Shadow Knight

Press Ctrl-B to bow before the Shadow Knight!
Shadow Knight
Play “Swords and Slaughter”
Time: 60m
Reward   $ 105      XP 26
  • Android’s Dungeon
Farm Gold
Time: 4h
Reward   $ 260      XP 70
  • Cletus’s Farm
Relax After a Day of Questing
Time: 8h
Reward   $ 420      XP 105
  • Shadow Knight’s Throne
Question His Existence
Time: 10h
Reward   $ 525      XP 135
  • Shadow Knight’s Throne
Go on a Killing Spree
Time: 12h
Reward   $ 600      XP 150
Farm Other Stuff
Time: 24h
Reward   $ 1000      XP 225
  • Cletus’s Farm

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