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A blog dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out


Quick Facts

  • There are 88 buildings with character tasks.
  • There are 34 buildings without character tasks.
  • Asia de Cuba cost 100 donuts, but doesn’t provide the benefit most premium buildings do.


  • To view how much each task earns, refer to the chart at the bottom of the page.
  • If the time and task are highlighted in bold, that indicates that it earns at the premium rate.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

·Adult Education Annex

12hAttend Anger Management ClassLugash
60mTeach Class on Chewing TobaccoLenny

All Night Gym

4hLead CalisthenicsChalmers

Android’s Dungeon

30mLoiter at Android’s DungeonBart
24hSell ComicsComic Book Guy
24hSign AutographsKrusty
2hWork at The DungeonBooberella
30mLoiter at Android’s DungeonMilhouse
2hPeruse Graphic NovelsCool Homer

Asia de Cuba

3hConduct Private Business in PublicLegs
3hConduct Private Business in PublicLouie

Aztec Theatre

3hSneak into an R-Rated MovieBart
6hWatch and Despise a MovieComic Book Guy
4hUsher at the Aztec TheatreSqueaky Voice Teen

·Barney’s Bowlarama

20hGo BowlingHomer
20hGo BowlingNed
16hBe a Pin MonkeyBarney

Blue House

12hPractice MedicineDr. Nick

Brown House

3mBreak into Brown House and Watch TVHomer
2hPaintball in the Brown HouseBart
24hSquat in the Brown HouseOtto
30mNap in the Brown HouseQuimby
6hRelax in the Brown HouseApu
4hCreate a Viewtube VideoBrockman
3hHarvest Copper Wire in the Brown HouseCletus
2hPaintball in the Brown HouseMilhouse
24hTake Son for the NightKearney
2hPaintball in the Brown HouseShauna
24hSeek Inappropriate LoveShauna
8hPerform a HitLouie
12hHuman Sacrifice in the Brown HouseMayan Homer
60mBreak into the Brown House to Watch his CommercialMr. Plow
4hDrink BloodCount Burns

Burns Manor

6hWrite Malibu Stacy News LetterSmithers
24hSoothe his Welts and BruisesFruit-Bat-Man

Business Man’s Social Club

30mTake a Legitimate Business MeetingFat Tony
24hPlay PokerLegs
24hPlay PokerLouie

·Channel 6

10mCheck Wikipedia PageBrockman
8hRecord Bite Back with Kent BrockmanBrockman
12hRecord Eye on SpringfieldBrockman
10mWhoa es me!Bumblebee Man
8hFill In As News AnchorBumblebee Man
24hActo en Show El Channel OchoBumblebee Man
4hTake over as News AnchorArnie Pye
4hHost a Children’s ShowBooberella
60mAppear on a TalkshowWolfcastle
12hShoot Action FootageWolfcastle
60mPromote a Shoddy ProductDr. Nick
4hHost Up Late With McBainMcBain

Cletus’s Farm

4hDe-louse the Young-unsCletus
8hHelp Brandine Give Birth to Another SpucklerCletus
24hBrew MoonshineCletus
60mMilk Cletus’s CowBooberella
4hSpeed Up a CropMarge The Witch

Control Building

16hPlant shiftHomer
45sFire Random EmployeeMr. Burns
4hRead from the NecronomiconMr. Burns
24hRun the PlantMr. Burns
16hPlant shiftSmithers
16hPlant shiftLenny
16hPlant shiftCarl
4hCheck in with the MinionsDevil Flanders
60mPose in front of the MirrorFruit-Bat-Man
8hRehearse Heroic One-LinersFruit-Bat-Man

Cool Brown House

8hEnjoy a Duff Blue RibbonCool Homer
12hScreen Mumblecore FilmsCool Homer

Cooling Towers

8hClean the Power PlantHans Moleman


8hWork at the DMVPatty
8hWork at the DMVSelma

Duff Brewery

30mDuff Brewery ToursDuffman
24hParty Down at Duff BreweryDuffman

Duff Stadium

2hPromote Duff at Duff StadiumDuffman

·Fat Tony’s Compound

6hMeet with Old AcquaintancesFat Tony
8hSell Smuggled GoodsLegs

Ferris Wheel

10hRide the Ferris WheelMr. Burns

Film Set

24hFight Climatic BattleMcBain

First Church of Springfield

12hAttend ChurchHomer
12hAttend ChurchMarge
12hGo To Sunday SchoolBart
12hGo To Sunday SchoolLisa
12hAttend ChurchNed
12hGive a SermonRev. Lovejoy
24hCounsel CouplesRev. Lovejoy
12hGo To Sunday SchoolRod
12hGo To Sunday SchoolTodd
12hAttend ChurchMaude
12hAttend ChurchWiggum
4hParty Down at ChurchDuffman
12hPray To PoseidonSea Captain
12hGo To Sunday SchoolMilhouse
12hCounseling with the ExKearney
60mAttend AA MeetingBarney
4hHustle at BingoAgnes
24hBoogie Down with GodDisco Stu
24hWorship Gukumatz the CreatorMayan Homer

Flanders House

8hBabysit Rod and ToddLisa
8hEmergency Bible StudiesNed
8hPlay Bible BlasterRod
60mChat with NedMaude
4hSmash up Flander’s HouseNinja Homer
8hEmergency Satanic Bible StudyDevil Flanders

Frink’s Lab

4hTest the De-Nerdenizer on SelfProfessor Frink
24hConduct Crazy Sciency ExperimentsProfessor Frink


3hAttend Mensa MeetingLisa
3hAttend Mensa MeetingSkinner
3hAttend Mensa MeetingComic Book Guy
3hAttend Mensa MeetingSideshow Mel

Gilded Truffle

2hDine at the TruffleHomer
2hDine at the TruffleMarge
2hDine at the TruffleEdna
2hDine at the TruffleKrusty
2hDine at the TruffleDrederick Tatum
60mValet at the Gilded TruffleSqueaky Voice Teen
2hDine at the TruffleDr. Hibbert
60mDate Lenny’s SisterCarl
8hGo on a Date with George CauldronSuzanne the Witch
2hDine at the TruffleRespectable Moe

Gulp ‘N’ Blow

60mEat at Gulp ‘N’ BlowWiggum
60mEat at Gulp ‘N’ BlowComic Book Guy

Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop

8hGet Revenge on HomerMaude

·Hell House

24hInspect the Hell LabsDevil Flanders

Herman’s Military Antiques

8hRun the Antique ShopHerman
12hMourn America’s Lost GreatnessHerman
16hSell Counterfeit JeansHerman

Hibbert Family Practice

10mGo for a CheckupHomer
10mGo for a CheckupBart
10mGo for a CheckupGrampa
10mGo for a CheckupQuimby
10mGo for a CheckupComic Book Guy
10mGo for a CheckupLuigi
10mGo for a CheckupCletus
12hPractice MedicineDr. Hibbert

·Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace

4hVisit Jake’s Unisex Hair PalaceMarge
4hVisit Jake’s Unisex Hair PalaceMoe
4hVisit Jake’s Unisex Hair PalaceLuigi
4hVisit Jake’s Unisex Hair PalaceSideshow Mel
4hVisit Jake’s Unisex Hair PalaceMiss Springfield
8hSweep HairSqueak Voice Teen
60mGet a Beard TrimAbraham Lincoln
12hGet Tentacles WaxedKodos
24hGet his Wig StyledGorgeous Grampa

·Kamp Krusty

60mTake over Kamp KrustyKamp Bart
8hBurn Krusty EffigyKamp Bart
12hRoast MarshmallowsKamp Bart
24hSpend the Night at Kamp KrustyKamp Bart

King Toot’s

8hGet Guitar RestrungOtto

Kodos’s Crashed UFO

24hAct HarmlessKodos

Krabappel Apartment

4hGrade PapersMrs. Krabappel

Krusty Burger

30mEat at Krusty BurgerHomer
4hRob the Krusty BurgerSnake
30mEat at Krusty BurgerWiggum
30mEat at Krusty BurgerComic Book Guy
8hPromote a New ProductKrusty
6hProvide SecurityHans Moleman
12hFlip BurgersSqueaky Voice Teen
30mEat at Krusty BurgerBarney
4hPunch Meat in the FreezerStrongman Homer

Krustylu Studios

60mGo for RehearsalsSideshow Mel


60mShop At Kwik E MartHomer
60mShop At Kwik E MartMarge
60mShop At Kwik E MartBart
60mShop At Kwik E MartLisa
60mShop At Kwik E MartNed
60mRob the Kwik-E-MartSnake
60mShop At Kwik E MartSkinner
45sPray to GaneshApu
4hKwik-E-Mart 4h ShiftApu
8hKwik-E-Mart 8h ShiftApu
12hKwik-E-Mart 12h ShiftApu
24hKwik-E-Mart 24h ShiftApu
7dKwik-E-Mart 168h ShiftApu
60mShop At Kwik E MartMoe
60mShop At Kwik E MartLuigi
60mShop At Kwik E MartKrusty
60mShop At Kwik E MartMilhouse
30mShoplift from the Kwik-E-MartKearney
60mShop At Kwik E MartNelson
30mShoplift from the Kwik-E-MartShauna
24hSelf-Freeze at Kwik-E-MartJasper
60mShop At Kwik E MartRex Banner
12hStake Out the Kwik-E-MartRex Banner
6hBuy “Lady Laramie 100s”Patty
4hGet Snacks for the PartyDisco Stu
60mBattle Apu’s OctupletsStrongman Homer
60mBuy Eye of NewtMarge The Witch
4hHide Fireworks Behind Malt LiquorAll-American Apu
12hTurn a ProfitAll-American Apu
24hStock Up on Illegal FireworksAll-American Apu

·Lard Lad Donuts

5mTrip to Lard LadHomer
5mTrip to Lard LadWiggum
5mTrip to Lard LadLou
5mTrip to Lard LadEddie
5mTrip to Lard LadComic Book Guy


60mFun in the LimoRespectable Moe

Lincoln’s Cabin

8hSplit RailsAbraham Lincoln

Lugash’s Gym

4hTrain ChildrenLugash
8hIntimidate ChildrenLugash
4hTrain at Lugash’sGymnastic Lisa
8hHang with College GymnastsGymnastic Lisa


2hPractice Fake AccentLuigi
8hToss PizzaLuigi
12hPlay the AccordionLuigi
24hWork At Luigi’sLuigi
4hHave a Dinner Special at Luigi’sFat Tony

·Mapple Store

5hBrowse the Mapple StoreHomer
5hBrowse the Mapple StoreLisa
5hBrowse the Mapple StoreNed

Moe’s Tavern

8hDrink at Moe’sHomer
8hDrink at Moe’sThe Rich Texan
8hDrink at Moe’sSkinner
8hDrink at Moe’sLou
8hDrink at Moe’sEddit
24hWater Down BeerMoe
12hParty Down at Moe’s TavernDuffman
8hUse Fake ID at Moe’sKearney
8hDrink at Moe’sBarney
8hDrink at Moe’sLenny
8hDrink at Moe’sCarl
8hDrink at Moe’sDisco Stu
8hDrink Duff BullStrongman Homer
4hCharge More for DrinksRespectable Moe
24hDistil 15-Year-Old WhiskeyRespectable Moe
2dClean up the TavernRespectable Moe

Muntz House

8hPlay the GuitarNelson

·Nighthawk Diner

24hEat at the Nighthawk DinerRex Banner

·O’Flanagan’s Pub

60mWatch Old Horse Race TapesTom O’Flanagan
4hServe DrinksTom O’Flanagan
12hDo an Irish JigTom O’Flanagan

Orange House

4hDeal Organs on the Black MarketDr. Hibbert

·Planet Hype

16hPromote Planet HypeWolfcastle

Police Station

12hPose for a Police LineupSnake
6hNap in the S.W.A.T. VanWiggum
8hDeliver KickbacksQuimby
60mStudy EvidenceLou
60mTarget PracticeEddie
12hAnswer Questions at the Police StationDrederick Tatum
4hTestify in Malpractice SuitDr. Nick
24hSleep it Off in the Drunk TankSmithers
8hGo in for QuestioningCount Burns
60mTurn in his BadgeMcBain

Purple House

12hGet Rid of a ProblemFat Tony

·Retirement Castle

2hRead to Old PeopleLisa
24hWalk Around Thinking it’s 1953Grampa
4hPerform Last RitesRev. Lovejoy
8hCon Money from Old PeopleSnake
24hTaunt Old PeopleAgnes
8hRelax in the Retirement HomeJasper

·S.W.A.T. Van

6hNap in the S.W.A.T. VanWiggum
24hStake Out in the S.W.A.T. VanLou

Santa’s Village

8hDo Santa TrainingSanta Homer

School Bus

30mSmoke BreakOtto
60mWork on the BusOtto
4hJam on the GuitarOtto
12hSleep It OffOtto

Simpson House

4hWay Over Sleep for a Power NapHomer
24hWatch Monkey Trauma Center MarathonHomer
45sRead ‘Chores’ MagazineMarge
3hClean the HouseMarge
24hDo Next Week’s HomeworkLisa
60mTell Stories on the CouchGrampa
12hBabysit Bart and LisaGrampa
24hNanny for the SimpsonsSuzanne the Witch
24hCram body into skinny jeansCool Homer
4hGet Stuck in the ChimneySanta Homer
12hWear Jacket to BedMr. Plow
8hSteer the Mob in Wise DirectionsNinja Homer
12hTwirl Whacking StickNinja Homer
24hPolish Stick for WhackingNinja Homer
12hImpress Rubes with his StrengthStrongman Homer
24hRelax with Book of SpellsMarge The Witch
24hDream About Passing Gym ClassGymnastic Lisa

Sir Putt-A-Lot’s

24hGo MinigolfingTodd

Skinner House

8hDo Crossword PuzzlesAgnes
12hDo Silhouette NightAgnes/td>

Skip’s Diner

4hEat At Skip’s DinerGrampa
4hEat At Skip’s DinerComic Book Guy

Sleep-Eazy Motel

3mEnjoy and Evening with the MayorMiss Springfield
12hStay in and Wash her HairMiss Springfield

Spinster City Apartments

12hWatch MacGyverPatty
12hWatch MacGyverSelma


16hGreet CustomersAgnes

Springfield Buddhist Temple


Springfield Coliseum

8hStep into the RingDrederick Tatum

Springfield Downs

3hVisit the TrackHomer
3hVisit the TrackThe Rich Texan
4hCollect BribesWiggum
4hCollect BribesQuimby
3hVisit the TrackMoe
2hPlay Poker with KrustyBrockman
3hVisit the TrackKrusty
2hFix RacesFat Tony
24hVisit the TrackTom O’Flanagan
16hFind Intel at the TrackMcBain

Springfield Elementary

6hGo to SchoolBart
6hGo to SchoolLisa
6hGo to SchoolRod
6hGo to SchoolTodd
4hTeach Children There’s No HeavenMaude
4hCrossing GuardSkinner
12hMonitor the HallsSkinner
24hWax the FloorsWillie
60mRelax In Teacher’s LoungeMrs. Krabappel
8hTeach ClassesMrs. Krabappel
12hHost DetentionMrs. Krabappel
60mShout at “SKINNERRRR!”Chalmers
60mSubtly Turn America’s Youth on to AlcoholDuffman
8hLecture at Springfield ElementaryProfessor Frink
6hGo to SchoolMilhouse
60mRehearse PlayMartin
12hServe as Hall MonitorMartin
6hGo to SchoolRalph
60mMock OthersSherri & Terri
8hTorment BartSherri & Terri
60mGive a Pink BellyKearney
4hShake Down Kids For Lunch MoneyNelson
6hServe DetentionNelson
12hDo Janitorial WorkNelson
12hCoach Springfield Elementary Debate TeamAbraham Lincoln
60mHit on EdnaPatty
8hGo to Show and TellGorgeous Grampa
4hAttend Angry Janitors AnonymousBare Chested Willie

Springfield General Hospital

60mDo Surgery OutdoorsDr. Hibbert
24hPerform SurgeryDr. Hibbert
24hPerform SurgeryDr. Nick

Springfield High School

12hIntend Springfield High SchoolChalmers

Springfield Library

4hAttend Lessones EspanolasBumblebee Man
8hTake Reading LessonsMiss Springfield
24hRead Nautical LiteratureSea Captain
24hStudy All Night for Meaningless TestMartin
4hRead Grade 4 Science BooksKodos

Springfield Observatory

6hStargazeProfessor Frink

Springfield Penitentiary

6hTeach Art ClassesMarge
24hConvert InmatesNed
8hComfort InamtesRev. Lovejoy
24hServe TimeSnake
12hEntertain InmatesSideshow Mel
8hParty Down at Springfield PenitentiaryDuffman
24hServe Time for Unlicensed Peanut VendingBooberella
24hServe TimeHerman
4hDeliver Books to InmatesHans Moleman
24hRun Organized Crime from PrisonFat Tony
4hTake a Break in the SlammerLegs
4hTake a Break in the SlammerLouie
4hLook for a DateSelma

Springfield Post Office

4hCheck the MailSmithers

Stu’s Disco

6hBoogie DownDisco Stu
12hWork a Shift a Stu’s DiscoDisco Stu

Swanky Fish

5hDine at the Swanky FishSkinner
5hDine at the Swanky FishComic Book Guy
5hDine at the Swanky FishBrockman

·The Frying Dutchman

8hWork At The Frying DutchmanSea Captain

The Java Server

8hVisit the Java ServerComic Book Guy
4hSteal JokesKrusty
12hBrew CoffeeSqueaky Voice Teen

The Sunsphere

16hCelebrate the ‘WOD FIR’Bart
16hCelebrate the ‘WOD FIR’Milhouse
16hCelebrate the ‘WOD FIR’Martin
16hCelebrate the ‘WOD FIR’Nelson

Town Hall

60mDeliver Ultimatum to G8 NationsHank Scorpio
60mGive a SpeechQuimby
12hWrite Book on EthicsQuimby
12hCommence el DivorcioBumblebee Man
60mOpen an EventMiss Springfield
60mRule Underground Kingdom of Mole PeopleHans Moleman
8hCollect Construction KickbacksFat Tony
4hGive a Public AddressAbraham Lincoln


12hEndure the Whiney KidsSanta Homer

·Van Houten House

45sHide Wet BedsheetsMilhouse
10mFind Puppy Goo-GooMilhouse
10mDump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten HouseKearney
10mDump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten HouseNelson

Victorian UFO

16h16-Hour Evil ChortleKodos
16h16-Hour Evil ChortleKang

Volcano Lair

4hInterrogate Mr. BontHank Scorpio
12hProceed with Project ArcturusHank Scorpio
24hBe a Great BossHank Scorpio

·White House

8hAttend a Republican MeetingDr. Hibbert

Wiggum House

12hCelebrate his Birthday AgainRalph

Willie’s Shack

4hWork on ManifestoWillie
8hHaggis Time!Willie
12hRake leavesWillie
8hEnjoy a Wee Shot of Highland MoonshineBare Chested Willie
12hOne-Finger Push UpsBare Chested Willie
24hUse Wash Board AbsBare Chested Willie

Wolfcastle’s Mansion

24hRelax in His MansionWolfcastle


Standard Rate / Premium Rate


·Buildings without Character Tasks

  • Ancient Burial Ground
  • Bad Dream House
  • Calmwood Mental Hospital
  • Community Center
  • Crypto Barn
  • El Chemistri
  • Escalator To Nowhere
  • Fort Sensible
  • Holiday Tree
  • House of Evil
  • Howard’s Flowers
  • Just Rainsticks
  • Malaria Zone
  • Mausoleum
  • Much Ado About Muffins
  • My First Tattoo
  • Pet Cemetery
  • Phineas Q. Butterfat’s
  • Pimento Grove
  • Pink House
  • Popsicle Stick Skyscraper
  • Pumpkin House
  • Reactor Core
  • Springfield Cemetery
  • Springfield Knowledgeum
  • Springfield Pet Shop
  • Springfield Wax Museum
  • Super Collider
  • The Itchy and Scratchy Store
  • Turban Outfitters
  • Ultrahouse 2
  • Wailing Wall
  • Zesty’s
  • 50ft Magnifying Glass
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17 Responses to Buildings

  1. mr_marcus922October 17, 2013 at 4:46 am

    Very cool guide! I know you put a lot of effort into your posts, but can I make a suggestion on inclusions for your Building Guide?

    > Cost
    > Building time
    > Money Generation
    > Star Rating Contribution
    > Minimum Level to build / Quest Line

    Also, don’t forget Apu’s 7d shift at quik-e-mart for you Wages table!

    • feelingblindOctober 17, 2013 at 5:06 am

      Thanks for your suggestions.

      I’ll probably add-in the flavor text and how much income these buildings make passively soon.

      Since the cost of these buildings tends to change with each new update, that information probably won’t be included.

      Figuring out the star rating contributions is out of my scope as it requires reading the files.

      I could added in the minimum level required to build these too at some point.

      I might do a separate post to highlight the wages for tasks that are a bit unusual, Apu’s 7d task as one of them.

      • mr_marcus922October 17, 2013 at 5:48 am

        Good point regarding the costs. Plus, opening the game will provide that detail anyway.

        In regards to Apu’s 7d task, I’m just glad it was never used in a quest line. I don’t think I could stand waiting 7 days just to progress forward!

        Keep up the hard work! This blog is by far the best around for all things Tapped Out!

      • feelingblindOctober 17, 2013 at 10:10 am

        Thanks for all the support. As soon as I figure out a way to format the information into an organized and easy-to-read way, I’ll add it to the page.

        The closest we came was the 5d build for the roller coaster in Krustyland.

  2. melsOctober 17, 2013 at 4:19 am

    I’m going to send this page to EA it needs to be fixed asap!:-)

    Well not the page the lack of usage!

    • feelingblindOctober 17, 2013 at 4:20 am

      Thanks so much. I’d love if more people would use this site not just for news, but as a general resource for basic game information. :)

      Any attempt to spread the word is always appreciated.

  3. jacquiOctober 17, 2013 at 1:13 am

    This is so helpful! Thank you for all the work.

  4. MicheleOctober 16, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    Great info :) . It is disappointing that 34 buildings have no character tasks.

  5. Micah = mlglattOctober 16, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    Great resource, never sen all of this information all in one place. Nicely done…

  6. TatipizzicatOctober 16, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Thank you for this great effort! These structured overviews are really helpful! Impressive work as always ..

  7. Pingback: If You Build It, They Will Come | TSTOgame

  8. Skyt23October 15, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Wow, you’re doing a page for the buildings as well! Good job! I think Tappers would be more interested in the premium buildings/decorations and any of the associated tasks with them to just to see if its worth buying. Will you be adding a section on premium buildings?

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