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Having spent more than half my life in the US, I have always celebrated Thanksgiving no matter where in the world I’ve lived. And, what I’ve found is that like most holidays, it isn’t so much about the origins as it is about family and friends. So I just wanted to reach out with a special Thanksgiving post to all who celebrate. And what better way than by giving voice to two beloved characters – Lisa and Homer.

In Defense of a Kinder, More Gentle, Humanitarian, Thoughtful, Caring, Inclusive, Loving and Vegetarian Thanksgiving for All, a Poem, by Lisa Marie Simpson:lisa-sacagawea-petting-turkey2

God is good, God is great, He never meant for you to put a turkey on your plate.
Of Turkeys I am a great fan for they are thoughtful, gentle creatures whose only defense is tryptophan.
This Thanksgiving do all Turkeys one great favor, and eschew them for something with less flavor. It may not be tasty, but after eating Tofurky, you will leave the table satisfied and still quite perky.
In Defense of THome Turkey legurkey Day – Whooot! by Homer Jay Simpson:

If God wanted us to eat Tofurkey, then why did he make Turkeys taste so good? Mmmmmmm – Turrrrrrr-key…mmmmmm….Goooooooood.

As far as Tryp…Trypto ..Tryptofofolussmm goessss….Zzzzzzzzzzz….

Wha…What – I’m sleeping, leave me alone! Oh, how very thoughtful, EA has left me three free donuts to celebrate the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Turkey…the perfect dessert for my leftover turkey sandwich… Marge…I’m hungry again!

Happy Thanksgiving

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The Simpsons vs. Tapped Out

Homer in TV 2

Way back when we were all either younger, a lot younger or never even thought of, the Simpsons TV Show came into our lives whether we knew it or not, for better or worse. So much has changed over the past 25 years, it would take a lot more space than I’m allotted or that you’d want to read just to list them all, but The Simpsons have kept plugging away regardless.

That being said, my fascination with the Simpson family has ebbed and flowed. I probably missed 10 years solid of the episodes…but then this little “free” tapping game came into my life and turned me back onto them almost instantaneously. Not only has Tapped Out kept my attention on a daily basis for the past year, but it has also got me interested in watching the TV series again, and rediscovering my fascination with this dysfunctional, but highly lovable cast of characters.

So what about you? Did the game increase your interest in all things Simpson and get to watching the TV series again, or is it much more of an exclusive kind of thing?

Making Springfield your very own

One of the great things about TSTO is the incredible variety of town layouts that are possible. But not everyone is taking advantage of it especially as you get further and further into the game. I’ve read posts in the past about people wanting to make little replicas (in whole or at least partially) of the actual TV Springfield. Large detailed maps have been rolled out showing where every building, forest, park and body of water is located (as much as possible in an ever changing landscape). I’ve heard of folks who have duplicate all the various title screens the game has had, and I’ve seen remarkably similar treatments of certain buildings or decorations in a multitude of games.

But what about making your Springfield truly yours? Other than spelling out your name in Jack-o’-lanterns, you could personalize your town and make the game just a little bit more social by telling your neighbor-eenos a bit about yourself in the center of your town.

For example, if you’re interested in the sciences, you could make Prof. Fink’s lab in the center and populate the area with the Subatomic Supercollider, Observatory, Knowledgeum, Library, Hospital and Ghost Zapper (obviously for the exacting science of the paranormal). Or if you’re in the media business you could make the center of your Springfield the Channel 6 studio, add some Weather Stations, Radar Dishes, Krustylu Studios, Wolfcastle’s Film Set and Moe’s Tavern (I kid the media).

Some other occupations or interests that could be highlighted are medical, entertainment, restaurant/nightlife, being an educator or student, evil-doer, misfit, sports fan, or just being a kid (or at least a kid at heart). These are all off the top of my head – there are surely many others.

So, have you already done something like this or are you willing to? Are there any other walks of life that could be highlighted in this or another way? Let us know your thoughts and share with us how you’ve made Springfield your very own via description and/or images.

Courtesy of Dr Vaida22

Courtesy of Dr Vaida22

Intro for Micah

New Writers

Salutations Tappers! My name is Michael, but please call me Micah…thanks to feelingblind for providing an opportunity to become more involved with his “Excellent” site. I’ve been playing since the nearly the beginning and it’s been amazing to see how this game has grown. I used to comment regularly with Tips, and felt the burn when he stepped back and let others make it into a cult of personalities. Rest assured, my posts will be about the game and making it more fun, informative and interesting. What I will say is that while I do have a background in writing, I have mostly been involved with design and photography throughout my career in advertising and travel. Other than that, I’ll let the writing speak for itself as I know I would be more interested in the posts than the person. On that note, I’ve already thought of some interesting ideas for future posts, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all about the game that’s “Life Ruiningly Fun”.


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