This blog is dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

It was established on August 7, 2013 as an alternative to TSTO Tips, a popular blog that became compromised after it was sold by its owner. The goal of this blog is to provide players with a safe place to discuss and learn more about this “life ruiningly fun” game.

This site is run by one individual, feelingblind. Prior to starting this blog, I compiled the first and only FAQ for the game to be posted on the popular web-site GameFAQs. Outside of that, I have not contributed to any other web-site involved with this game.

For the purposes of integrity, this blog will only focus on how the game was designed to be played. Discussion regarding cheats, hacks, or exploits will not be permitted. Unfortunately there have been many individuals seeking to monetize hacking the game, including the company GameZino, which is thankfully no longer active. If you would to know more about the dangers of trusting such services, please take a look at the following articles.

If you also own a blog that also specializes in covering this game, please do not copy, reword, or plagiarize the information you have read here. Instead, I encourage you to use the reblog option. I put a good bit of time and thought into each post, so please do not use this blog as a grounds to harvest ideas for blog posts that you could not come up with on your own.

The only other service connected to this blog is the Twitter account @TSTOgame.

Finally, unlike several other blogs I’ve seen, I will not be posting a donation button. This is something I have elaboated on earlier in greater detail. The purpose of this blog is to provide information, not to profit. However if you would still like to make a donation to this site, you may do so by contacting me privately. My e-mail address is posted at the very end of this FAQ.

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