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How does Marge the Witch speed up a crop?

marge-cropIf you decided to purchase the Cauldron, you’ll also get the Marge the Witch costume. One of her jobs, specifically her 4h job, allows her to “Speed up a crop” on Cletus’s Farm. So how does this work?

If you choose to speed up a crop, you will shave four hours off of the harvest time. This is only recommended to be used on crops that take longer than four hours to complete, so the first crop that could really benefit from the magic of Marge the Witch is Silvertongue, which normally takes eight hours to grow before being ready to harvest.

In the instances of Moonshine, which normally takes twenty-four hours to harvest, you could have it ready in half the time. The catch is that you would have to send use her “Speed up a crop” job three time in a row.

4 × 3 = 12
24 – 12 = 12

It might seem a bit complicated, but when used properly it can prove to be incredibly useful.

More Examples

If you use on it a crop like Tomacco, which normally takes sixty minutes to complete, Marge The Witch will reduce the time to just thirty minutes. So while you’ll have your Tomacco crop that much sooner, you’ll still have her on task for another three and a half hours. Any new crops planted while she is still on task will have their time reduced by four hours. The only exception is Tomacco as the harvest time is reduced by 50% instead of by four hours.

This works with all crops, even Corn. Actual Corn. The difference however is negligible, because shaving four hours off a task that takes ninety days isn’t that beneficial. Theoretically you could just keep sending Marge The Witch on this task, and reduce the time to just forty-five days.

Some users have reported this doesn’t work, but in my testing the timer never jumped backed up after Marge The Witch completed her task. The harvest time always decreased.
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Free Donuts

donutsFree donuts are hard to come across in the game, but there are some ways to earn them. If you save up all of the free donuts you’ve earned, you might even be able to buy yourself something nice down the road. So how many ways are there to earn free donuts? More than you might think, but most of them require long-term play and the patience to actually save them. If you only have a couple of donuts, you might be inclined to buy something cheap or rush a task, but if you hold-off on small purchases, you could eventually get something worth your while.
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Tricks to finding characters and canceling tasks

Have you ever started a task accidentally that you wanted to cancel? Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to stop characters in the middle of their tasks, unless of course you decide to remove them from your town temporarily. By putting a building into storage you can reset all ongoing tasks in that building. If a building has a character attached to it, the character associated with that building will also be put back in storage, like in the example below.

This trick is useful for canceling tasks, as well as finding characters. If you put the building in storage and then immediately rebuild it, the character associated with that building will appear right outside of it. It’s a good plan if you just can’t track down the character you are looking for in your town. Use this option with caution though, storing buildings will reset the timer on the income they passively generate.

Finding characters lost in the crowd

Krustyland is a popular theme park that attracts many people. The higher your Krust-O-Meter rating, the more people you will see wandering around the park. The problem with this is that playable characters tend to get lost in the shuffle. If you’re not in the mood to play “Where’s Waldo?” every time you want to send a character on a Krustyland task, try exiting and reentering the park.

Any character not on task will immediately show up at the entrance gate, six at a time, in a single file line. If you have more than six characters not on task, the next six will follow shortly after, once the first six have walked away from the entrance. If you tap everyone quick enough you can send them all on task as soon as they enter the park, and before they get lost in the crowd again.

Broadcast Options at Channel 6

Channel 6 is one of the few buildings in the game that allow you to choose which task to run, as oppose to simply repeating the same set task over and over. There are now seven programming options available at the station, though four of them require the purchase of premium content. Do not feel obligated to make these purchases though, as you can maximize your output without these extras.

To get a better understanding of the different broadcast options, let’s take a look at them individually.

Channel 6

Weather Report$180$4009060mWeather Station
Live News Report$670$1,5003504hChannel 6 News Van
Regular Programming$670$1,5004008h
Worldwide News$1,600$3,50075012hWorldwide Broadcast Dish
Channel 6 News$1,200$2,75070016h
Channel Ocho$2,200$5,0001,25024hBumblebee Man
Broadcasting Arnie Pye$3,400$7,5002,1002dArnie Pye

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Tired of Accidentally Rushing Tasks?

Have you ever been in the middle of tapping on buildings to collect money and XP when all of a sudden you initiate rushing a task you didn’t at all want to rush? Did you know that there is a simple solution to prevent you from making this mistake in the future? All you have to do is go to the build menu and tap on the “i” in the top-right-hand corner.

This takes you to a menu where you can enable an option to confirm donut spending. Enabling this option will initiate a confirmation prompt every time you try and spend donuts. This puts one more step between you and a mistaken donut purchase. Be mindful though, nearly every time there has been a significant update to the game this options resets itself to “off”, so be mindful of this the next time there is a big update.

Tap me on. (Tap on me.)

Tap me on. (Tap on me.)

Is it worth it to harvest corn?

No, it’s not worth waiting 90 days to harvest corn. The payout may seem nice, but it’s not worth it. You can make the same amount of cash in just 75 days with moonshine.

If you want to cancel the harvest You could put the farm into storage to undo the build, but then the money you spent to initiate the harvest will be lost.

Just save yourself the trouble and don’t bother with this crop. Not unless you plan on being away from the game for three months.

Corn. Actual Corn$9,000$45,0009,00090d7d

If you play multiple times a day, avoid 24h tasks

If you look at any character’s task list, the 24h tasks are the ones with the highest values. You may think it is wise to just send all of your characters on 24h tasks and collect the rewards once per day, but you would be wrong. As a rule of thumb you should try to send your characters on tasks based on how often you check your device. For instance, before you go to sleep, send your characters off on 8h tasks. By doing this they will finish with their tasks close to the same time you would wake-up.

Let’s take a look at a standard character and examine the benefits to choosing quicker tasks.
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Starting a New Game? Save Your Donuts!

When you start a new game you are encouraged to use some of the donuts you are given to rush tasks, but you do not need to do waste your donuts during this section of the tutorial.

The first task you are asked to rush is building the Kwik-E-Mart. If you are willing to wait the four hours you can save two donuts. You are also asked to send Lisa to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart. If you wait you can save another two donuts.

During the tutorial you will however be forced to spend six donuts on a Mystery Box which will (in this instance) always contain ten donuts, giving you four more donuts than you had before.

Unfortunately you are forced to spend five donuts purchasing Homer’s Hammock.


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