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A blog dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out

When is it socially acceptable to put up Christmas decorations?

During the last Christmas Event, we were given the chance to buy Christmas decoration skins for some of our properties using the Santa coin currency. This was great as it added a touch of Christmas magic to Tapped Out towns.

So with the Christmas event just around the corner “hopefully” when do you think it is socially acceptable to put up your Christmas decorations on your properties?


I have one purple house which is decorated 365 days a year as this is my Christmas themed property, however there are many other properties in Tapped Out that could have lights and decorations on them.

Perhaps your one of those people ‘you know who you are’ who leaves them up all year round just to let other players know that you have them and that you were playing last December.
Or are you like me secretly hurrying November along so that you can turn your Springfield into a winter wonderland again on the first stroke of December.
Maybe your a Scrooge and never bought any lights last year ‘bah humbug’ and don’t much care for Christmas..

Please let me know what your planning to do for Christmas.


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Green eyed Monster

This is a bit of a random post however a couple of my “friends” who visit my town have pointed out that they are very envious of some of the limited time decorations, costumes, buildings and characters I have acquired over the last year or so.

So I was just wondering when you visit your friends towns is there anything you secretly wish you had? Perhaps you hold a secret resentment for not having a ‘Duff Racer’ parked in your driveway or do you grudgingly hate your neighbour with a ‘Cool Brown House’?

So please advise me if there’s a particular limited time building/character/decoration or even a costume that you covet! Also let me know if you were blissfully unaware that you had missed out on so much delicious limited time content and now you know you’re mad with jealousy!

After all there is a little green eyed monster in all of us…


The Simpsons Episode 25.06 : The Kid Is All Right

Last Sundays episode centered on Lisa, who whilst hiding in the library from her spit wadding brother Bart makes a new best friend, Isabel Gutierrez (guest voice Eva Longoria), only to discover that whilst Lisa is a Liberal, Isabel is a Republican and her opponent in the campaign for second grade class representative.

At the present I am unsure if Isabel is going to be a recurring member of the Simpsons show, if added she would make a welcome addition to the kids section in the game as there are very few girls in Tapped Out.


I am not going into too much of the story as I don’t want to spoil it for those that haven’t seen it yet… and after all this is a game blog so I will only mention the parts of the episode which are relevant to Tapped Out.

A notable part of the show included a scene at “Phineas Q. Butterfat’s” ice cream shop where the Republican Party were trying to bribe Isabel into running for them with copious amounts of ice cream. After She turned down the offer it was left to Mr Smithers to eat the very large amount of ice cream even though he is lactose intolerant.

I’ve mentioned this scene as the building was only available for a limited time during Valentines day. It was priced at 10 Hearts and pays out $275 and 22XP every 16 hours. It unlocked no new character.
Hopefully it will be available again to those that missed out on it as It’s a great addition to help your gluttony rating!

As I mentioned the Republican Party earlier its worth noting that they have an awesome lair and this would make an excellent additional building for Tapped Out, it could even come with one of the republican members “The Count”



Later on in the episode “Coach Krupt” and his bombardment balls once again make a brief appearance. In my opinion he would make a great character for the game, walking around throwing balls and would fit in amongst the few teachers currently available.

As you can see, there wasn’t a great deal of new content in this episode but hopefully a few things could be used in Tapped Out at a later date!

If I’ve missed anything out you think was notable let me know.

Intro for raventhief

Let me introduce myself and say a big thanks to FB for taking me on board.

My gamer alias is Raventhief I am a longtime fan of The Simpsons and have watched it from the beginning. That might give you a clue as to my age !

I have been playing Tapped Out from the start and I am pretty much addicted, my wife thinks I need help… I can tell you that I am a premium player and have been ever since I bought my first “boat load” of donuts well over a year ago, “those sweet sweet donuts”.

I am here to hopefully keep you up to date on all things premium, I shall be buying all the over priced buildings, decorations and characters “good or bad” and then letting you all know if it was worth the purchase. When things get quiet between events and new levels I will probably revisit and discuss older premium items, because for those new players the prospect of getting a SVT or Moleman is still exciting.

Please message me with any ideas on topics you hope to see or discuss in the future? I am a player from England so please remember the time difference when posting questions. That’s all for now and I will be back soon!

P.S. Start unpacking your trees and polishing your Christmas decorations. I can feel snow in the air…



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