Get your Outdoor Feast Table today!

If you’ve been following along with the Thanksgiving quests, you should unlock the Outdoor Feast Table today. It’s actually smaller than the Stonecutters table, even though they look very similar. As a decoration, it’s pretty nice. You shouldn’t have a problem fitting this into your town. Plus, who doesn’t love items that give characters fun outdoor animations?

The Thanksgiving Meal Pt. 1

!  Puritan Flanders
Sacagawea Lisa
    with Puritan Flanders
Host a Peace Feast for Puritan Flanders
Time: 10h

Puritan Flanders: There’s nothing quite like authentic Puritan Thanksgiving cooking!
Puritan Flanders: Unfortunately that’s not what we’re getting this year.
Sacagawea Lisa: The authentic ship sailed a while ago when I became Sacagawea in Squanto times.
Puritan Flanders: I suppose we’ll get through this like Lewis and Clark got through their first winter in Plymouth.
Native American Spirit: As the ghost of Squanto, I want to say I’m very confused.
Sacagawea Lisa: Sorry. The holidays can be hectic. Take some veggie-turkey back to the spirit world with you?
Native American Spirit: Pass.

( after the task is complete )

Puritan Flanders: You know what Lisa! That healthy fake food isn’t half bad!
Puritan Flanders: Rod and Todd could use a heapin’ helpin’ themselves. Care to break vegan bread over at the Flanders’ spread?
Sacagawea Lisa: I’d love to!

13 thoughts on “Get your Outdoor Feast Table today!

  1. I dont have Sacajawea Lisa so I cant says your supposed to obtain her if you didn’t get her last year, and I didn’t get Her..

  2. My quest is stuck on leftovers. It’ll let me place the table but won’t let send Lisa and Flanders for the peaceful feast. I’ve stored what I could and it’s still stick. My game has also slowed down dramatically. It takes forever to send everyone on quests. Any suggestions?

    • I had this problem the other day. Once I had cleared everyone’s completed quests the speed improved. There also seemed to be a timimg issue. I’m in the UK and wonder if it was the time difference, but I appeared to get the quest conversation but then the quest didn’t get triggered. When I logged in the next day everything caught up with itself.

      Hope your game also improves,


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