Seasonal Springfield

Last December the weather changed in Springfield, painting the entire town with white snow. It complimented the holiday update, but it did make it a bit difficult to decorate. After all, who is going to plant flowers and trees in the dead of winter when you don’t know what things will look like once they bloom? Perhaps we will see snow return to Springfield this December with new quest options and a reason to make Homer dress-up as Santa once again.

Snow covered roofs, but no holiday lights…

How far along are you in Krustyland?

Krustyland was first introduced just about a month ago, so how far along are you in completing your theme park? The forty-one part quest is quite time-consuming, particularly when purchasing new attractions. Were you ready for Krustyland as soon as it was available, or did you have some catching up to before you could start developing the theme park? For some, the $50,000 required to build the Krustyland Shuttle may have been too much, especially when so much new content has been added to Springfield as well.

Judging by the comments I have received, many have found it has become a bit of a chore to balance between the two maps, particularly when characters are required to be active in both. So are you enjoying Krustyland or are you just looking forward to finishing that final quest so you can put all of your focus back into Springfield?


Thoughts on Kamp Krusty

kamp-krustyPrior to its release, many people thought Kamp Krusty might have its own map, similar to Krustyland. When it was released however, players discovered it was just another premium building. In addition to a seven-part quest line, buying Kamp Krusty unlocked Bart’s first costume, “Kamp Bart”. The building itself is rather lack-luster, though it does fit in well amongst a heavily wooded area. What makes this a hard sell is the price, which is a hefty 200 donuts.

The timing of this release really wasn’t the best, as it came out with the Level 32 update which focused on several of the child characters anyway. Trying to balance both of these events simultaneously tended to result in half of the characters you needed to advance one story, being occupied with another. What do you think of Kamp Krusty? Are you glad it’s just a standalone building, or would you have liked to see this as its own dedicated map? If it had its own map, it wouldn’t have to be a very large area, maybe just something as small as 5 × 5 grid would have worked well to accommodate a nice summer camp.

Redesigning Your Town

When you start the game you are only given a few plots of land, which is fine because as you’re starting out there aren’t many building to occupy that space. Even as you progress into the early stages of the game, land expansions are cheap enough that you can build a great town with a limited amount of space. Once the land expansions get too pricy though, you’ll probably start conserving your money for new buildings that unlock as you level up. By the time that you finally do have enough money saved up to start investing in more land, do you still need it?

If you like the way you’ve designed your town, is it worth moving things around to accommodate more land? Completely redesigning your town can take several hours, and that’s just the time it takes to put items into your inventory to get a fresh start. Have you ever redesigned your town from scratch? How long did it take you, and are there any tips you would give to someone considering overhauling their whole town?
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Decorating with Debris

It wasn’t until a very late stage in the game that I realized you could actually pick-up and move debris around. You can’t store it or sell it, but you can move it around as you see fit. While you do get a small reward for cleaning-up the debris, once it’s gone, it’s gone. In an odd sense these are almost like exclusive decorations that you only get a set number of. The only catch is that you can’t remove them from the map, so if you’re not decorating with them, you’ll have to keep them off to the side somewhere.

Picture courtesy of Maegnificent

The above is a great example of how using debris can actually accentuate certain buildings, like the Haunted Condo for instance. In my opinion the debris in Krustyland has more potential for decorating than the debris in Springfield, unless you want to create a nuclear waste dump. If you have any creative examples of using debris to decorate, feel free to them on our Flickr page.

Photo Challenge: We Built This City on Rock and Roll

Have you ever noticed how many characters in the game play a musical instrument? If you have, perhaps you’ve tried to get them all together to make it appear as though they are all having a huge jam session? If you haven’t, give it a try and post your results to our Flickr page. The best photo will be featured in a post on this blog, alongside their username.

Seeing all the different characters playing instruments reminds me of the ending to Tetris. Judging by the screenshot, even some of the instruments are spot on. Fat Tony has a violin like Samus, and Luigi and Bowser both play the accordion.

Musically Inclined Characters

LisaPlay the Sax4h$17545
WilliePlay the Bagpipes60m$7017
OttoJam on the Guitar4h$26070
LuigiPlay the Accordion12h$420100
MartinPlay the Lute45s$31
NelsonPlay the Guitar8h$27570
Fat TonyPlay the Violin60m$7017

What do you value most?

In The Simpsons: Tapped Out, most of the game play revolves around waiting. Once you collect enough money to construct a new building you usually have to wait twenty-four hours before it completes. Characters have a variety of tasks that take different amounts of time to complete. Leveling up takes time, and there are many strategies you can use to level up faster. The more buildings and characters you have, the more you can earn. There are even a variety of ways to increase how much you earn, from improving the rating on your conformity meter to purchasing premium decorations with percentage bonuses to your earnings.

If you want to rush through the game, you can spend money on donuts to speed up any task you like. Of course the less subtle way of getting through the game faster is to buy premium characters that earn money and XP at higher rates, as well as premium decorations that come with different multipliers to boost how much everything earns by a marginal amount.

Aside from statistical elements, there are other factors to consider. Some characters have voices while other do not. The reason for this being that only characters who are voiced by members of the main cast are given voice-clips in the game. You may also place value on how many tasks a characters has that take place outdoors, because those tasks come with unique animations that make your town feel as though it is bustling with more activity.

Does it matter that the characters you purchase are continually worked into different quest-lines, or is it just there presence in your town that brings you joy? Maybe you enjoy limited-time content, so you can have unique items in your town that others with envy you for, and regret missing out on. If you are going to spend money on premium content, make the purchase worth it for you.

Expanding Krustyland

The full Krustyland grid is 10 × 10, as oppose to Springfield which exists on a 13 × 13 grid. The difference between the two is that there are a lot more buildings, decorations, and characters that occupy Springfield, whereas everything Krustyland offers can fit comfortably in a 5 × 7 grid, as demonstrated by the Level 30 version of Other Springfield. Tickets are also harder to come by than cash, since only a select few citizens can even enter the amusement park.

Knowing all of this do you plan on grinding it out to buy all of the land in Krustyland, or are you planning on sending people back to Springfield once you complete the lengthy Krustyland quest line? To give you an idea of how many tickets you’ll need to complete the land expansions, the most expensive plot of land costs 15,000 tickets. It’s not impossible, but it will certainly be a grind on par with trying to acquire all of the Squidport boardwalk tiles.

Let’s Tap

Is Bumblebee Man stalking Miss Springfield?When you tap on a building to collect money, it expands into multiple piles of money and XP. From there you can continually tap on each pile until everything has been collected. Alternatively you can just tap once and wait a few seconds for everything to be collected automatically.

If you haven’t switched on the confirm donut spend option, you’re probably best just tapping once and waiting for everything to be collected automatically, or else you’ll run a much higher risk of rushing tasks you aren’t looking to rush.