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Winter is Coming… to Springfield

If you’ve never played Tapped Out during the holidays, you have yet to see your town covered in snow with rivers iced over. It’s quite the sight, and thankfully it doesn’t last as long as winter itself, but it’s a nice diversion to make it feel more like Christmas time. We still have Thanksgiving to […]

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PSA on discount donuts and old content

Donuts can be expensive, and players who are looking for an alternative to EA’s high-prices may find themselves questioning if there aren’t better ways to procure premium currency. The problem is, there are. You can find entire web-sites, eBay accounts, and forums setup specifically to “sell” discounted donuts and content no longer available in the […]

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Level 47 adds two new friendship level prizes

Aside from Freddy Quimby, Princess Kashmir, and the French Waiter; two new prizes were added to encourage players to visit their neighbors. The first new friendship level prize is the Little Black Box, a new building that generates income and adds a few points to your consumerism rating. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a quest […]

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Springfield is too perfect

The weather is always bright and sunny and now the rivers are back to being bright shade of light blue. The river water in particular completely through a wrench in my design, as I just can’t stand the color of the rivers now. Can we please get a facade style option to change the color […]

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Should I Buy The Quimborghini?

Hello there big sky fingers! Level 47 is all about Freddy Quimby, the mayor’s nephew, an 18-year-old trust fund brat! While this character is freemium and comes along with the Quimby Compound, his car, the Quimbhorgini, is a premium purchase. Some players just love it when we get new vehicles in the game while others […]

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Add Friends for Level 47

Need some new neighbors? Post your user name here.

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french waiter unlock

Should I Buy The French Waiter?

How are you doing today neighboreenos?! So, this level 47 update is all about the episode in which the mayor’s nephew is a total jerk; “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”. One character suffered more than others because of him (or was it?) and he made his way into our games. In case your memory […]

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What do you want to see for Thanksgiving

Odds are that we will be getting a Thanksgiving update sometime in the next week or so. I suspect we’ll see the usual returning content like the parade float balloons, and perhaps even the return of Sacagawea Lisa. Is there anything specific that you would like to see? Perhaps a timely Gil deal with a […]

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New Episode This Sunday!

Hello my dear readerinos! I’m doing a quick post to remind you that there will be a new episode of The Simpsons airing this Sunday November 16th! The title is “Blazed and Confused”.  As usual, the Animation Domination channel on YouTube uploaded a few promo videos. It looks like our favorite yellow family are going […]

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princess kashmir unlock

Should I Buy Princess Kashmir in Florence of Arabia?

Howdy-Diddly-Ho neighboreenos! We just received an update for level 47 and as usual, there are new premium items in the build menu! We have a new female character that comes along with a building: Princess Kashmir in Laurence of Arabia! You may remember her if you’re an old school fan of the show because she […]

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Site updates will be slowing down

November is turning out to be a busy month for me, and as such I just don’t have the time to devote to site updates. The only thing I’ve really done so far in regards to the level 47 update is create a character page for Freddy Quimby. When I get a bit more time […]

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Conform-o-meter ratings for level 47

Quimby Compound = 10 indolence (housing) Florence of Arabia = 10 consumerism (shopping) Little Black Box = 10 consumerism (shopping) Rat Trap Delivery Truck = 10 obedience (service) Quimborghini = 150 vanity (decoration)

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Update – Level 47 is Here!

Hello Tapperinos! The Treehouse of Horror event has ended and a new update awaits you. If you log into your game, this new level will update automatically. If it doesn’t, you can reboot your device and visit the Apple or Google store. Kindle users, this may come later for you, as usual. Here are the […]

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Four things you need before the event ends

So much of our time is spend trying to earn prizes and make sure we hit whatever totals we need to unlock certain content, but there is something many of us completely over look: the decorations. There are four standard (limited time) decorations that are only around for Halloween that you should stock-up on if […]

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Today is the last day of the event

If you need to collect long protein strands to unlock the U.B.O. costume for Mr. Burns, best get everything you need soon. The event ends in less than twenty-four hours. You can check the exact remaining time in-game. Additionally, if there’s anything you want to craft, collect the resources you need to do so. Hopefully […]

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Treehouse of Horror Items That DIDN’T Come Back

Hello neighboreenos! The THOH event is ending and most of the stuff available this year was returning content. While it seems that everything from past Halloween events came back, some stuff was indeed left out. What exactly? Find out after the break!

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I Was Born on November 10th 1982…

I’m like Garfield, I hate Mondays. This Monday is different though, because it’s my special day! I was born this day in 1982. According to my mother, it was a very special day. Not because she was giving birth to her first child but because it was a unusually beautiful day. Here in Canada, at […]

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Starting Over: My semi-new town, better than the end game

One of my biggest problems with the game is finishing it. Once you reach the maximum level and purchase all of the land, you just have a bunch of stuff with nowhere to put it all. If you’ve played several events, you have even more limited-time content that can be hard to place. This statement […]

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Welcome to Springfield #3 – Deity

Preface: To those who are wondering exactly what these posts are, allow me to take some time to explain. These are writing exercises that examine the virtual world of Springfield, as if I were a resident in the town. That idea in of itself, is original. However the execution and writing style mimics the work […]

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Twirl-n-Hurl IRL

Should I Buy The Twirl ‘N’ Hurl?

Happy Weekend tapperinos! Some last-minute items have been added to the build menu, including the Twirl ‘N’ Hurl! It’s a building for Krustyland that was first introduced during the Treehouse of Horror event 2013. It was a personal prize awarded for free after gathering 6500 goo. It is now returning as a premium item and […]

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PSA: The Twirl ‘N’ Hurl is now available

It’s only for a limited time, so get it while you can. It costs 150 donuts, and you won’t see it unless you go to Krustyland and check the build menu.

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Should I buy the Subatomic Supercollider with the black hole?

Howdy Tappers how’s the alien onslaught going? Hope your all having fun and winning lots of new prizes. But enough about the new prizes lets talk about something that’s very old. The Subatomic Supercollider is finally available for those that never played the 2012 Halloween event. It’s probably one of the oldest sought after buildings […]

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homer and bender

Simpsorama Episode Promo

Hello there sky fingers! The long-awaited Futurama / Simpsons episode will air this Sunday and the Animation Domination channel of YouTube just uploaded a few promo videos. I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about this historic moment in animated television! Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Rigellian Queen a decoration of sorts

It took most of the event, but I finally earned enough resources to craft the Rigellian Queen without spending a single donut! Thankfully, I should also be able to craft the Rigellian Tribal Hut if I can collect 63 more pieces of candy corn before the event ends, which hopefully I’ll be able to do. […]

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Should I Buy The Victorian UFO with Number 51?

Hello neighboreenos! Looks like EA dropped some last-minute goodies in the build menu. We are about 4 days away from the end of the Treehouse of Horror event so if you would like these limited time premium items, you need to make up your mind quick! Today we are analyzing the Victorian UFO (decoration from […]

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