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Outnumbered By Men, What Female Characters Are Still To Make It Into Our Game?

Howdy Tappers!
I have been on a mission over at TSTO Tricks with a tally chart just to see how many male characters there are compared to female characters, and guess what? Us women are officially outnumbered! In our game; not including NPC’s, there’s a staggering 75 males against a tiny 19 females. This includes The Spuckler Brood & our lovable little Leprechaun’s. Now you may ask why I have included the Spuckler Brood and our little Leprechaun’s due to them not being playable, the answer is they still make us money!  Why don’t you click continue reading and take a journey with me? Lets take a look at what female characters could still make it into our game! Read more of this post

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A Big Hello, From Me To You!

Hi-dilly-ho, neighborinos!
This is just a quick post to introduce myself as a new contributor to this blog. Most of you will know me as Hannahbanana2014 but I have recently changed my name to BabyBananaCakes to match my origin name. I have been a regular commenter on this blog for a while and always find the time to read almost every post. I have been playing TSTO for a very long time and I’m very much addicted, so much so I have redesigned my town four times!
I am very exited to be part of this amazing blog and to work alongside such amazing writers. I hope to deliver posts regarding everything and anything about our beloved yellow minions The Simpsons. If there is any particular posts you would like to see me cover feel free to let me know in the comment section bellow.
Now be nice to me as I am very new to blogging!


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