Should I Buy The Heimlich Machine?

You may recall a while back, my friend feelingblind made a post about an item lost and forgotten in the game files: The Heimlich machine. It was finally released with the Thanksgiving update and you can now add it to your town. Is it worth the donuts? Let’s find out by comparing the pros and cons.


  • Comes with a quest
  • Gives a bonus of 2.50% on cash and XP
  • Boosts your Vanity rating on the Conform-O-Meter
  • Animated when used


  • Doesn’t give a new task for characters (Except Puritan Flanders)
  • Hard to place on a map that is almost out of land
  • For around 60 donuts, you could also get…
Hans Moleman
Bumblebee Man
Hot Tub
DMV Limo
Merch Krustyland

So this item is offered for a limited time and will disappear after Thanksgiving so you need to make up your mind fast! By comparison with other items in the same price range, I would say this is a decent buy, but absolutely not necessary. The quest involved with it is rather short and the bonus doesn’t exceed that of other 60 donuts items. For the same price, you can get a hot tub that will give Fat Tony a 10h task at premium rate. But for 60 donuts, your donuts are much better invested in a character. If you don’t have Hans Moleman, Kearney or Bumblebee Man, and you absolutely want to treat yourself to something premium, go for those instead.