Broadcast Options at Channel 6

Channel 6 is one of the few buildings in the game that allow you to choose which task to run, as oppose to simply repeating the same set task over and over. There are now seven programming options available at the station, though four of them require the purchase of premium content. Do not feel obligated to make these purchases though, as you can maximize your output without these extras.

To get a better understanding of the different broadcast options, let’s take a look at them individually.

Channel 6

Weather Report$180$4009060mWeather Station
Live News Report$670$1,5003504hChannel 6 News Van
Regular Programming$670$1,5004008h
Worldwide News$1,600$3,50075012hWorldwide Broadcast Dish
Channel 6 News$1,200$2,75070016h
Channel Ocho$2,200$5,0001,25024hBumblebee Man
Broadcasting Arnie Pye$3,400$7,5002,1002dArnie Pye

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Is it worth it to harvest corn?

No, it’s not. It takes 90d to harvest Corn, and while the payout may seem nice, it’s really not worth it. You can make the same amount of cash in 75d with Moonshine, and the same amount of XP in just 60d.

The game also likes to give you a random quest to harvest a crop, which you can’t do if you’re waiting 90d for Corn. As an example, about a week into my harvest I received a quest to “Harvest Perfection”. This quest remained in my sidebar for nearly three months. By the time the Corn was finished I was more excited to get the Perfection quest out of my sidebar than I was to receive the payoffs from that crop.

You could put the farm into storage to undo the build, but then the money you spent to initiate the harvest will be lost.

Cletus’ Farm

Corn. Actual Corn$9,000$45,0009,00090d7d

What Happens in the Brown House, Stays in the Brown House

It seems as though the Springfield Police are finally aware of some of the shady dealings going on in the Brown House. What they don’t know is just how much activity that house has seen. Sure, Homer might occasionally break into watch television and Bart and Milhouse like to play paintball there, but that’s just a small sample of what goes on in this little slice of suburbia.

All of these activities may seem innocent enough, until you throw Shauna into the mix. In case you don’t know, Shauna is a premium character that was only made available for purchase during the Valentine’s Day update. She has two tasks in this house, one of which is to “Seek Inappropriate Love”. Considering all of the characters who frequent this house, she certainly has a lot of “inappropriate” options. Of course, before she has a chance to act on her desires you could send her into the house with Mayan Homer who uses the house to perform a human sacrifice. Wow, just like that the Brown House has become The Cabin in the Woods.

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You’re So Vain (if you’ve built these three buildings)

There are currently three over-sized items available in the game, and they all come from the same episode of the show, “Marge vs. the Monorail”. Any one of these items will increase your vanity rating tremendously, should you build all three you’ll likely never have to worry about that rating dropping from five stars again. The hitch is that they are all incredibly expensive, with the cheapest of the three costing one-million dollars.

If you would like an idea of what these all look like when built, below are a few screenshots. Have you added these three buildings to your town? If so, share what you’ve done to incorporate them into your own town.

NameXPCostVanity Points
Escalator to Nowhere10,000$1,000,0001,000
Popsicle Stick Skyscraper20,000$2,000,0002,000
50ft Magnifying Glass30,000$3,000,0003,000

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Sorry Duffman, you’re not invited to the Pavilion

This Krustyland attraction costs 25,000 tickets to build, and has a 36 hour build time. Once it is completed you’ll be able to send some of the adult characters to this location, but not Duffman. This is one of the few Duff-related buildings the hip-thrusting mascot is not allowed to visit, as he isn’t even allowed to set foot in Krustyland. I suppose it’s just as well, no need to corrupt the youth at an amusement park. Besides, does a building shaped like a giant beer bottle really need any more promotion?

Curious to know which characters can interact with this building? Here is a list.

  • Carl
  • Homer
  • Kearney
  • Lenny
  • Otto
  • Wiggum

This is one of the last buildings you’ll unlock in Krustyland, as it unlocks during part 39 of the 41 part quest line.