Introducing Superintendant Gary Chalmers

The Springfield school system feels so much more complete now that Super Nintendo -intendant Chalmers has been added to the game. It’s always a pleasure to have another voiced-character added into the game, and lets be honest, this update wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if you couldn’t hear him shout “SKINNERRRR!” when you tapped on him.

Once the Springfield High School finishes construction he will unlock, setting off the quest line for this update. If you take a look at his task list you will notice that his tasks are evenly divided between indoor and outdoor activities. One other thing to note is that he is the first, and only character to have a permanent task in the All Night Gym.


60m$7017Shout at “SKINNERRRR!”Springfield Elementary
4h$17545Lead CalisthenicsAll Night Gym
8h$27570Catch Some “DINNERRRR!”Minnow Pond
10h$35090Break Character-
12h$420100Intend Springfield High SchoolSpringfield High School
24h$600150Survive Off the LandCampfire

Other Springfield Lv. 08

In the beginning of the game you are prompted by Professor Frink to visit Other Springfield for the first time. This is a template town designed by the developers of the game to allow players to view an example of an organized town. As you progress further through the game this town evolves alongside yours, usually a few levels ahead of you. This element was incorporated to give players something to shoot for, to make their towns as complete and aesthetically pleasing as Other Springfield.

The start of a brand-new Springfield


Above is a map of what this town looked like when it was first starting out. If you’ve been playing for a considerable amount of time this map may bring back memories of the first time you tried to build a town. For new players, this map is a replica of what you’ll see when you visit Other Springfield.

Sideshow You is the ticket to… tickets

Do you want to know the secret to earning more tickets in Krustyland? Magnitude has the answer for you. “Pop! Pop!” is exactly what you’ll be doing to the balloons in the game Sideshow You. You unlock the ability to construct this building during the fifteenth part of the Krustyland story line, and it only cost 1,000 tickets to build.

How does it work?

Every eight hours you have a chance to play a balloon popping gaming. Inside each balloon is a random amount of tickets, and if you’re very, very lucky, five donuts. Just because there are eight balloons, doesn’t mean you have an 8:1 shot of getting a donut prize though. If visualizing helps, imagine a box full of hundreds of balloons. Each time you pop three balloons, they are replaced with three balloons from the box. Only a very small portion of the balloons in the box have the donut prize inside of them.

Information in the files suggests that you are guaranteed to win 5 donuts on your 300th game, which may be the only time you can actually win donuts. If anyone has played less than 300 games and has managed to win donuts from this game, please comment.

Sideshow You

5 tickets1:540%
10 tickets1:1030%
25 tickets1:2520%
50 tickets1:509%
5 donuts1:1001%

Which characters have tasks in Krustyland?

Not everyone in Springfield is invited to Krustyland. In fact there are only 18 citizens that will be visiting the park, and 5 of those are premium characters. So if you’re not spending any donuts on new characters, who are the 13 regular characters that appear in Krustyland? Here is a list of all characters who will appear in Krustyland, assuming they aren’t busy with a tasks in Springfield. If these characters are free, they will automatically appear in Krustyland.

  1. Homer
  2. Krusty
  3. Cletus (Pt. 6)
  4. Sideshow Mel (Pt. 6)
  5. Bart (Pt. 6)
  6. Lisa (Pt. 6)
  7. Kearney (Pt. 6)
  8. Milhouse (Pt. 8)
  9. Martin (Pt. 12)
  10. Skinner (Pt. 12)
  11. Otto (Pt. 12)
  12. Comic Book Guy (Pt. 15)
  13. Wiggum (Pt. 18)
  14. Hans Moleman (Pt. 18)
  15. Squeaky-Voice Teen (Pt. 18)
  16. Nelson (Pt. 25)
  17. Lenny (Pt. 32)
  18. Carl (Pt. 32)

As you can see some characters only enter the park once you’ve completed certain tasks in the quest line. In addition to these characters there will also be NPCs walking around the park too. The higher your Krust-O-Meter rating, the more customers you’ll see enjoying Krustyland. These NPCs will also earn you tickets which can be collected every few hours.

Sorry Duffman, you’re not invited to the Pavilion

This Krustyland attraction costs 25,000 tickets to build, and has a 36 hour build time. Once it is completed you’ll be able to send some of the adult characters to this location, but not Duffman. This is one of the few Duff-related buildings the hip-thrusting mascot is not allowed to visit, as he isn’t even allowed to set foot in Krustyland. I suppose it’s just as well, no need to corrupt the youth at an amusement park. Besides, does a building shaped like a giant beer bottle really need any more promotion?

Curious to know which characters can interact with this building? Here is a list.

  • Carl
  • Homer
  • Kearney
  • Lenny
  • Otto
  • Wiggum

This is one of the last buildings you’ll unlock in Krustyland, as it unlocks during part 39 of the 41 part quest line.