Seek and Destroy! (the newest game improvements)


Have you ever wanted to start your town from scratch, but never did because placing every item in your inventory is a CHORE?! Well good news everyone, you can now (re)blow-up all of Springfield, placing everything into your inventory at once.





After that quadruple confirmation, you’ll get the opportunity to rebuild Springfield from the start. This is a long-requested featured that has finally made it into the game. So town designers, are you brave enough to activate the nuclear option?


Finding character to send them on tasks is one great thing, but finding them after that can be a chore. Well not anymore! Introducing the Town Census. Now by tapping on Town Hall you’ll be able to see what your characters are up to at any given time.



I haven’t even gotten to the Stonecutters part of the game and I’m already excited. Yay for new features!

34 thoughts on “Seek and Destroy! (the newest game improvements)

  1. Best update ever! Loving all of the new features/improvements! So enjoying this event, EA has outdone themselves!

  2. EA will give u 20 free donuts after Lisa gets 20 Women and Children to vote against the Lodge. I like this update and since I had alot of donuts, I was able to complete this new update and collect all the Lodge Members. Which basically is the characters that u already have. Only men because they want let women or children join the Lodge, which is why the had to vote. I wont tell it all and ruin it for you guys. Have fun. Visit me…edmundotru452

  3. Anybody else get some free donuts with the update? I have 12 more now than when I logged out the game this morning when I left for work!

  4. Did EA give us New Coke just so they can be called great for giving us Classic Coke a month later?

  5. EA, I salute you.
    Back to basics with personal prizes and bonus puzzle prizes.
    Looks like they took the complaints about Easter on board.
    Nice one EA. Well done.

  6. So does any particular character have to be free to start things off or does it launch automatically after updating the game?

    • From what I can make out so far, No.1 starts off a set of mini quests, to send a ‘type’ of character on a 1 hour quest, first one is a child and second is a Dimwit, atm that’s as far as I have got, but for now I am not putting anyone on a quest just in case lol :) also you need to visit neighbors and spy on them and when they spy on you you can tap the pyramid things and earn tokens. Anyway I am sure FB will have a walkthrough up soon, so it will all become a lot clearer for us all ;)

      • The third task is to send a saint dancing disco at the Bad Dream House, but for me after that one I can’t access Number 1 mission board anymore, am I the only one ? Is it a bug ?

          • Ok, so is anyone not able to get to Number 1’s mission board after their third task ? ;)

          • So, I can’t access Number 1’s mission board, when I clic on his face in the top right corner it open but for like a fraction of a second. I can still find the missions by randomly clicing on characters and find the new 1 hour task they have though, not perfect but still playable. It’s definitely a bug…

  7. I can’t believe that they bring Number 1 to the game and make him an NPC. While Stonecutter!Homer and that little alien get a full new set of tasks. smh.

  8. I’m not sure if it’s new, but the conform-o-meter now dislpays your total building and decoration bonus! 79.45% for me!

  9. This is a great update, lots of good new features. Just hope the event is equally as awesome :)

  10. This sounds awesome!!! If I can just get into the game! Since I updated I keep on getting bumped even before I’m in?! Frustrating!

  11. when i saw that there was a goddamn nuke option, i laughed for 5mins. i know the update just hit but i can at least say the loot they made off of yall from the easter event (since i didnt even spend tree fiddy) went to a good cause. who’s looking forward to whats to come? we do!

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