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What have you done with the Egg Nog Bar?

Hey there! The chick of the blog is back with a post on ”What have you done with..” and this time, we will take a look at the egg nog bar. At this point, pretty much everyone playing Tapped Out should have downloaded the Christmas update and started collecting gift cards. The egg nog bar is the first personnal prize unlocked after you have gathered 250 cards. This building will generate a gold coin every 24 hours wich allows you to spin Krusty’s wheel of prizes. That is how you get the decorations for all your houses (given that you didnt play during last year’s event and already have them) as well as a few costumes, buildings, gift cards and money. Once the egg nog bar has generated its first gold coin, they will unlock in the item menu and you can buy some with donuts for additionnal chances of winning those prizes.

I am pretty sure by now, most of us have this building and so I’m wondering: What have YOU done with it? Did you just put it where you had some free land or did you make a special place for it in your town? Maybe you have a Christmas themed area of some sort? If you have a screenshot, please share it in the comment section below. Here is a look at mine, for those who didn’t make my neighbor-eenos list.

  PlatypusGuitar's Springfield

I’m also showing you a few screenshots I took in some of my friend’s towns. Maybe those will give ideas as to what to do with it if you haven’t gotten around to it just yet.


user: hughesrachel

Screenshot_2013-12-12-12-24-28 Screenshot_2013-12-12-12-36-36[1]

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What Have You Done with Your Present Depot?

Heads up! This Christmas your Springfield is under an aerial bombardment – gifts and presents are raining down at an present-depotalarming rate from the great Santa Finger in the sky and from all of your neighbor-eenos.

Conveniently, EA has provided us with a drop zone for these presents to fall. When you visit a neighbor’s Springfield you are immediately taken to their drop zone which is designated by the Present Depot tree type thing (so named, I imagine, because Festivus Pole was already taken). It doesn’t matter where in your Springfield you place your Present Depot, it will now become the de facto center of your town.

Therefore, everyone who visits you this holiday season will be seeing what you’ve done with this area. Did you just placed in the first place you could find? Have you decided to make it a purely utilitarian space? Or, have you gone all out an made it a pleasing location for which the placement of packages is nothing short of a joy for your neighbors?

While initially it may be all about getting the season of giving and receiving under way, it’s important that your Drop Zone makes a good impression, or the Grumple just may leave you a bunch of nothin’! That’s right, your neighbors have already become choosy about to whom they give out their hard earned gift baskets as there are not enough to go around. Gift baskets are precious commodities and you should give yourself a little curb appeal to get your share – and that doesn’t mean decorating with donut related items – it just means being creative and having fun!

So, fellow Tappers, what have you done to spruce up your Present Depot? Let us know with either a description and/or a link to your Drop Zone in the comments section! To give you some ideas, I’ve gathered a few screenshots of some of my neighbor-eeno’s Drop Zones of which I couldn’t help but place gifts…


From the Springfield of ycrad1234


From the Springfield of Tienkerbella128


From the Springfield of KimCheeYummy

The best decoration, and it’s not something new

If you think that just because there is snow on the ground that it’s time to pack-up the Halloween decorations, think again. If you had the foresight to purchase some of the limited time decorations during the Treehouse of Horror event a few months ago, you can spruce up your town with some Spooky Trees.

Hey, it’s bone-chilling cold outside now! They might just be skeletons, but they’re just about the only ones dressed for the weather! Maybe the citizens of Springfield should think about donning a scarf and a pair of mittens if they don’t want to end up meeting a similar fate.

Credit: This great find was brought to my attention by Reddit user goldenratio1111.

Snapshots from the community, with commentary

One of things I enjoy seeing are snapshots from other players, showcasing not their town design, but interesting moment that take place in their town. Most of the time it involved different characters, seemingly interacting while on a task. You don’t always plan these moments, so when the opportunity to take a snapshot arises, it’s too good not to share these with the community. Here are a few things that caught my eye recently, mostly from users on Reddit and our Flickr group.

Photo by Tkclown

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What have you done with the Burns Coffin?

If Count Burns really is a vampire then it makes sense for him to keep his coffin close to the manor. After all, if someone were to destroy the coffin that would also destroy him.

The following players decided it was best to keep this coffin hidden, somewhere random passersby won’t be likely to find it. Do you plan to keep this coffin near the Burns Manor, or do you have other plans in mind?
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What have you done with the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop?

Last year the Halloween event focused on zombies, but this year we have ghosts. Who better to communicate with the spirits from the great beyond then a gypsy fortune teller? It is only after you finish the construction on her shop that you notice all of the ghosts that are haunting your town.

It’s been a few days, so let’s see a few examples of this building incorporated into Springfield.

Instead of just posting a bunch screenshots, I’m going to add a little commentary as well. Many of these design layouts are particularly interesting, and make it a treat to see the creativity of other players while you’re popping ghosts and haunting buildings in their town.
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What have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi?

What have you done with the 三つ目寿司 building? Has it found a home on your boardwalk, or is space still a bit too cramped to think about adding expanding the seaside delicacy options? Ideally the quest to unlock this item should be completed before Tuesday, which consider how short it is, shouldn’t be a problem.

Design by feelingblind

Design by feelingblind

If you’re having trouble getting this quest to trigger, remember that Homer initiates this set of quests. You’ll also need Lisa free, but not until the second part.

Below are some Three-Eyed Sushi design placements by some other players; primarily the readers of this blog who asked to be added to my (now maxed out) friend list. Maybe your town has been featured, and if not maybe these designs will inspire you.

Even if you haven’t started building the Squidport yet, don’t worry. This building will automatically be placed in your inventory when the quests are complete. So if you thought you had to rush through building Squidport just to get this limited-time building, take your time. Three-Eyed Sushi will be waiting to be placed once you’re ready.
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What have you done with the Spinster City Apartments?

For those of you who are enjoying the addition of Patty and Selma to your town, what have you done with their humble abode, the Spinster City Apartments? When it comes to placing new buildings into a town, it can be a bit tricky. First of all it requires the free space to place it. After that, figuring out where you want in your town could take some time, on top of the time it takes to decorate as well.

If you’re still struggling for design ideas, expand this post to see eight different examples of the Spinster City Apartments incorporated into various players ever-growing Springfield.

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Other Springfield Lv. 12

To the best of my knowledge, this version of Other Springfield has not changed. It’s a pretty basic town with a few houses, some fast-food restaurants, a school, and a power plant. Prior to the introduction of the Springfield Squidport, the next evolution of Other Springfield looked quite similar to this. However all versions of Other Springfield have been tweaked to accommodate the new features of the game. The first appearance of the Springfield Squidport appears in the Lv. 16 version of Other Springfield.

Other Springfield Lv. 08

In the beginning of the game you are prompted by Professor Frink to visit Other Springfield. This is a template town designed by the developers of the game to give players a glimpse of what their Springfield could become. As you progress further through the game this town evolves alongside yours, usually a few levels ahead of you. This element was incorporated to give players something to shoot for, to make their towns as complete and aesthetically pleasing as Other Springfield.

Below is a map of what this town looked like at the start of the game. If you’ve been playing for a while this map may bring back memories of the first time you tried to build a town. For new players, this map is a replica of what you’ll see when you visit Other Springfield.

The start of a brand-new Springfield

The start of a brand-new Springfield


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