Zoning Issues in Other Springfield

Prior to the Krustyland update you could actually replicate the Lv. 25 and Lv. 30 version of Other Springfield in your town. This was the first time since the Lv. 12 version of Other Springfield that you could do that if you wanted to. The reason you can’t copy some versions of Other Springfield, including the revised Lv. 25 and Lv. 30 are because they are built outside of what is possible in the actual game. The developers don’t play by the same rules players do.

Here is one example of what I mean. Take a look at the base entrance to the Springfield Squidport. In the first screenshot you can see how close to can actually place the tile in the game. In Other Springfield the Squidport Entrance is pushed even further against the shore, with the first boardwalk plank resting on the grass. You also can’t built parking meters on road tiles, yet Other Springfield would trick you into believing you can.

Built right up to the beach

Built closer to the land and into the grass

Sideshow Bob crashes Krustyland

There appears to be a glitch in the game with Sideshow Bob. Occasionally when you start your game you will get a notification that Sideshow Bob has been spotted. If you manage to find him in your Springfield and tap him you’ll earn some money and XP. The problem is that this notification may also appear if you start your game and are taken directly to Krustyland. If you tap on him while he is roaming around Krustyland, your game will force quit.

Presumably the problem with this is that money doesn’t drop as a reward in Krustyland, tickets do. Sideshow Bob was not accommodated to drop tickets in the event he appeared in Krustyland. It is likely that when this glitch is fixed the notifications about Sideshow Bob being spotted will be strictly limited to the times you visit Springfield.

Do not worry about this glitch too much, all it is right now is inconvenient. If you tap on him in this scenario, the game will crash and you’ll have to launch it again, but everything will be fine when you resume play.

An easy way to tell how far along your friends are

The friends page of the game has been completely revamped. Now at a glance you can see just how far along your friends are in the game. Not only can you tell how developed their Springfield is, but now you can see who has started building the Springfield Squidport as well as Krustyland. Additionally if you tap the Krustyland part of the map, you’ll be taken directly to your friend’s Krustyland, without having to find the Krustyland Shuttle in their town.

You can also use this feature to help prune your friend list. If you see a higher level player who hasn’t even started the Squidport yet, there is a good chance they aren’t actively playing the game anymore. Since you are only allowed a certain number of friends, you may want to make room for more active players.

Check below the break to see some examples of the different stages of construction.

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The Evolution of the Krustyland Shuttle

One interesting aspect of this latest update is how the look of the Krustyland Shuttle evolves over time as you build a bigger and better Krustyland. The first time you may notice this difference is when you visit Other Springfield, as their shuttle looks quite a bit different from the one you initially start out with. Check after the break to see how the look of the Krustyland Shuttle changes over time. Aside from just aesthetics this will give you an idea of how far along you are in building the theme park to its full potential.

Grand Opening

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Load Screen Visual Cues

Since the Krustyland update, there are now two maps you can switch between. If you want to know which map you’ll be sent to when starting the game, keep an eye on the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen. If you see a spinning donut you’ll be taken to Springfield. If you see a spinning pie, you’ll be taken to Krustyland.

Next stop, Springfield

Next stop, Krustyland

Remember if you want to switch between these maps once in-game, you’ll have to use the Krustyland Shuttle.

You’ll need to be at least Level 20 to access Krustyland, and you’ll also need $50,000 to build the Krustyland Shuttle. This new map adds a whole new playing field to the game, and it comes just after the Squidport update. Springfield is getting to be to quite the metropolis! All of these new additions are bound to keep you busy for quite some time.

Update: Apparently Andorid users see a different load screen when traveling to Krustyland. Special thanks to Michele for sharing the following screenshot.