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Speculation for 2014 – What will happen?

Hey diddily hey there guys! I’m just sat here, wondering what EA are going to throw at us next. My guess is that they have a busy couple months ahead: September: I can’t see any new updates in the next 10 days, although there may be an update to the Clash of Clones. But who […]

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Wilki1999′s thoughts on Level 45

Hey there guys! So I have returned to bring you my thoughts on Level 45. Let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone expected this update, but it is here, and here are my thoughts!

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Wilki1999′s Thoughts on Level 44

Hi Tappers! It’s been a while since I made my last post here on the site, but I thought, what better way to return than to do a post about our newest in-game update!? Friday saw level 44 added into our games and with it came a few new items. I’m going to break down […]

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Speculation: Level 44

Hey there tappers! So I’m back, and im going to be bringing you an exploded version of my list I published a couple weeks ago. You can find that list here. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about the “Level 44″ that I included on my list. Here is the content I included: […]

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Fact or Fiction – upcoming update! (update live for Ios!)

Note: As I was about to post this, the update went live. Hey there tappers! It’s me rolling in to bring you a bit of “fact or fiction” about the rumoured update. I’m going to start with my initial ideas on what the update pictures meant, then I will go into some spoiler pictures I […]

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Summer Holidays: England

Hey there tappers! I’ve been in Spain on holiday for a couple of weeks, sorry for my lack of posts! I am back though, for another episode of Summer Holidays. Today’s location is England! So lets look back through the vaults of time to when the Simpsons have visited England. The first time England appeared […]

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Speculations For Future Levels

Hello there tappers! I am going to talk to you today about some big speculation that I have been doing. Why don’t you read more to find out all the details? So a while back, I started a thread on the EA forums that explored future levels in a basic way. It showed which characters […]

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Summer Holidays – Spain

Hey Guys! I’m going to start a new series called “Summer Holidays”. The reason I am doing this, is because some of us die-hard Simpsons fans try to find a connection to the Simpsons with the country we may be visiting some time this summer. And because speculation is my area, I may even do […]

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Should I Buy The Springfield Observatory?

Hey guys! I’m back to talk to you about the Springfield Observatory. It made its debut in the episode “Bart’s Comet” where Bart was forced to help Principal Skinner with his astronomy, and he ended up finding a comet. It was later burned down by Moe to avoid disaster again, but has since been seen […]

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Would You Look At That: Entry Videos

Hello there everyone! I must begin with a warm welcome to everyone! I have been here before for a guest post, but since my website has not had many views recently, I have decided to abandon ship, and FeelingBlind very kindly took me on as a full-time writer here at TSTO Game. So, in this […]

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A fan world and a look at the game

Hey Tappers! You may not know me, but I am Wilki1999, the founder of TSTO Fan World and also a writer at Family Guy Addicts. I am going to bring you part of a “swap-over” which means that I have come here, and feelingblind has headed over to my site for a guest post there. […]

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