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Mmmm donuts

donutsDo you ever wish there were other ways to get donuts other than the few ways that already built into the game? Or spending real money to get them? I had a few ideas and thought I would share and see what you think.

1. Quest lines: once a month have a quest line where at the end you earn donuts. I know there have been some here and there,  but what about making them more frequent.

2. Use Simpson’s dollars to buy them. When you finish building Krustyland you have the option to trade Krusty bucks for money to use in Springfield, so why not trade for donuts?

3. Hidden donuts: why not have hidden donuts that when you are tapping on other neighborhoods, instead of dollars or XP you get surprise donuts?

These are just a few ideas that I had. I would love to hear your opinions of these or if you have other ideas.

Happy tapping

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Hi diddly ho neighborinos

Hello fellow tappers. I am one of the new writers on this site and am looking forward to bringing another prospective to the site of already great writers. My origin name is hotcaffinecat. If you have any ideas on what you would like to see posted, contact me. Happy tapping :-)


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