The World’s Smallest (most expensive) Vanity Decoration

In case you don’t have five-million dollars to spend on the World’s Largest Zirconia, here is a quick overview of this decoration. Unlike the other expensive vanity items, this one is particularly small. It only occupys a 3 × 3 space on the map, which is smaller than one road tile. It does however come with an animation when you tap on it. Considering the asking price, it’s the least this little decoration can do, other than boosting your vanity rating up a considerable amount of points.

The animation is as follows. When you tap on the zirconia it disappears in a puff of smoke. When the smoke clears you see a Polaroid photo gently gliding down onto the empty pedestal. Afterwards you see another small puff of smoke and the zirconia reappears.

For those wondering about the origin of this decoration, it comes from the episode Homer the Vigilante.

Get 10 Free Donuts and a Statue

Homer doesn’t like it if you tap him too much, so do it anyway! If you tap on him ten times in succession you will recieve ten free donuts, and the Jebediah Springfield Statue. It is likely you’ve learned about this secret early on in the game, but if you haven’t it’s a great way to score some free donuts. Keep in mind you can only do this once, so if you’ve already used this trick before, you can’t use it again. Who couldn’t use a few extra donuts?

Decorating with Debris

It wasn’t until a very late stage in the game that I realized you could actually pick-up and move debris around. You can’t store it or sell it, but you can move it around as you see fit. While you do get a small reward for cleaning-up the debris, once it’s gone, it’s gone. In an odd sense these are almost like exclusive decorations that you only get a set number of. The only catch is that you can’t remove them from the map, so if you’re not decorating with them, you’ll have to keep them off to the side somewhere.

Picture courtesy of Maegnificent

The above is a great example of how using debris can actually accentuate certain buildings, like the Haunted Condo for instance. In my opinion the debris in Krustyland has more potential for decorating than the debris in Springfield, unless you want to create a nuclear waste dump. If you have any creative examples of using debris to decorate, feel free to them on our Flickr page.

Paved Paradise and Parking Meter placement

Alliteration! So in addition to the new content that was added to the game yesterday, a small change was made in regards to the placement of items. Prior to this update you could not place parking meters on road tiles. Now you can, but only on the sidewalk portion of the road. There was a way to achieve this previously, but it required placing the parking meters first, and then placing the road tiles over them. Thankfully this update makes it a little easier to achieve the same effect shown in the Level 30 version of Other Springfield. Now, if only we could place Volleyball Nets entirely on the beach…

Boardwalk parking costs extra.

Baby, You Can’t Drive My Car

Although there are many vehicles you can purchase in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, all of them are strictly for show. Vehicles cannot be placed on roads or even over parking lots. Oddly enough all of the vehicles in the game are premium items, which would lead you to believe they do more than just sit there. The only character who even interacts with a vehicle is Respectable Moe with the Limo. So unless you want to setup your town so it looks like an auto show has just rolled into town, save your donuts for more interactive items. The only thing these items offer is a bonus multiplier, as do a majority of premium items.

The Evolution of the Krustyland Shuttle

One interesting aspect of this latest update is how the look of the Krustyland Shuttle evolves over time as you build a bigger and better Krustyland. The first time you may notice this difference is when you visit Other Springfield, as their shuttle looks quite a bit different from the one you initially start out with. Check after the break to see how the look of the Krustyland Shuttle changes over time. Aside from just aesthetics this will give you an idea of how far along you are in building the theme park to its full potential.

Grand Opening

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