The Future of TSTO game – Pt. 1

We have a few announcements to make regarding the future of the site.

The first thing that needs to be addressed though is that although we plan to scale back our coverage of Tapped Out considerably, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop blogging about the game completely. As a courtesy to our readers, we thought it would be best let you know exactly which area of the site will continue to receive updates.

What You’ll Still Find…

  • The complete visual listing of all playable characters in the game, as well as the costumes gallery. Considering the fact that this update brings 13 new costumes into the game, I didn’t want to let this page fall by the wayside. Of all the pages I’ve created for the site, this is the one I’m most proud of for its simplicity and uniqueness.
  • Basic overview information for each new update. It’s not a fancy walkthrough, but it is easy enough to read and provides all of the in-game dialogue. It also provides a pretty clear blueprint for all of the quests, including the characters who trigger, and who are required for certain objectives.
  • Continued updates on all pages in the menu bar. As such the land expansion page has been updated to reflect the two new strips of land we received with this update. I plan to create a page for the Krustyland map as well.
  • PlatypusGuitar plans to continue writing “Should I Buy…” posts. These will continue for as long as she is willing to write them. If you enjoy this feature of the site, let her know.

What You Won’t Find…

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to proceed in an event. While we know this information is helpful to our readers, it is one of the least enjoyable topics to write about. As events become more complicated and cumbersome, this process become more of a chore.
  • Walkthroughs. We haven’t done these for a while anyway, so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to our regular readers. You can find all of this information in the overview, or if you prefer another blog or wiki. Echoing the same information as every other site isn’t very fulfilling work.

Honestly, not too much is changing in the way we cover the game. At least not from the way we’ve been covering it for the past month or so. Basically we’re just making it official that while we are quitting being a Tapped Out blog, we are scaling back our efforts considerably.

What’s to come…

This post is long enough as it is, so we’ll provide more details on what we plan to do with this space in a separate post.

In essence, we know our readers have other interests besides this one particular mobile game. We want to write about the things that bring us joy, as oppose to complaining the shortcomings of Tapped Out. So that’s what we’re going to do, starting in July. As to the specifics of what we’ll be writing about, you’ll have to check back later. We’ll provide some more details as to the variety of topics we’ll start to cover (in addition to basic Tapped Out information) in a few days.

9 thoughts on “The Future of TSTO game – Pt. 1

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    • Me too! I’ve got a decent amount of posts in the queue for July. It should mean at least one new post daily, maybe two for a while if I can squeeze enough time to write.

  2. Delighted to know that Auntie Platy will be continuing the ‘Should I Buy’ posts, I think this was my greatest concern about the changes

    This site has always been a good read so hopefully the expanded topics will continue in a similar vein – good luck

  3. Looking forward to following you in your new direction. It’s been along time coming and I thank you for all your help in the past and your info in the future. I know this game has been stagnant lately but your insight has always been appreciated. Just sayin’ thank you! I want you know that I would have abandoned this game along time ago if it haven’t been for your posts, they were always insightful and helpful.

    • Thanks so much Patti!

      These warm sentiments help give us the confidence to move forward in a new direction. We’re excited to expand our scope and can’t wait for our readers to see what we have in store next. :)

  4. good luck with your new endeavor. have enjoyed your writings immensely & your take on the game is spot on. I love what you’ve done with your town. I’m sitting out this event & using the time to clean up my town instead of stressing out about accumulating more crap that ends up in inventory.

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