Finding characters lost in the crowd

Krustyland is a popular theme park that attracts many people. The higher your Krust-O-Meter rating, the more people you will see wandering around the park. The problem with this is that playable characters tend to get lost in the shuffle. If you’re not in the mood to play “Where’s Waldo?” every time you want to send a character on a Krustyland task, try exiting and reentering the park.

Any character not on task will immediately show up at the entrance gate, six at a time, in a single file line. If you have more than six characters not on task, the next six will follow shortly after, once the first six have walked away from the entrance. If you tap everyone quick enough you can send them all on task as soon as they enter the park, and before they get lost in the crowd again.

Make Ralph Serve a Six Term Sentence

ralphIn the Crackdown quests you are required to send a number of characters to jail. While it is possible to get this all done in one-shot, it’s not essential. If you want to keep characters in Krustyland, just send the few who can’t enjoy the amusement park to jail. This is easy for the adults, as there are plenty who don’t have any business in Krustyland, but when it comes time to send the youth to jail it gets a might tricky. The only youth who isn’t permitted in Krustyland is Ralph. So if you want, just make Ralph serve for everyone. Sure it will take six times as long, but this way you can keep the other children in Krustyland.

Think before you tap on the exclamation point

If you’re further along in the game, sometimes random characters will prompt you to have them fulfill a task. Most of the time it isn’t necessary or part of any quest line. You can choose to ignore them, but if you tap on the “!” you’re going to see that one-off quest in the left-side of your task bar until you complete it. This can be pretty annoying if you’re hunting for quests that actually advance the story.

Most of the time these filler quests are easy to spot, like the example below with Luigi. He hasn’t been part of any storyline related quests since early in the game, so you know not to tap on him. Sometimes it gets tricky, especially when it’s a member of the Simpson family, as more often than not they are the ones you’ll need to tap on to get things moving in the story.

If you’re following the walkthroughs you’ll have a good idea of who you’ll need to tap on to get things moving along. If not, just try traveling to Krustyland and back, or just your friend page. The “!” rotates to different characters when it’s not an important quest, so if the same character is still walking around with a “!” over their head, it’s because there are more storyline quests that you’ll need to send that character on. Keep this is mind as you play to avoid getting hung-up on needless quests.

No Luigi, I’m not sending you on a task!

If you play multiple times a day, avoid 24h tasks

If you look at any character’s task list, the 24h tasks are the ones with the highest values. You may think it is wise to just send all of your characters on 24h tasks and collect the rewards once per day, but you would be wrong. As a rule of thumb you should try to send your characters on tasks based on how often you check your device. For instance, before you go to sleep, send your characters off on 8h tasks. By doing this they will finish with their tasks close to the same time you would wake-up.

Let’s take a look at a standard character and examine the benefits to choosing quicker tasks.
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How are you building the Springfield Squidport?

The Springfield Squidport update finally allowed players to build right up to the sea, as well as a full boardwalk. While long time players might have no problem buying all of the land expansions, it’s the boardwalk tiles that require the most patience. Not only do you have to purchase these titles, but you also have to wait longer and longer for these tiles to finish building. The problem with this is that you’re going to unlock new buildings faster than you’re going to unlock the space to place them. The result of this is very congested boardwalks, where every bit of free space counts. Once you get to through your first ten tiles, the rate of growth begins to slow down dramatically.

  • Tiles 11-15 – $5,000 / 24 hours
  • Tiles 16-30 – $7,500 / 1 day 12 hours
  • Tiles 31-60 – $10,000 / 2 days
  • Tiles 61-90 – $12,500 / 2 days 12 hours
  • Tiles 91-120 – $15,000 / 3 days
  • Tiles 121-150 – $17,500 / 3 days 12 hours
Please mind the gap

The reason the developers may have instituted this structure is to make this content update last longer, or to encourage impatient people to rush tile builds by purchasing donuts. Either way you look at it, you’ll either be waiting a very long time to complete your boardwalk, or end up spending a great deal of money trying to rush it to completion.

My strategy for building the boardwalk is to start off with a row of two, this way buildings can be accommodated. After that I created a border, and as I go along I’ll slowly fill-in the middle to allow for a more aesthetically pleasing Squidport. How are you building your Squidport?