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A blog dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

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Welcome to the site, new readers!

There have been lots of new readers visiting the site ever since the new update launched, kicking off the Christmas season. So I thought that now would be the right time to welcome you all to the site!

Perhaps you found the site in a search for information? Well you’ve come to the right place! Getting information to you as soon as possible is one of our number one priorities.

You can find a complete guide to the main quest line, in abridged and unabridged from, for those of you who like reading all of the clever dialogue. We also have a staff of friendly contributors who are always around to answer any questions you may have. So please, stick around and read some of our Christmas related posts to help you through this snow-covered holiday event.

If you like what you see, please add TSTOgame to your bookmarks and check back frequently. For those who enjoy social networking, please like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to stay current on all things Tapped Out. Have a great day, and keep on tapping!

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New Site Enhancements for Better Browsing

Sometimes maintain a blog is like gardening, occasionally you have to trim some branches. Over the past few days I’ve removed over 200 posts, and re-categorized every post to make the information you’re looking for that much easier to find.

The categories menu in the sidebar should be a great asset for readers who want to browse older posts. If you are looking for something specific, such as help with making a decision on whether or not to purchase a specific piece of premium content, you’ll be able to find that information much easier now.

There is also a tag cloud at the bottom of the sidebar which gives you an idea of the topics most often written about. The larger the font-size of the word, the more posts you’ll find about that particular topic.

If you’re wondering why so many posts were removed, it’s mostly because they are no longer relevant or were poorly written. Removing the old, weak branches makes the overall presentation look much better. It also allows new branches to flourish, which should be significantly easier now that I’m not the only writer.

Intro for PlatypusGuitar

booberellaHello there neighboreenos! I am diddly happy to become ”the chick” on this super awesome blog! You may remember me from the comment section of anything The Simpsons Tapped Out related. I am a last level premium daily player since June 20th. I haven’t skipped a single day of gameplay since I discovered this life ruiningly fun game. I’m probably addicted and donuts are my drug!

I have been a fan of the tv show since it started and I brag to have seen all episodes ever made at least twice and some up to 20 times. I own coffee mugs with Homer and Bart’s faces on them. My pencil case features ”the toughies”. I have a friend who plays the sax and I call her Lisa even though her name is Annie. I dressed up as ”teenage Marge” on Halloween 2007 and won a 20$ gift card in a contest at work. Totally worth painting my face yellow, spray my hair blue and take the subway looking like a punk rock chick with yellow fever.

Aside from this site, you can find me on Twitter and YouTube. I have to warn you that I tweet a lot in french being from Québec, it’s my native language. And my YouTube is for my cooking show and vlogs of randomness. I’m a woman of many (nerdy) interests as you can see!

I hope you will like my posts. Until the next one (or real first one?) keep on tappin’!

Intro for raventhief

Let me introduce myself and say a big thanks to FB for taking me on board.

My gamer alias is Raventhief I am a longtime fan of The Simpsons and have watched it from the beginning. That might give you a clue as to my age !

I have been playing Tapped Out from the start and I am pretty much addicted, my wife thinks I need help… I can tell you that I am a premium player and have been ever since I bought my first “boat load” of donuts well over a year ago, “those sweet sweet donuts”.

I am here to hopefully keep you up to date on all things premium, I shall be buying all the over priced buildings, decorations and characters “good or bad” and then letting you all know if it was worth the purchase. When things get quiet between events and new levels I will probably revisit and discuss older premium items, because for those new players the prospect of getting a SVT or Moleman is still exciting.

Please message me with any ideas on topics you hope to see or discuss in the future? I am a player from England so please remember the time difference when posting questions. That’s all for now and I will be back soon!

P.S. Start unpacking your trees and polishing your Christmas decorations. I can feel snow in the air…


Intro for Micah

New Writers

Salutations Tappers! My name is Michael, but please call me Micah…thanks to feelingblind for providing an opportunity to become more involved with his “Excellent” site. I’ve been playing since the nearly the beginning and it’s been amazing to see how this game has grown. I used to comment regularly with Tips, and felt the burn when he stepped back and let others make it into a cult of personalities. Rest assured, my posts will be about the game and making it more fun, informative and interesting. What I will say is that while I do have a background in writing, I have mostly been involved with design and photography throughout my career in advertising and travel. Other than that, I’ll let the writing speak for itself as I know I would be more interested in the posts than the person. On that note, I’ve already thought of some interesting ideas for future posts, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all about the game that’s “Life Ruiningly Fun”.

Guides, the best Tapped Out walkthroughs online

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing an exhaustive amount of work preparing a new feature for the site, Guides. Since I started this blog, one thing I set out to do early on was provide full walkthroughs for all new content added to the game in a timely fashion.

Readability was also a priority, as I wanted everything to be very easy to understand. After a few revisions, I settled on a format that incorporated several small tables to convey the necessary information.

This was great for outlines, but I also wanted to incorporate it into walkthroughs. For a few weeks these two sections of the site existed side-by-side, but since the information was nearly identical, I wanted to find a way to streamline these two sections of the site into one easy-to-navigate page.

Finally I settled on an idea that allowed users to show or hide the quest dialogue. This option gives readers the flexibility to switch between an abridged and unabridged view of the guide without having to navigate to a completely different section of the site. It was also important to keep these pages image free, to make viewing these guides on a mobile device that much easier.

On this page you will find guides for a majority of content currently available. Social events that have concluded and cross-promotional events for old episodes will eventually be added as well. Right now though you will be able find information for everything dating back to the first content update.

Hopefully this new feature of the site will prove to be a great resource for players new and old.

TSTOgame now has a Facebook page

This web-site now has an official Facebook page. While this blog has been well received, people just couldn’t bring themselves to actually “like” it. My social media correspondent, who I can only refer to as The Google, tells me that the only way a person can like something is by giving it the appropriate digital “thumbs up”. Quantifying the number of these “likes” seems to be how one measures their success. So please, give this site all of your thumbs, provided you are pointing them in an upwards fashion.

Welcome to TSTO Game

Welcome to TSTO Game, a blog devoted to the mobile game The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The purpose of this blog is to help users navigate their way through the game. Some of the information will help newcomers, while other information will help those who have been playing the game for some time. Each post will be dedicated to a specific topic within the game, such as characters, buildings, or special in-game events.

My hope is to provide a safe space for fans of the game to interact with each other.


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