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Has the Grumple stole Christmas !

Has the Grumple stole the Christmas update?

I was expecting the Christmas update by the 5th December but that has been and gone, last year we were informed a day before the update but this year not a peep…

There has been no Christmas update thus far only an episode tie-in with Sundays show.

I am starting to worry that either EA have not made a Christmas update, I know this sounds ridiculous but after Easter past us by without so much as a single egg you can’t help thinking, “maybe they haven’t bothered this year”!

Or perhaps it was launched and the Grumple got to it first! All I know is that my Christmas lights are starting too look a little sad without the snow, so come on EA let us know……..

The more likely scenario is, that they are fixing a few bugs and gave us the episode tie-in to keep us distracted till Monday!!

Let me know your opinions about the delayed Christmas update, perhaps someone from EA are reading this, if so throw us a bone..


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Minor update, possible episode tie-in!

There has just been a minor update.

Thanksgiving has been removed and there appears to be a short quest involving Lisa and Skinner so keep both these characters free.

Watch this space for more information.

Edit by feelingblind: The abridged and unabridged guides have now been posted.

Season 24, Episode tie-in content.

Now that season 25 of the Simpsons has started I think it would be nice to recap the episodes from Season 24 which have tie-in content with Tapped Out.

Kicking off Season 24 last year there was an episode tie-in with “Moonshine River”.
For this we were given the Duff Race car for free. This is probably the rarest decoration in the game because you had to log into tapped out just before the episode to get it…. Mine is parked outside of the Duff Stadium.


Episode 5, “Penny wise-guy’s” tie-in we were given Fat Tony although for many months he was considered a limited time character he was subsequently released during a level update.


Episode 7 was probably my favourite “The day the Earth stood Cool” this was a very generous tie-in as we were given a free building “Cool Brown House” and a free costume for Homer, “Cool Homer”. There was also a short quest line related to the content.



Episode 14 “Gorgeous Grandpa” saw Grandpa Simpson donning his old wrestling attire and entering the ring to amuse Mr Burns.The tie-in content included a wrestling costume for Grandpa and for an additional 40 donuts a billboard.



Episode 16 “Dark Knight Court” involved Mr Burns dressing up as Fruit-Bat-Man and trying to save the people of Springfield from criminals. For this episode we were given a free Fruit Bat Signal and the option to buy A Fruit-Bat-Man costume for Mr Burns with donuts.



Almost a month later was Episode 17 “What animated Women Want” aired, this guest stared George Takei but more importantly we were given a free Springfield Falls, probably everyone’s favourite decoration and also the chance to buy the Swanky Fish building, again this cost donuts……do you see a pattern emerging !


The final episode tie-in was for episode 19 “Whiskey Business” this was mostly about Moe buying a new suit and guess what we were all given a new costume for Moe “respectable Moe” alongside this freebie was another limited time donut purchase, a black stretch limo.




Now finally at the end of Season 24 there was a large giveaway called “The Season 24 Yard Sale” there were a few free items but mostly it was all premium content. Surprise Surprise.
All of the content had been featured in various episodes throughout Season 24, the Yard sale was only available for a short period.


Poll: Content with Content Events

With the finish of the mini (but looong) Thanksgiving event and before the start of the impending Xmas event , it’s time to take a moment to reflect on what has been the Homer Thinkingthe best of the TSTO content events for the past year. Since the game has been around for just over one year we will include every event the game has had so far.

For me I would say it had to be the very first Halloween event. You see, I started playing right before it started so it was really my introduction to what the game could and would become. The Halloween episodes of the Simpsons have always been my favorite, and all of my most favorite characters come from them. I was thrilled to have Raven Bart (even though it was only a NPC), loved the Heck House facade and the House of Bad Dreams. Devil Flanders was the first time I think I ever really liked “Mr. Hi-diddly-ho”. And the zombies and cemeteries were cool too.

So fellow Tappers, what has been your favorite content event so far? Maybe is was last Christmas with Mr. Plow, or the sweet Valentine’s event with all its hearts? Could it be the hand numbing, yet highly rewarding, Whacking Day? You tell us – and let us know why in the comments section.

Seasonal Past Events

Since Tapped Out’s relaunch there have been many, many events.

Some so large you thought they would never end “whacking day” and others so small they went by almost unnoticed “thanksgiving 2012″.

Below you can see the splash screens and event instructions from the 5 major events to date.












Minor events included
Thanksgiving 2012
St Patrick’s day 2013
July 4th 2013
Thanksgiving 2013

Hopefully there will be a new splash screen coming in the next few days!!

Cat Scratch Fever

That’s right EA, the cat’s finally out of the bag , and I’m straight up accusing TSTO of feline discrimination and canine favoritism.Snowball I know, I know, many of you might think I am being some sort of liberal-reactionary-environmentalist-no-good-cat lover, and you might just be be right. But this has nothing (well almost nothing) to do with it. The facts clearly speak for themselves.

Allow me to present Exhibit A: Here is a list of all of 30+ animals in the game (I know, it surprised me too!):

Santas Little Helper, Frink’s Robot Dog, Moe’s Panda, Arnie Pye’s Newshound, Mr. Teeny, The killer whale in Krustyland, The dogs @ Springfield Downs x 5, Tatum’s tiger, Raven Bart, Blinky, Rev Lovejoy’s Dog, Burns’ Hounds x 3, Burns’ Bat and Vulture, Krusty’s Chimp Teeny, Lumpy the Snake, Whacky the Snake, Nelson’s Raccoon, Church’s Dove, Grandpa/Agnes’ Pigeons x 3 = 6, Reindeer (they are variable), The Clawed Zombie, and K9

Of those 30+ animals, 13 (nearly half!) are dogs!

Exhibit B:  Only one single (redundant I know) animal out of thirty has any resemblance to a cat. And not just any cat – but a dead, putrid, zombie cat – the last minority group everyone still thinks they can pick on without being shamed by the pubic-at-large.
Exhibit C: Santa’s little helper, while a fine upstanding canine, is represented in both balloon and NPC form. While Snowball, also a valued member of the Simpson family, is only a balloon.
And finally, Exhibit D: The one character that crazycatladyhas been requested over and over since nearly the very beginning, but has never made an appearance even though she could be voiced, is the Crazy Cat Lady….that’s right, CAT is her middle name! And I won’t even go into the cruel defamation she has had to endure along with the mental anguish she experiences everyday just because she happens to care for the cute and cuddly feline.
So there you have it. The cat is now fully out of the bag EA – you need to rectify this injustice before the entire weight of the You Tube loving cat video world comes crashing down upon your heads. May Bastet (the Egyptian goddess of cats) have mercy on your souls.

What about you fellow Tappers – are you as pretend outraged as I am? Is enough, enough? Tell EA to stop it’s underhanded practices and give us our beloved Snowball (whichever version they see fit to bestow upon us) and our heroine, the Mentally Challenged Feline Lady – maybe as an early Xmas present? And while you’re at it – what other animals/pets would you like to see in the game?

Christmas is coming soon!


The christmas update will happen soon and I know we are all looking forward to a Tapped Out special event! To get our tapping fingers into the spirit of the season, I thought about doing a post on Christmas episodes. Some of you may know that the series premiered on December 17, 1989, with an episode titled ”Simpsons roasting on an open fire”, a Christmas special! Since its debut, the show has aired over 500 episodes over the course of 25 seasons, 13 of them being Christmas-themed ones.

Homer Santa

First, Homer and Marge attend the Christmas pagent at Bart and Lisa’s school. They come home to make their wish lists. Bart wants a tattoo and Lisa, a pony. Marge announces that Patty and Selma are supposed to visit wich Homer isn’t thrilled for. Then, Mr. Burns announces that there will be no Christmas bonus for the power plant employees this year. BOOOOOO-URNS!! Depressed, Homer seeks super cheap gifts but when he runs into Flanders and his huge pile of amazing gifts he feels like a total loser and decides to go take a beer at Moe’s. Barney is there, wearing a Santa suit and tells Homer he’s making money with this job at the mall. That’s when Homer found a way to save Christmas! Unfortunately, his paycheck is only $13 so he decides to use the money to go bet on racing dogs. He puts everything on a dog named Santa’s little helper and winds up taking him home. Everyone is happy!

So, what’s YOUR favorite Christmas themed episode of The Simpsons? You can find them all listed HERE in case your memory needs refreshing!


Black Friday Special!

gil deal black friday

Rumor has it that there will be a special on Black Friday to get Duffman and the Duff brewery with the Springfield sign and $50 000 for 300 donuts! If you already have either the Duff brewery or the Springfield sign this offer won’t appear in your game. The brewery with Duffman normally costs 190 donuts. It builds in 6 seconds, earns 200$ + 20xp every 6 hours and Duffman earns the premium rate on his tasks. The Springfield sign normally costs 170 donuts and gives you an interesting 4.5% bonus. Finally, buying in game money with donuts for 50k is 325 donuts. This means you can get these 3 great items for a 385 donut discount! The offer will end on December 2nd.

I don’t know how long this deal will last but if you can afford the donuts and wanted these, now is your chance to get them at a lower price. If you would like posts on ”Should I purchase..” for these 2 items (or other premium stuff) let us know in the comment section.

gil deal

When is it socially acceptable to put up Christmas decorations?

During the last Christmas Event, we were given the chance to buy Christmas decoration skins for some of our properties using the Santa coin currency. This was great as it added a touch of Christmas magic to Tapped Out towns.

So with the Christmas event just around the corner “hopefully” when do you think it is socially acceptable to put up your Christmas decorations on your properties?


I have one purple house which is decorated 365 days a year as this is my Christmas themed property, however there are many other properties in Tapped Out that could have lights and decorations on them.

Perhaps your one of those people ‘you know who you are’ who leaves them up all year round just to let other players know that you have them and that you were playing last December. Or are you like me secretly hurrying November along so that you can turn your Springfield into a winter wonderland again on the first stroke of December.
Maybe you’re a Scrooge and never bought any lights last year ‘bah humbug’ and don’t much care for Christmas..

Please let me know what you’re planning to do for Christmas.


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Having spent more than half my life in the US, I have always celebrated Thanksgiving no matter where in the world I’ve lived. And, what I’ve found is that like most holidays, it isn’t so much about the origins as it is about family and friends. So I just wanted to reach out with a special Thanksgiving post to all who celebrate. And what better way than by giving voice to two beloved characters – Lisa and Homer.

In Defense of a Kinder, More Gentle, Humanitarian, Thoughtful, Caring, Inclusive, Loving and Vegetarian Thanksgiving for All, a Poem, by Lisa Marie Simpson:lisa-sacagawea-petting-turkey2

God is good, God is great, He never meant for you to put a turkey on your plate.
Of Turkeys I am a great fan for they are thoughtful, gentle creatures whose only defense is tryptophan.
This Thanksgiving do all Turkeys one great favor, and eschew them for something with less flavor. It may not be tasty, but after eating Tofurky, you will leave the table satisfied and still quite perky.
In Defense of THome Turkey legurkey Day – Whooot! by Homer Jay Simpson:

If God wanted us to eat Tofurkey, then why did he make Turkeys taste so good? Mmmmmmm – Turrrrrrr-key…mmmmmm….Goooooooood.

As far as Tryp…Trypto ..Tryptofofolussmm goessss….Zzzzzzzzzzz….

Wha…What – I’m sleeping, leave me alone! Oh, how very thoughtful, EA has left me three free donuts to celebrate the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Turkey…the perfect dessert for my leftover turkey sandwich… Marge…I’m hungry again!

Happy Thanksgiving


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