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Why Can’t I leave Valentines for Some of My Neighbors?

Today is I was skipping between my neighbors towns delivering heart-felt Valentine’s Day greetings (why skipping? because how else would one deliver such odes of love and joy?) and I was confronted by no less than 10 neighbors who evidently did not care for my sweet notes of hand- made affection.

Could it be that I was being given the cold shoulder? Maybe these neighbors are in a committed relationship and shun all interlopers? Or maybe they just don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day for cultural or digestive reasons?

After quickly dismissing these sorry excuses, I gave it some actual thought and detective work. There are actually two reasons for your neighbors not to be receptive to your advances (friendship or otherwise). And neither of them, apparently, have any thing to do with your halitosis, belly tattoos or your drooling cross-eyed stare.

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Wheel of Friendship Spinning Strategies

Ahhh – look what Cupid has brought us – another prize wheel for our spinning enjoyment. Just the fact that we get to use another finger movement other than tapping makes it seem wondrous, never mind being able to win prizes from it.

As most of you have already figured out, this mesmerizing wheel is a far cry from the one Krusty (I mean EA) rigged during the last Christmas event. Not only are the odds of winning significantly better with no item receiving less than a 5% chance of success compared to prizes with less than a 1% chance in December, but there aren’t any boobie prizes (ie 3 cash prizes at an 18% chance each) this time either.

And those aren’t the only differences: because it is a holiday event built around love and not greed (xmas), the prizes are more demure and hearfelt. There are no ominous Claus & Co skyscrapers and Helter Shelters, but rather a heart shaped pond and a bird bath. They are not large buildings and frozen effigies, but rather sweet gazebos and springtime flower carts.

There was so much frustration during the Christmas event concerning the prize wheel, I published a helpful post with some rather ingenious spinning strategies. While I do not think there will be as much consternation this time around, the wheel is spinning differently this time and some clever strategies may need to be called upon on in order to land the exact prizes with which to decorate your Springfield.

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Poll: Take A Wheelie Good Spin

By now most of you have collected your first 200 hearts from your neighbors, so you should have given the Wheel of Friendship a spin or three by now as well. This image shows you the percentages of wining each prize. So, how did it go? Did you beat the wheel at it’s own game or were you stuck on the fence both as a prize or as an observer because the game won’t let you connect?

As some of you already know, I am currently playing three different games, so my first spin occurred  on three different occasions – and strangely enough, the prizes got better each time I spun:

On my primary game I scored the Lovely Fences (you get 4 per win), the secondary game gave me the Lamp post. Finally, for my tertiary game, I spun the I Cho Cho Chose You Train – when I say “better” I am only talking about the level of difficulty to get the prize – I personally detest that pink locomotive! ;-)

Although the prizes are not on par with what we could win on the Holiday Prize Wheel during the Christmas event, they really should help to decorate your Springfields and they will be much easier to earn. If the game won’t let you connect – hang in there, and I’ll do a post on the best spinning strategies this weekend.

So, my fellow Tappers – how did it go on your very first spin of the Wheel of Friendship? And what do you think of the prizes being offered this time around? Take the poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Is the Valentine’s Event Update on it’s way?

Despite mentioning in a recent post that I think the update will occur Thursday and that we shouldn’t get our bows in a quiver, there has recently been quite a bit of speculation that there might not be a Valentine’s Day update at all, and that the next update would instead be for level 39 due to the calendar already being solidly on the 5th of February.

While it’s all fine and candy that I told you not to sweat it, you’ve been wanting some solid proof that Cupid has got his bow pulled back ready to deliver some TSTO love to our devices sooner rather than later. Well, finally, there has been a gentle teasing that will leave you begging for more. That’s right – the hint didn’t come from someone mining the files, or from an insider working on the game, but from a small little update seemingly from  EA itself.

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A Valentine’s Day Massacre

The first hint of what may soon be coming to a Springfield near you could have been in last week’s Simpsons episode Specs in the City.

During this episode several holidays are mentioned and Valentine’s Day get it’s own promo during the show. I am not exactly sure how or if it will relate to the TSTO event as EA is keeping everything very close to the vest this time around, but it did have a very strange “inserted” feel in the episode rather than allowing the story to organically move on to the fact that Bart needs to give a Valentine to Nelson.

So what could the relation be? Well, this Valentine’s Day event could have more to do with the Bullies in the game considering Nelson’s prominent role in the episode. It could also introduce some other Children to the game that were featured in the clip and be based around giving VD cards to children. Conversely, it could have to do with the Gangsters in the game since the Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred in Chicago on February 14, 1929 and involved one of America’s most notorious gangsters, Al Capone – which is basically Fat Tony to you and me. And perhaps the reference to the candy hearts tells us what our in-game currency will be during the event.

….of course there’s always the possibility that it could also have nothing to do with the VD event at all.

Click below to take a look at the clip and decide if I’m on target, or if my guessing arrows have missed the mark. Also find out what my prediction is for the start date of our next collective adventure:

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The Simpsons Predict Winner of Super Bowl

We true fans have long since known that the Simpsons are more than just your average yellow family. They have been the purveyors of cool and the peddlers of kitsch for over 25 year now. But did you know that they were also the prognosticators of global (read as American) sporting events?

In doing research for my latest post concerning Homer’s brush with the NFL,     I happened upon an episode entitled “Bonfire of the Manatees” from 2005 (Season 17). In this episode, something so startling, so outlandish, so mystifying so…so another word that describes unbelievably surprising… occurred. Something that you would never suspect could happen unless you actually read the title of this post before blindly reading it…the Simpsons predicted the future! And not just any future – but the actual score of the upcoming Super Bowl being played this Sunday.

So who wins – the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks? And more importantly, does this prediction mean anything more than when an orangutang chooses which fruit to eat before going to bed? Click below to find out…

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Super Bowl Bummer Update and Homer’s Brush with the NFL

If you are a long time player of Tapped Out, the Super Bowl Update is a bit of a bummer. While we got the dialog, we did not receive any of the content because we already had it. And, yes, I know there is a free prize headed our way this Superbowl Sunday if we sign into our Springfields, but knowing what it is has left me feeling a bit deflated. I mean, how difficult is it to come up with some actual original game content when you’ve got 25 years worth of material to draw from?

Sigh…well at least Fox has stepped up to the plate to give us at bit of the old Rah-Rah Sis-Boom-Bah by releasing this slam dunk of an announcement from Team Yellow:

Now don’t get me wrong – I am definitely not bummed out that our fellow Tappers who did not have the Duff Racer or the Duff Party Bus, got a chance to score these items. EA has done a pretty good job as of late by re-releasing some of the exclusive items from the past – and now that they’ve gone all the way back to the very first exclusive item (the Duff Racer), truly anything is possible at any time. However, at such a steep price, I am sure many newer Tappers will be bummed out that they cannot afford such a high priced temporary item. But the big question is why didn’t EA make more of a direct tie-in to the most often mentioned NFL team on animated television? Why has there been no mention whatsoever of Homer’s fabled foray into the NFL?

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A guide to Origin, WordPress and Changing your Avatar

As many of you already know, along with updates often comes change. One of the biggest changes for Apple users was the elimination of our Neighbor Screens. While we can still scroll through our neighbors, we can no longer add or delete them from lists like we used to do. EA, in it’s infinite wisdom, decided to shift that capability to it’s Origin Application to be more in line with the Android version rather than making the Android version more like the Apple version.

But what is Origin exactly and why do you need it? Origin used to be the EA Store and it is Electronic Art’s digital distribution, digital rights management system from that allows users to purchase games on the internet for Mac/PC and mobile platforms, and download them with the Origin Client (formerly EA Download Manager). Origin for Mac has been available since February 8, 2013.

When you make an Origin account several useful features are added: The most important of which is that it saves your game on their servers so that it is never lost, which allows you to play your game across several devices. This also ensures that you do not lose your town if you lose, break or upgrade your device. It also allow you to visit your neighbor’s towns, and you can then add or delete neighbors from the app. Feelingblind explains that procedure and where to download Origin here.

Upon setting up your Origin account, you are awarded with 2 donuts. This reward can only be claimed once.

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It Takes Two to Tango

With the introduction of the latest Christmas event, TSTOgame saw a massive influx of new viewers. In fact, our normal visitor numbers were up over 300%! This is due in large part to the phenomenal job done by the original creator of this blog, feelingblind.

Since starting this blog, feelingblind has endeavored to not only be the first with all the latest and greatest information, but to also be the most accurate with the information you were wondering about before you even knew to wonder about it.

As many of you already know, a couple of months ago saw the addition of three new writers to help flesh out the experience and make TSTOgame a fun and social place for lovers of the game to gather and discuss. In case you’ve missed any of them or want to reread them, you can read each of our posts by selecting our names in the side panel of the site. We hope you’ve all enjoyed reading our posts as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them.

That being said, we all seem to be a little out of step with each other – whether you are new to the site or have just been lurking in the background, we want to hear from you! We are unique in that our community here at TSTOgame is respectful, thoughtful and humorous. If you have posted a question or comment previously, you are already in the loop – we don’t moderate our trusted viewers of this site, and it allows for a much more spontaneous exchange of ideas and thoughts.

So if you’ve commented before, keep it up, and if you’re new – welcome, and let us hear what you’ve got to say or ask. We welcome any thoughts or questions that are off topic to any current posts.

As for those who have been thinking of contributing, but erroneously thinking that it only take one to tango – be brave and have your say. I promise, it’ll only take a moment to find your rhythm, and then you just might find yourself with a whole new like-minded community just in time for the new year, albeit with a little dance in your step!

Which Simpsons Character are you?

Today I have a little treat for you. No, it’s not a free glazed donut or even a tasty boogie from Ralphy’s over-flowing nostrils, but a little quiz that has just come to my attention called “Which Simpsons Character are you?”.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve danced around this very same topic in three different posts over the past 2 months. In Playing Favorites I asked you who would you be if you could be any character in the The Simpsons and in TSTO? I chose Side Show Bob with all of his maniacal devilishness, and in TSTO I chose to be Hank Scorpio cuz he’s rich, ambitious and gets the looks from the ladies. In Ray Gun-omics I asked you which character are you most like in the Simpsons Universe? I came up with Side Show Bob once again. And, finally, in the Poll: Team Yellow I asked you which Simpson family member is your most favorite? I chose Lisa due her wit and compassion.

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