maximize your earnings. Of course some of you have already figured these tricks out for yourself, but for those who would like to know the secrets of GOO collecting, this post is for you.
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Should I purchase the Ray Gun?

ray-gunAfter completing the quest “Ultrahouse 2“, you will unlock the ability to purchase the Ray Gun. This item will allow you to shoot down the the UFO piloted by Kodos, thereby adding this character to your town.

If you already have Kang in your town, you won’t even see this item in your shop. This is because you already purchased the Ray Gun when it was available during last year’s Treehouse of Horror XXIII event. If that is the case, you’ll be able to shoot down Kodos for free.

If you don’t have Kang in your town, you will after placing the Victorian UFO. That means to get Kodos in your town as well, you’ll need to purchase the Ray Gun for 150 donuts.


  • She is voiced
  • She earns money and XP at a premium rate
  • She has four outdoor jobs with great animations
  • She comes with a very humorous four-part quest line
  • The Ray Gun provides 3.75%bonus money and XP to all Jobs
  • You’ll need her to unlock Kang’s 16h job, which is uniquely odd


  • The 150 donut asking price is a bit expensive
  • You won’t be able to earn GOO with this character

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Have you acquired all the attic items so far?

These items, or “frightems”, are practically handed to you, provided that you’ve been playing the game each day. Still though, they are incredibly easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Many people were claiming yesterday that they never got the Barbell, when they actually did.

If your attic looks identically to the screenshot below, you have them all. There is only one more to collect before we find out what the mysterious prize is. What do you think it will be?


Homer: This leotard will be great for attending classes of that new exercise I invented… Pie-lates.

Kang unlocks after placing the Victorian UFO

Last year, during the Treehouse of Horror XXIII update if you wanted to add Kang to your town you had to purchase the Ray Gun for 150 donuts. This price was later reduced to 100 donuts, but you still had to purchase donuts if you wanted to shoot down his UFO. After using the Ray Gun to shoot down his UFO, his ship would crash and he would become a permenant resident of your town.

If you did not already have him in your town from last year, you will unlock him automatically after placing the Victorian UFO. He even comes with his quest line from last year “We Come in Pieces“. Better yet, even though you’re getting him for free, he still earns money and XP at the premium rate. What a welcome surprise!

What does this mean for unlocking Kodos? If you look in the premium stuff section, you will see a Ray Gun item that cannot be purchased until the completion of the “Ultrahouse 2” quest. If you already had Kang, you won’t even see this item in the shop. Instead when you get to that part of the quest line you will be given the Ray Gun item for free, allowing you to shoot down Kodos and add him to your town.
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Solve the mystery and collect six free donuts!

Recently I received a tip that there is something you can do towards the end of the “The Ghost in the Machine-based App” quest that will reward you with six free donuts. In Pt. 14, before Lisa finishes her “Make Lisa Solve the Freak Show Tent Mystery” task, click on Mr. Burns and you will see an option in his job list to “Confess”, and in just six seconds you will have six more donuts in your bank.

This isn’t a shortcut to completing Pt. 14, but it rewards the player for reading the dialogue and figuring out the mystery for themselves. Even though I had assumed the culprit, I never thought you’d actually get an in-game reward for coming to the conclusion on your own.

Update: Credit for this amazing find goes to Alissa over at TSTO Addicts. Without her curiosity and intuition, many of us would have missed out on these six hidden donuts.

Source: TSTO Addicts

Should I purchase the Cauldron?

The Cauldron is more than just a festive decoration, it also unlocks the Marge The Witch costume. Last year this premium item would have cost you 90 donuts, but its price this year has been reduced to 75 donuts. So is worth the trouble to make the fire burn and caldron bubble?


  • She earns money and XP at a premium rate
  • Her 16h “Trick-or-Treating” task will earn 8 GOO
  • The Cauldron provides 2.25% bonus money and XP to all Jobs
  • Not only do you get a costume, but you get a nice decoration as well
  • She has the unique ability of being able to “Speed Up a Crop” on Cletus’s Farm
  • When Lisa “Goes Trick or Treating” she is in a witch costume too, which is a nice sentiment


  • You may want to save your donuts for something else
  • The costume does not come with its own quest line like it did last year

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