theatre mask sale

Should I Buy Theatre Masks?

Hello readerinos! This is the 3rd and final act of the Terwilliger event and this time, you will need to collect Theatre Masks. Once you upgrade your Outdoor Theatre up to level 4, you will be offered to purchase some more Theatre Masks in exchange for donuts. They event tempt you by offering 25% more…


How do I upgrade the Outdoor Opera House?

If you see the upgrade symbol above the Outdoor Opera House and you tap on it, all it does is show you which characters are performing a job there. If you want to actually upgrade, you have to go to Monsarno Research and scroll down to the Outdoor Opera House icon to initiate any upgrades…


Act 3 has begun!

Act three kicks off with Lisa, followed by Sideshow Bob. Now we’ll be collecting music notes (for personal prizes) and theatre masks (for crafting). If you want the Simpson Houseboat which many of you do, you’ll need 9,600 theatre masks and 4,600 corn to craft it. One effective way to reach that goal is to…

bull-e simpsons at movies

Bull-E – New Episode Tonight!

Hello readerinos! I am just leaving a quick post here to remind you that there will be a whole new episode of The Simpsons airing tonight, May 10th at 8PM on FOX. Here are a few promo videos foor this episode from Animation Domination. Enjoy!


Level 52 made the event harder

One of the changes made to the event when Level 52 launched may not seem that significant, but it effectively cuts your ability to earn resources in half. As if things weren’t hard enough. Bob Clones now spawn every ten minutes instead of five minutes. So if it took four hours to have a town…