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Wizard Marge
Goblin Bart
Includes:   Boxingham Palace
Archer Lisa
Includes:   Castle Recycle
Homer Barbarian
Barbarian Homer
Mayan Marge
Number 314

Number 2
Number 59
Number 67
Number 66
Number 22
Number 111
Number 21
Number 14
Number 12
Number 5
Number 79
Number 50
Number 29
Number 600
Number 85
Number 36
Number 908
Cool Lisa
Fit™ Milhouse
Plow King
Ebenezer Burns
Santa Flanders
Sacagawea Lisa
Strongman Homer
Kamp Bart
Includes:   Kamp Krusty
Includes:   Film Set
All-American Apu
Respectable Moe
Ninja Homer
Includes:   Ninja Homer Practice Snake
Bare Chested Willie
Gymnastic Lisa
Gorgeous Grampa
Mr. Plow
Santa Homer
Includes:   Santa’s Village
Marge The Witch
Includes:   Cauldron
Devil Flanders
Mayan Homer
Includes:   Mayan Bundle
Cool Homer
Includes:   Cool Brown House
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