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At the Center of Everything.

20140720-103155-37915851.jpgMorning Tappers; I like to share my general musings with you all, so wouldn’t it be nice if EA could somehow implement away for us to center our towns for when people visit. Like they did at Christmas time with the present depot and again for the Stone Cutters event with the lodge.

It looks like a simple enough concept to implement but what building or object could we use to do this with. Maybe they could bring out an entirely new piece of content just for us to center our towns on; but I am unsure as to what this should be. It wants to be something small and discrete that can easily be placed and obviously free!

Please leave me your ideas on the matter in the message section, I will forward the best idea to EA; you never know they might use it.

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Should I Buy Father Sean?


Remember the Easter event? What was supposed to be a sweet chocolatey event turned bitter for many players. In fact, the “lottery” system used in this event meant that several players would NOT earn some of the content, regardless of how dedicated they were to their game. Some of us were lucky enough to win Father Sean from the Golden mystery box but most of us weren’t. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to adding this holy figure to your town.

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Should I Buy the Bare Chested Willie Costume?


This costume for Groundskeeper Willie was first released during the Wacking Day event of 2013 and cost 7500 snakes. For this release, you will have to spend donuts to acquire this item so let’s look at some pros and cons to buying this manly outfit (or lack there of!) for our favorite Scot!


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Should I Buy The Gorgeous Grampa Costume?


The Gorgeous Grampa costume was first released in February 2013 for an episode tie-in (season 24, episode 14) update of the same name for and was a limited time offer. Back then, he was free and now costs 75 sidebar_donut donuts so before you spend your precious sugar fried circles, let’s look at some pros and cons of having this costume for Abe Simpson.


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Some Things Are Still Uniquely Special

springfieldfalls_transimageWith EA on the constant money grab by re-releasing old content there’s not much content left which hasn’t been re-released at some point over the last few years.

Below is a short list which keeps getting shorter of the content which has only been available the once.

Maybe EA will eventually re-release it, maybe they won’t, but for me having the content below makes “in my opinion” my town just a little bit more unique over those towns which are missing it. As a completionist I am very glad I started playing from day one as having to pay donuts for content which was once free can get very expensive; also as an Apple device player I especially love my little Mapple store.

Now the list only covers content which is over a year old and has only been released the one time. Let me know in the comments if there is anything from the list you particularly covert.

Limited Edition Buildings:
Mapple Store – Christmas Event 2012
Subatomic Collider – Halloween Event 2012
Fort Sensible – Whacking Day Event 2013

Limited Edition Decorations:
Black Hole – Halloween Event 2012
Gorgeous Grandpa Bill Board – Episode Gorgeous Grandpa Feb 2013
Fruit Batman signal – Episode Dark Knight Court March 2013
Springfield Falls – Episode What Animated Women Want April 2013
Whacking day Bat Stall – Whacking Day Event 2013
Whacking day Mug Stall – Whacking Day Event 2013
Whacking day T-shirt Stall – Whacking Day Event 2013
Whacking day Practice Snakes – Whacking Day Event 2013
Whacking day Banner – Whacking Day Event 2013
Whacking day Wind Socks – Whacking Day Event 2013
Snake Rock – Whacking Day Event 2013
Hollow Snake Trunk – Whacking Day Event 2013
Snake Stump – Whacking Day Event 2013
Snake Speakers – Whacking Day Event 2013
snake Statue – Whacking Day Event 2013
Balance Beam – Whacking Day Event 2013
Black Stretch Limo – Episode Whiskey Business May 2013
Barney Blimp – Yard sale 2013
Giant Grasshopper – Yard sale 2013
Laramy Cigarette Machine – Yard sale 2013
Devil Donuts Cart – Yard sale 2013
Excellence Prize Statue – Yard sale 2013
Frinkasonic_MHV – Yard sale 2013
Inflatable Gorilla Balloon – Yard sale 2013

Limited Edition Characters and Costumes:
Fruit Batman Costume – Episode Dark Knight Court March 2013
Gymnastics Lisa Costume – Whacking Day Event 2013
Lumpy the Snake – Whacking Day Event 2013
UnWhackable Snake – Whacking Day Event 2013
Respectable Moe costume – Episode Whiskey Business May 2013
Frink’s Robot Dog – Yard sale 2013

If I’ve missed anything off or got it wrong feel free to advise me and I shall correct it.


Should I Buy the Mayan Bundle?

What’s in the Mayan bundle you ask?  Near the end of 2012, there was a Treehouse of Horror XXIII event in TSTO, at that time when people in real life were freaking out about the world ending, according to the Mayan calendar. If you didn’t play TSTO back then, it means you don’t have the Mayan God, Mayan Homer costume and the Mayan calendar. There was also a costume for Mayan Marge hidden in the files all this time and she is finally available for purchase! For those who already have the Mayan God and Mayan Calendar, you can get the costumes for Homer and Marge for 170 sidebar_donutdonuts. The other option is to only buy a Mayan Costume for Marge for 90 sidebar_donut donuts. If you don’t have any Mayan items, you can get this bundle of 2 costumes, a decoration and a NPC (Non-Playable Character) for a whopping 300 sidebar_donutdonuts. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons to adding all these Mayan items to your Springfield.


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