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A blog dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Intro for PlatypusGuitar

Hello there neighboreenos! I am diddly happy to become ”the chick” on this super awesome blog! You may remember me from the comment section of anything The Simpsons Tapped Out related. I am a last level premium daily player since June 20th. I haven’t skipped a single day of gameplay since I discovered this life ruiningly fun game. I’m probably addicted and donuts are my drug!

I have been a fan of the tv show since it started and I brag to have seen all episodes ever made at least twice and some up to 20 times. I own coffee mugs with Homer and Bart’s faces on them. My pencil case features ”the toughies”. I have a friend who plays the sax and I call her Lisa even though her name is Annie. I dressed up as ”teenage Marge” on Halloween 2007 and won a 20$ gift card in a contest at work. Totally worth painting my face yellow, spray my hair blue and take the subway looking like a punk rock chick with yellow fever.

Aside from this site, you can find me on Twitter and YouTube. I have to warn you that I tweet a lot in french being from Québec, it’s my native language. And my YouTube is for my cooking show and vlogs of randomness. I’m a woman of many (nerdy) interests as you can see!

I hope you will like my posts. Until the next one (or real first one?) keep on tappin’!

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